Saturday, 10 October 2015

Face | #WearTheRose Campaign

How have we not been shouting from the rooftops that we're hosting the Rugby World Cup?
The 6 nations is always a big block of 'I'm busy' on my calender, and I feel such pride, excitement (and little disappointment at the lack of advertising), that the rugby world cup is being held here. As much as I enjoy sport, watching or playing, there's something about England and Rugby, that gets me all pent up and patriotic.

Sadly live viewing is out of price, and wellness, reach, but I can definitely still shout and celebrate like the best of them, just in the comfort of my own home.

I came across this o2 campaign via Instagram, about sharing your support for the English rugby team, and how you wear your rose; chance to win a team signed jersey challenge acceptedCurrently ENG rugby kit-less, I had to be crafty with my entry; my unconventional #weartherose, was with makeup.

The day to rock and shock it had to be the England v Wales game. Mum said we'd win; unfortunately not a 'mum is always right' moment. Plus side? I won't be stress eating.
Dad said it's a little bit sad about the result.. It's straight up heartbreaking!
Wear your rose on said heart? Mine's on my face.

Step 1 - Create a clean complimentary canvas, ready to Rose.
Makeup can't compete with this kind of statement; my aim was just to get the rest of the skin even - base, bronzer, highlight - softly emphasise the eyes by way of slight crease and lashline contouring.
Product List at the end of this post.

Do think about the size/placement before you start; I went for the right side, since I'm right handed.
Not only size is important (Print off picture to scale? Cut into stencil?), but proportion. Spatial awareness, notice angles (cue builder pose); make slight modifications to en-corporate features.
I decided to print the logo at an slant to accommodate my eye, and forehead size. which in turn distorts the angle of the stem slightly, under my eye; I also missed out a few petals thanks to brow game. Lipstick wouldn't last well on lids, so I would switch medium if you're after eye cover/colour and longevity, I decided to leave that blank.

Thank the lord for pared down emblems.
4 shades. Essentially needing a sketcher, 2 reds, 2 greens - A bright, and darker tone, in both colours. Luckily, the logo is colour block (easier to repeat print) so shading doesn't have to be realistic.

Mixed media of makeup, Logo. Wrong decision white sleeves; hair up, hand steady, at the ready.

Be Bold. Be Strong (name that song). Bring out the artist in you, & start. The face is just a different type of canvas.

Step 2, etching the rose shape by way of lip liner; don't do what I did, make sure it's sharp/ened.
As a general theme, I would start with the centre, nucleus, from which all the other shapes will disperse from. With the rose, generally the petals increase in size as you go out, use their positioning in terms of each/the other shapes to know when to start end, increase, decrease size etc.

Unfortunately, makeup doesn't have an undo button.
I wouldn't stray too dark with the liner, easier to Undo, if when I went wrong - slightly lighter/darker skin tone would be ideal; my choice, gave me a kind of kylie jenner henna, art all on it's own.
Lighter lines to start with, line again later with the brush when sure of the shape.

Mistakes will be made (5th time lucky on the heart petal - leaves a bit of a bruise behind) - DON'T PANIC. Smudge/swipe it off for minimum canvas upset-tion ( closest I got to window's paint eraser was a dry tissue), as it's less harsh than completely removing, making it easier to blend into 'it never happened'.
Use concealer to clear/clean up the lines/edges - after touchups - the holygrail makeup eraser. 

It's just Sketching. Sketching on your face. A face is very not flat.
By way of a mirror. Backwards.
Bare with. Break it down.

Primary ed it - dot to dot, colour code, then colour in.
We all know the dot to dot technique. Colour code straight away, especially if it's a fancy pattern. You'll be heart broken if it's all perfect, but ends up the wrong way. See my experience.

As they say in art GCSE - the sketch is where it all starts from, take the time to get it right.

Feelin brave? Skip this step and go straight to the colour. No pressure, but all that Colouring within the lines practice has lead up to this moment. 

