Monday, 14 September 2015

Outfit | Daisy Chain

May 22nd 2015

Magic turnt 6! She's practically a lady. Yet, always my puppy. Be rude not too have her star in said day's OOTD - The doggy devotion never ends.

Mom Jeans and Converse combo is bringing it right back, but with my favourite accessory - the coat - I hope I reject the soccer mum stereotype. This fabulous trench thing, was only a pound - I want a triple shot of it, in every colour. I simply don't know what I did without it. I even considered taking it on holiday, to keep it safe?
Please tell me I'm not the only one with seperation anxiety seaping into their clothing.

Cami, Coat, Mom Jeans - All Charity Shop
Leather Converse - Office
Sunnies - CarBoot Sale
Silver Rings - Accessorize
Polish - Sinful Colors 'Mauve'

If my dog print top still fitted, you know I would have worn it. Cliche occasion dresser loud and proud. Instead?
I'm a happy chappy in any cami. Today's; swingy, back strappy, first forever 21 item (american equivalent to Primark?), was via Scope - £2.50. Daisies are the answer for any print/pattern, even floral, aphobes; I want to keep the chain going. It's clean. Yet sweet. Like a snack of strawberries. & Why match with your accessories, when you can match your background.

 Throwing the odd pinecone to keep the sidekick happy / Check that - 'she's my bae' face from maj. ha!

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