Friday, 10 July 2015

Beauty | Lip Lineup

Sun, Sea, Sand and Crete are calling my name, & our 2 week summer romance starts now, in the planning.
Organisation fiends unite! With a 20kg luggage limit and an extended stay to look forward to, I've had to be crafty with my packing - 1 of which is making the most of my lipsticks.

With comfort, beach and versitile atire having priority, it hasn't left much scope for 'evening wear' - aka, rinse some of that chlorine out of the hair, fight against sand encroaching every item you own (like shoveling snow when it's still snowing), and be somewhat smart. My transaction from light to night, will not be marked with a stiletto, but a slick of lipstick. They're light, take up little space and completely transform my pile of useful, but slightly unsparkly day wear, to play wear, even with limited other makeup. The power of lipstick.

Burt's Bee's 'Acai' Lipbalm
Revlon 'Pink Afterglow'

Rimmel 'Amethyst Shimmer'
Never leave the house without a lipbalm, Added bonus of added SPF - twist up tube less hassle, and I'm not risking my Korres fav melting in the heat.
I predict warm toned makeup in my future (hello tan wish take 2) so I chose a peachy over pink gloss, though it's still called pink? for any unwindy glossble days,
I also want to use this time to attempt more of a nineties nude. I've found it too 'prune' on my pale skin, but at £1 in poundland and 2 weeks of trial and error ahead, it is worth a shot. Suprise: sheeny/metalic, pearl finish, which in my mind should stay firmly on a necklace - but I'm already quite literally flying out my comfort zone, so why not?

Not so Natural
Rimmel '220 Pink Chic'
Rimmel '13'
Rimmel '111, Kiss of Life'
Seems my summer wardrobe packs a lot of pink, so a matching pout possibility is a must. Muted. Covering the more nude' base for both paler days, and not too light for the suntouched. I ummhed an ahhed between lipstick or laquer, but the more forgiving of the 2 won over.
My Orange lippie has always got an reserved seat - I chose the full colour of Kate for Rimmel '13' over balmy Jemma Kidd 'Hibiscous', as I have options - can always dull down the first with some balm OR go all out ORANGE.
& finally a retro red, for when my lips have recovered from being red raw post today's swatches, yet I still want that effect. & because to go without feels wrong. Am I right?
For rich Brights, it's all about the Rimmel. 

Although I <3 makeup, to make the most of my time, I won't be spending hours fiddling with a full face - let alone the trials of matching makeup to my ever tanning face (finger's crossed); or fretting what I look like without. That's the plan anyways. I've told myself that despite the spots, I'm going to be lax with my makeup. It's more comfortable, and who cares if any wanderer's see that my skin has struggled since that passport photo - chances are they'll never see again.
YET. For the times I want to doll up a bit, this is a quick and easy comprimise.

Time saving, and hopefully confidence boosting. When I'm in the mood for makeup, *making some art*, my pout will be prepped to perfection with this lip lineup.

Still not convinced? With my smaller selection, I award myself more justification to peruse duty free. Who said anything about downsizing on the way home?

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