I stuck with the Blog's chosen media, used not what it's meant for, Lipstick. A lot of beauty lovers will have a tone or 2. But for anyone with face paint, that would work equally (if not better).
Lips, and Rose - both Kate Moss for Rimmel - 107(shadow tone), 111(highlight shade). Would recommend this particular formula, luckily still easy to apply, but atleast favour the MATTE finish; aren't as emulsive, less liable to smear, more likely to set, and stay.

From here, it's essentially colour/makeup by numbers.
I started with the straight from the bullet technique, but quickly the precision dulled. The shade can also come out a bit milky, since the application pressure is higher straight from the product, and that mixes with the base makeup beneath.  

'If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again; then atleast you have 15 points, 21 with conversions'

I switched to my liner (really nail art) brush. Though it still won't be 'looking at the product' opaque, since you're working on a malleable/movable base, I would still choose to do base makeup first; it's much easier to work atop, than fiddle with filling in the holes afterwards.
Using the brush on the side, leaning the untensil or your self (elbow, wrist) on a surface, not only gives much better control and smoother lines, but much stronger results to your cream colours
It was fiddlely. But turned out pretty fan tastic, if you'll pardon the pun.

The key to the sharp/smooth shape is to keep switching between utensils - be it brush, concealer, lipstick - tissue/wipe clean often. This way colours stays true, border's crisp, and overall clear what you're trying to convey.

Help of highlight to blur previous concealer touchups on my cheeks

Not unlike with the original red jerseys rocked by our boys, I incorporated the rose's burgundy and ruby tones in ombre; my way, a mix of both on my lips.
Light colour first (harder to lighten than darken) all over, and a little extra. Outer quarters, and lightly on the lip line, swipe the darker of the 2. Purse and rub the lips together for smooth gradient.
Life lesson - can't decide, wear them both.

'After it all. I'm so impressed you managed to negotiate the reflection change' 
Sept, seems I didn't, even if i remembered to remind myself. Yes, unfortunately it is backwards. 
AIthough I did take into account the effect reflection has on the lettering, I didn't forecast switching everything; I've printed not flipped the print.
Ever tried doing the opposite to what you see in the mirror? Left handed meets upside down level tricky. Don't make my mistake, and mirror the image before you use it; only snapchat would disguise me now.

Thankfully, still rugby-rose-recognisable

Reserve the right to stem ( confusing pun ) it here. Or not. Or what. But I went for it.

Since I steadied the shape at an angle, the stem sat straighter than in the legit logo.

Again, the layer of makeup underneath, pastel-ed the cream products slightly.
Eye liners I set aside for the stem, didn't fare well on the face - much sheerer, shaded, lil dried up, and overall weak - so I did top with a concoction of shadows. 
Shimmery since that was all I had in the stash (also amped up the effect); all courtesy of the stila 'in the garden' palette. 2 price options in product list.

The addition of dimension was an unnecessary (none of of this is necessary!) extra; layer it up (dif products, powders) for more omph..

- A more glossy ruby/true red to accent the brighter petals.
- Always been a fan of the side face flag. (soooo London 2012, except facepaint was more accepted - back then)
- Writing - remember backwards, or get help from a responsible adult. World Cup 2015 - BACKWARDS, below the brow? Just incase the world cup connection wasn't obvious
- Rugbyball motif, eyelid makeover, by liner/shadows.

Well I tryed (couldn't resist) England take my/the lead

Never been so sad to scrub off my makeup, but no don't worry mum, not quite tempted me to get a face tattoo though - how about you?

Before / After
Now this took me a while - lunch, eq to 2 cups of tea, and then cake. Bare in mind I had to get usable, helpful shots in, not 80 year old reading the paper, up nose, close up angles - nevertheless, do leave a chunk of time if you too go for flower power.
You know how I like mood makeup; could carry this onto halloween theme. Use whatever media, whatever way you want. This could translate to any occasion. The competition was my excuse.
May there be many more #makeupmeetsfacepaint.

