Thursday, 27 August 2015

National Dog Day

Thursday 27th August 2015
Dogs are the best - feel free to quote me. They're always pleased to see you, don't judge you, and unconditionally love you. They deserve a day. Everyone should be more dog.
My Maj(Magic)-oration goes back 6 years, but made it's first blog appearance back in the first week of publishing - with a slap dash video, devoted to my dog and her mad antics.
Categorized - you've been framed, meets admiration montage. Disclaimer - You can't train this talent! Teaser - we would all be rich if doggy football was a thing.
It really is worth a watch, animals do the funniest things, and dog lovers.

I've grown up with dogs, and my life plan continues to.
Canine is one of the best kind of companions - Maj can be my only escape during the week, and have a massive effect on my mood - even if cuddles do come with mud, fur, and doggy breathe kisses, I owe her alot. She see's me, not my M.E; & I, will continue to aspire to be, what my dog thinks of me. 


> Yes way back when, I dyed my hair Brown
> Coat, Cami, Jeans, all Chairty Shop.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Thrifting Appreciation

17th of August is 'National thriftshop day' in the U S of A
What else would I do? than spend sometime thrifting, hand in my own volunteering application, then blog about it.
Cue first day of school meets cheesy certificate photo.

'So, Alison?'
- Er, that's actually my reference.

'Are you doing your D of E?'
- aha no, I'm 21

'Let's start again - free anytime this week?'
Easily made mistakes aside, she seemed very friendly, understanding of my limitations, and keen to show me the ropes. Look forward to it :)

'What is Thrifting?'
Literally meaning - using money and other resources carefully, and not wastefully - you may recognize, through Macklemore's hit song 'thriftshop'. In the US, it's the adopted term for all things second hand clothing shopping. Some for charities, other's for business - all for profit - but at a fraction of retail price. Over here, the closest sisters are charity shops (my no.1), but I also rally around bootsales/discount stores/eBay/Sales/all forms of spending, while saving. Sometimes selling too.
Though the world of second hand clothing is nowhere near as big here in the UK, it's a steady constant, and there's a growing army of people who preach the thrifting movement. One of those being me. Whether that be through lifestyle, eco, techno, or bounty, just being clever with your money is something anyone would value.
A designated day? Maybe it's just an American marketing strategy. Like valentines.
But it does give me another excuse to talk about my passion. & plug the #charityshop and #thrift hashtags I just can't stop scrolling through.

'Why Thrifting'
- We've always been a thrifty family, attracted to sales/bargains, and I've been brought up to value my money; as someone who currently can't work, I also need to be very careful with it. 
- It's one of my Happy Places - visiting a few charity shops/discount stores/bootsales, as a designated trip during the week, is both health doable. and enjoyable. Grownup Treasurehunt.
- I no longer feel guilty indulging in shopping. I get a lot more for my money, and much more of it - quality AND quantity. Spending on a small scale, majority being charitable donations, or with a buy to sell capacity; a way to earn some money.
- It has given me independence - can manage my own money - relying less on my parents, which is a little victory.
- Though it will help future me's, CV - Volunteering will give me a sense of purpose, doing something meaningful. A outlet to help others (touch wood) that can fit with my M.E status (touches lots more wood).

To skeptics - I myself am guilty of previous prejudice and embarrassment over charityshops. I want to go back and flick that foolish Amber in the face. She was the one missing out.
I don't feel like I'm sacrificing anything going second hand. Donating, spending yet saving, guiltless endulgence on one of a kind, OR seen elsewhere on the Highstreet stock. Yes, it has it's limitations; No, not everything will be good, but all I remember are the great. To those who say. 'Stop gushing it's only cheap shopping'. Small things can make the biggest difference, and I would urge you to give it a try. Whether a buyer or donator, I thrift salute you.
Come Friday, I take on Vonteerer; save a thrifty thought for me

Let's just address the elephant in the room; and yes I am talking about myself, with said elephant hue, in my natural habitat. I am wearing clothes under my coat. Not the first impression I wanted to start with. Or end with really. In hindsight I would have made that more obvious.
I'll be sharing this honurable, but honestly 80% usual, all Chairty Shop/Thrifted OOTD soon, as a little inspo of what's possible.
Need some more convincing? Have a nosey through my monthly thriftfinds (that I will keep updating) or head over to thriftersannonymous or paulcantu YT Channels.

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