Thursday, 27 August 2015

National Dog Day

Thursday 27th August 2015
Dogs are the best - feel free to quote me. They're always pleased to see you, don't judge you, and unconditionally love you. They deserve a day. Everyone should be more dog.
My Maj(Magic)-oration goes back 6 years, but made it's first blog appearance back in the first week of publishing - with a slap dash video, devoted to my dog and her mad antics.
Categorized - you've been framed, meets admiration montage. Disclaimer - You can't train this talent! Teaser - we would all be rich if doggy football was a thing.
It really is worth a watch, animals do the funniest things, and dog lovers.

I've grown up with dogs, and my life plan continues to.
Canine is one of the best kind of companions - Maj can be my only escape during the week, and have a massive effect on my mood - even if cuddles do come with mud, fur, and doggy breathe kisses, I owe her alot. She see's me, not my M.E; & I, will continue to aspire to be, what my dog thinks of me. 


> Yes way back when, I dyed my hair Brown
> Coat, Cami, Jeans, all Chairty Shop.

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