Sunday, 20 September 2015

Thrift Finds | Jeans for Genes

#JeansForGenes; if you hadn't already caught it, I am up for the cause!
Couldn't order my limited edition t-shirt (out of stock) but in the meantime, will be sticking to the slogan, and wearing my jeans. It was the perfect excuse to go and source a new pair - 1 guess?, courtesy of the charity shop. The Jean genie did not not disappoint.

Which Jean?
> Johdpur denim, jenim, bought because they are Zara - slap on the wrist, bad brand buyer. Not sure why, but the texture/wash reminds me of granny pants. Not rich, can't decide whether it's a slim, skinny or straight leg. I feel like I've aged. Maybe not pretty, but practical?
I already own a pair (blue H&M, November thrift finds) that I struggle to wear because they just won't stay up! These hips can't lie, they can't keep up any not-elastine-enough leggings. Sit mid to high rise, you feel somewhat sucked in; yet, despite being thick, these stretch with zip side fly do not work for me, would be constantly pulling them up.
Why buy another when I don't wear the current. £4.50 - returned.

> I often see, second hand 'Leighs' (the classic skinny TOPSHOP style), but worse for wear. The condition, and my ideal true blue denim wash, is what won me over this time. Found in 'The Children's Society' men's section - check all areas - at £4.99.
I appreciate the stretch comfort wise. Good fit in the leg, though a little rippling - which not unlike with baggy tights - is not cute; unfortunately, it is to be expected with thinner jeans, unless your body fat is below zero. Bought in mind for today, and times that call for comfy and cool clothing. Aka charity shop shifts.
My hesitation; at Waist30, body section is a bit big. Quite a bit of give on the waist band and front 3 pocket zip fly setup. My waist and especially hips, are way out of proportion with my legs, so I have to compromise on something with conventional sizes. Fitting the thighs in is obviously the priority.
Does it look like a massive nappy, or can I make it work?

> Being so used to skinny fit, I'm somewhat scared of slouchy jeans. My mind classed them as outdated. A theory? What slouchy jeans (supposedly) lose in a conventionally flattering shape, make up in comfort. Though I have yet to experience that. Spurred on by the southern sweetheart (LisaLisaD1 - who continuously wears them so well) that they can in fact have the best of both, I grabbed when I saw one of her recommendations in stock - the 'sexy boyfriend' from GAP. My size, I approved the texture/wash - even liked the scrunched fading that is far from aging (an unflattering effect with older, skinny counterparts). Overall, appreciated of the piece for the price.
Amidst this try on session, it clicked! Tapered leg jeans have all the frame of joggers, just in denim, a material you can't doubt.'sThis pairs advantage, especially sandwiched between the other 2, they felt like butter. We have a winner.

Turns out this time Charity Shop, in the words of Miss Dolittle, I really don't like your skinny jeans; but faulty jeans, are a lot easier to deal with than faulty genes.
I, by way of these posts, & a donation to match the Jeans(ForGenes) I wore on the day, hope I have helped in some way.
Hands up who's wearing jeans right now? You can still donate, at

For Genes.

Cami - Tesco
Boyfriend Jeans - Gap, via 'St Catherine's Hospice' Charityshop
Denim Jacket - Dorothy Perkins, via CarBoot
Slides - Primark
Na Makeup

To go with my homemade Jeans for Genes factfile and fundraising promotion; OOTD, thrift finds and review. Supporting good causes all at the same time (Gentics UK, CharityShops and my wardrobe included)

I had planned this post, but after reading through the handful of children's stories online, talking about jeans seemed so insignificant. But, that is the beauty of a campaign like this. Picking something small to get people talking about something big. Reading up on the cause, or wearing jeans today and paying £2 pounds for the privilege may seem insignificant, but it can make a significant difference. Charities do a lot with your money, not just with combating but coping. Jeans for Genes is a fabulous example of that.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Jeans for Genes

I love jeans. You'll often see me in them. Always see me searching for them. & I've done my fair share of talking about them. I take jeans very seriously.

I have genes, you'll always see me in them. When they work in harmony, is something most of us take for granted.
What if something was wrong with them? Who's offering support?
Now is the time to talk about them. We should take genes more seriously.

