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Outfit | On Wednesday's We Wear Pale Pink

 (originally Wednesday 13th May 2015) > Wednesday 28th October 2015
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I'm sure everyone here, has been in some way affected, by this disease. I'm incredibly proud of us as humans, with how we conquer, and combat cancer - with an aim to eradicate deaths from this type, by 2050. Help make it happen. Not just wednesday's, or last friday (Oct23rd) - all month long, 'wear it pink'.

Despite being a Mean Girl's fan - first R12 when I wasn't 12, that I watched (felt so grownup, oh so naive) - I just can't get on the barbie brigade pink wednesday bangwagon. But blush? is a colour I'll flirt with, just aslong as it's not on my flirt face.
Hence, On my Wednesday's, we wear pink. Pale pink.

A new hue, that wasn't the original choice to expand my coat collection. Ideal shape - with waistbelt, exaggerated mac flap, enveloping me in full undercover. Look like Sherlock's, the look-like I was looking-for. Colour - dusty, powder, nude, pink - people say does wonders for my skin tone, rather than washing me out like the quintessential classic, beige trend 'burberry's'. My worry? Whether it's quite as versatile. Also, is Size 8? Pushing my weight?
Left it. Regretted it.
Hello complimentary £25 gift card from BHS. A £10 reduction on return to the shop? Makes this coat essentially free, with five pounds to spare. Fab mum, It's fate.

Underneath the fateful, could be trench dress?

Much preferred Primark reformulated 'super high waist' drain pipe jeans, since they've been washed; slightly shrunk/shaped to a second skin, but they don't half wrinkle. Still favour the old version though; it figures, since now I'll only be able to find them thrifting.
One of 2 (update, 3) of my double strap camis - silkyness, adds texture to an all black clothing canvas. Abstract floral spotted - size 10 - little small, seems to be today's theme? Not with my batalax loafers - love said studs and, the charity's colour co-ordination.
It wasn't just the complimentary trench , but also this clutch, that I've got for free -  courtesy of season stock change 'everything outside is completely free' at charityshop relate. Free, and it's lasted so much longer than the first outing £12 version.

Cami - River Island
Jeans - Primark
Trench - Dorothy Perkins - by BHS giftcard
Loafers - Primark (Have in both and black and blush, £6 each)
Clutch - Next, via Relate CharityShop
Cold curls saving on heat and hair damage
Took advantage of the clearest skin for a while - soft base, slight wing, dry lips giving me a natural lip line.

Felt a little too fitted (code fat) today, but on another, this kind of clothing is the making of me - Jeans, Cami, a cool Coat. But that day won't involve a plate of padana...
Seems on Wednesday's we also stuff our faces with pizza. Please and thankyou for the 2 for 1 Pizza Express offer - I'll miss surfing on my friends student discounts -  you've made 2 cash strapped students very full and happy. &, you can sit with us. (arm gesture emoji)

Not everyday am I able to dressup, but Breast Cancer Awareness Month gives me a worthy reason too. I recently watched Russel Howard's goodnews and all I can remember is Kris from Coppa feel. One hell of a strong women striving to save lives one boob at a time. One check of her story, website, one check of your boobs - would be well worth your time today - she made me want to do more than wear it, but write it too.
Every Year nearly 55,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer (around 400 men, more than 1 a day) - that's the equivalent of 1 person every 10 minutes. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, and breast cancer is the 2nd most common cause of death from cancer in women in the UK. But it's getting better, with support and medical strives, more than eight out of 10 (85%) people survive breast cancer beyond five years - let's help make it longer. Give whatever you can - be it time, awareness or money. And above all, make sure you look after your beautiful boobs!

^ As the Glamour mag that prompted me to this campaign said, to incorporate a bit of pink is enough; mine, is very 'Rosie Huntington Whiteley's' take - a beige blush trench coat. and co-ordinating shoes/footwear. Pictured here.

> Oct 23rd 'wearitpinkday', I didn't have a lot of pink to pick from - see how I made it work, and what I wore when I wear it pink, over on my Instagram.

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