Sunday, 13 September 2015

Blogging Backwards / Back In My Blog

September, the month where everyone gets back to business, and that includes me.
My health is on a steady slump; these past 6 months I have been struggling more than managing, so planning, taking, constructing posts has been, unmanagable. No one was in the AmBlog office. Yet, my blog brain has been ticking over; I probably have near on 100 posts of semi content - photos sitting unsorted and words un written (luckily I have a pile of, and iphone list, crammed full of notes). I'm even contemplating a blog rebrand - I know, big decision whether to waste more lipstick.

5 month old birthday beats, features for new makeup that is now closer to pan, a photodiary that could do with a dust. Very whittled down preview boards above and below - Yes, that is Central Perk. These are all things I still want to share.
When I can, I still want to name it, frame it, document it, even if it is, a bit past it's sell by date. I hope, you will still sit back and enjoy, the back to front world my blog is living - back in my day, meets blogging. Get excited, or I will.
I will anyway. You'll know by the mere to mermaid hair-volution which way the sun is setting.

I'm disappointed, but tomorrow is always another publish possibility.
All my love to those who continue to support, read, and will me to succeed.

> Feels quite reminiscent of my very first post! Though nearly 2 years later experience has settled me, and this one didn't take 50 takes. Just a lot of bloody patience, photo collage with paint is no joke!
> Instagram is a good place to see more upto date me - @ambloguk. Addicted to the #charityshop

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