Since cumulative time spent on this post is adding up to, too much, I've no shame in a plug - I would really value any sharing, liking, whatever the will, I've got a England Rugby Jersey dream to fufill.

 Every (paloma) faith for home nation glory - I'll let the boys finish the story.

Product List
Nail Polish is nails inc 'st james'
Cami, Tesco,
Kimono, via ebay ( originally 'pins and needles', at UO )
Little ingenuity, a comfy chair and patience.

Garnier BB Cream, combination to oily skin formula, shade 'Light' - mixed with Stargazer white foundation (match issues).
Collection, Lasting Perfection Concealer, shades: 1 Fair, 2 Cool Medium
Rimmel, Stay Matte Powder, shades: Transparent 001, Peach Glow 003
To even skin tone, cover problem areas with their relevant different tones, set to last, for base.

Benefit Box Powders for face Colour. Ombred a mix, thanks to last Christmas' palette: from edge of face order: Hoola, Sugarbomb, Dandeleon. Said set, has had a new/re release out this year, grab whilst you can, difference is one powder + highlighter, swapped for liner and mascara.
Forehead bronzing, Barry M 'Natural Dazzle' (2 options for bronzer. Rationing Hoola for best/better. Barry M is not as natural on cheeks, which isn't a problem for my forehead thanks to tan)
Brows - Rimmel Brow Pencil, Black Brown, best side of sharpening
Eyeshadow, mixture of the 2 lightest shades from the NYC 'Best in Broadway' palette; shimmery/sheeny, subtle, lil darker than my skin tone, with the origins cream shadow 'Vanilla Vroom' as a base.
Mixture of not old, unfortunately previously used before I bought, mascaras - I hate having no seals.
Collection waterproof 'Fibre Lash' the culprit; Maxfactor water-resistant 'clump defy', to try and rectify. Result; old and flaky, but did add black, more lash, effect.
Left out the false lashes, since I was watching sport and felt too fancy. Yeap. apparently that was the line.

Could use many mediums - eyeshadow, facepaint, creme colours, I chose lip products - when like me, you don't use them for their intended purpose, face paint is their destiny.
Rimmel 'Amethyst Shimmer' lipliner; 2 tones of red lipstick, one bright (Rimmel 111), one darker(Rimmel 107). Bare in mind this won't set like face paint, so if it's for an event (any face praise/sponsorship), I would suggest going for the original. It isn't expensive; primary colours and get mixing.
Believe it or not, lipstick on lips is much harder for me to handle; barely felt it on my face, only other's reactions were my reminder to not swipe away.I grin and bared it though (quite litterally) and used the same rose tones for my lips.

Palette possibilities - wet'n'wild 'Comfort Zone' (cheaper), stila 'In the garden' (more money, less accessible)
Lighter Leaves: Liner Urban Decay (unfortunately slightly dried out when lid came off) 'Graffiti' 24/7 liner pencil, Stila eyeshadow 'Sage' (centre highlight).

Darker Leaves - stila 'starfish' liner, was stuck, had to scrimp on product pressure. Stila Eyeshadows, 'juniper' (stem shading)  'moss' (nearest to lighter leaf and edge shading). 

- There's also share your #huddleselfie to win RWC tickets!

- Bomb makeup always coincides with bad hair, that's how I knew to persevere
- SO. many. pho. toes. Sick of my face and it's not so fabulous makeup application poses.
Never taken so many selfies. So many to chose from is one of the sillier reasons this took me a while to setup/edit/publish/submit. 53 of me, was the shortlist - Good job I didn't use the new iphone and it's photo sorter.
Please allow for light and focus changes, when you rely on real, real is what you get. Bar cropping and first photo focus, these are unedited, so colour pay off it true.
- Taken an embarrassing amount of time, and stupid amount of energy to finish this post. Thankyou for indulging/humouring me

Made it this far? You're a star *


  1. All the best for the jersey competition, Amber! Dad x

  2. WOW that's amazing girl! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thankyou for the love and support! :)


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