Saturday, 25 July 2015

Take Note | International Red Shoe Day

The 25th of July has been pledged as 'International Red Shoe' day - A day of Remembrance, for those lost to Invisible Illnesses. Not only are lives (like mine) put on hold, but other's are lost entirely, to underfunded, underrecognised conditions, that people all around the world put up with, invisibly. Today we remove that invisibilty cloak, with shoes. Symbolic, Supportive shoes, to share awareness, and celebrate the lives of those lost.

The Dream v The Reality

You May think, silly? Insignificant? But, I believe in butterflies wings. It's a simple way, for even the most unable, to pledge some support to this cause. I was due to do to honour it in an OOTD post (ft these thrifted beauties), from a 21st do tonight, but ironically I'm not well enough. So PJS it is; but I have swapped my summer slippers for said colour sandals, even if I only stood up in them to take a few photos.
& I urge you, to get you Dorothy on too - are you a stiletto or shoe?

Shoes to strut/sit in, and a smile that says someday things will change

To Quote cover poem
..For all those still suffering, and all who are gone,
This army of red shoes will keep marching on
And maybe someday we will see on the news
That the whole world now knows why, we wear our red shoes.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Beauty | Lip Lineup

Sun, Sea, Sand and Crete are calling my name, & our 2 week summer romance starts now, in the planning.
Organisation fiends unite! With a 20kg luggage limit and an extended stay to look forward to, I've had to be crafty with my packing - 1 of which is making the most of my lipsticks.

With comfort, beach and versitile atire having priority, it hasn't left much scope for 'evening wear' - aka, rinse some of that chlorine out of the hair, fight against sand encroaching every item you own (like shoveling snow when it's still snowing), and be somewhat smart. My transaction from light to night, will not be marked with a stiletto, but a slick of lipstick. They're light, take up little space and completely transform my pile of useful, but slightly unsparkly day wear, to play wear, even with limited other makeup. The power of lipstick.

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