Individually, genetic disorders are rare, but together they affect 1 in 25 children born in the UK. Not only is that a horribly high percentage, but due to the random nature of these disorders - often completely polar to each other - each child has such a diverse set of needs. There are between 4,000 and 6,000 diagnosed genetic disorders: from physical deformities, to learning difficulties, to dizzyingly complex disorders, with effects on how the body works that wouldn't be out of place in a nightmares imagination. It's amazing how such a small out of sync, can have such a catastrophic effect. Some genetic disorders are apparent at birth while others are diagnosed at different stages throughout childhood, and sometimes into adulthood - but the effects are mostly perminant and incurable.
Jeans for genes, is themovement to promote genetic awareness - a fundraising day asking people to show their support, and wear jeans, for genes.

The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day - September the 18th - funds a range of initiatives that improve the quality of life, of children and their families, affected by loosing the genetic lottery - who by the nature of the beast, often feel misunderstood and alone. From building simple structures such as websites with a wealth of knowledge, to campaigning for urgently needed infrastructure, offering options to improve the lives of those whose health can't be improved. Other social support such as introducing resources to schools, uniting families with the help of support groups - the real experts, with a unique empathy and understanding. Time, education and compassion. All help with the gift of independence, to both families and children (which through my, all be it very different personal experience, can really see the value in). Safe guarding and guiding a future, that may seem daunting when you live day to day. The charity helps to build layers of support that these people thoroughly deserve.
It's easy to look to the charities that can offer a cure. But the capacity to cope, thrive, living their lives to the fullest, can be just as valuable a gift.

The main (and way I found out about the campaign) involves merchandise- the limited edition t-shirt which I intend to indulge in is unfortunately sold out atm. Like the jeans, I would wear this shirt anyday!
Any amount of fundraising, makesure you're doing it all in jeans. 

See why and what pair I decided on, in a Thrift Finds - Jeans For Genes special - coming Sunday (20/9/2015). Sneak peak on my IG.

Disclaimer - I'm a thrifty blogger, who has taken interest in promoting a cause. I took great care in writing this post; all information has been researched, but if I have got it wrong or offended in some way, I am deeply sorry. What I have written is placed purely for support. It's hard to talk about a subject like this without describing someone as their illness rather than someone with an illness, but I didn't want to misrepresent anyone or anything to do with the charity by quoting real stories. & I am lucky to not have a personal story to share. I URGE you to take ten minutes to read up a bit on the website. I am bewildered reading through their read our stories section, just how diverse the range of difficulties can be, & always amazed at the heightened ability to smile during diversity.
I hope the results of today's campaign will continue, to help them to keep smiling.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Outfit | Daisy Chain

May 22nd 2015

Magic turnt 6! She's practically a lady. Yet, always my puppy. Be rude not too have her star in said day's OOTD - The doggy devotion never ends.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Blogging Backwards / Back In My Blog

September, the month where everyone gets back to business, and that includes me.
My health is on a steady slump; these past 6 months I have been struggling more than managing, so planning, taking, constructing posts has been, unmanagable. No one was in the AmBlog office. Yet, my blog brain has been ticking over; I probably have near on 100 posts of semi content - photos sitting unsorted and words un written (luckily I have a pile of, and iphone list, crammed full of notes). I'm even contemplating a blog rebrand - I know, big decision whether to waste more lipstick.

5 month old birthday beats, features for new makeup that is now closer to pan, a photodiary that could do with a dust. Very whittled down preview boards above and below - Yes, that is Central Perk. These are all things I still want to share.
When I can, I still want to name it, frame it, document it, even if it is, a bit past it's sell by date. I hope, you will still sit back and enjoy, the back to front world my blog is living - back in my day, meets blogging. Get excited, or I will.
I will anyway. You'll know by the mere to mermaid hair-volution which way the sun is setting.

I'm disappointed, but tomorrow is always another publish possibility.
All my love to those who continue to support, read, and will me to succeed.

> Feels quite reminiscent of my very first post! Though nearly 2 years later experience has settled me, and this one didn't take 50 takes. Just a lot of bloody patience, photo collage with paint is no joke!
> Instagram is a good place to see more upto date me - @ambloguk. Addicted to the #charityshop
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