Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dortie's 6 0 : The Dress

17th June 2014
Meadow Kimono

Stuck in a special occasion, suitably conservative style rutt? As was I, so I looked to a pal for inspiration, and shopped her wardrobe. Sometimes it's the not the new, but sharing the old, that can add spice to your style. & that my friend, is brain blabber I pledge as my new thrift quote.

Since the exam period swallowed up a host of birthday's and father's day, incl D60/D-Day, there was little chance to seek out something special to wear. I turned to online, highstreet shopping - unreliable and spendy, 2 things I try to avoid on such occasions - the result ended up returned. leaving me anxious. Deadline shopping is not my jam!

The thinking behind the chosen cream cami smock dress, apart from it being free and fabulous, was
- room enough for a food baby or 3 thanks to the tent like style,
- yet classy.
- comfortable
- with classic cami straps for the heat,
- & cream; though stain risky, I was a newly confident 20 year old, crossing my fingers that my adolescent years of spillage were behind me. Though I can hardly rely on those genes from my mum.
Basically, I wear white/cream like a lot of people wear black, as a neutral barrier. My comfort zone. So thanks Rach for always having my back - or whole body in this case.

The Kimono, was the one that stole the show. Opposite end of the spectrum - a very extravagent, frivolous, highstreet 'because it's pretty' purchase. After all, it's only a peice of chiffon, but my is it a magnificent one at that. I love that the print seems to be growing, unevenly, naturally, rather than an obvious print of florals. You can't help but smile at Daisies, and Poppies are both pleasing to the eye, and spirit for obvious national reasons.
Co-ordination with the day was a happy accident. I pin point this as the beginning of my love affair with blue - looks like both the hue and flowers, a few of my mas influences, are filtering through. Honoured with the 'you're just like your mother' comment.

Face was fairly similair to my 'fail safe face' - with the exception of a few eyeshadows - along with my daily silver sidekicks

You wouldn't believe how many people commented on the my shoes. 'How high', how naive.
Coral meets cherry, strappy sandal stars - that despite the slighly lower heel, still sacrificed my feet not so slowly throughout the day. Same vein as the kimono, sept these were on sale so saving some pennies and guilt there. Just noticing shoe and poppy combo, sasscident (sassy-accident).

Cami Dress - Borrowed, originally BOOHOO or MISGUIDED
Kimono - New Look
Heels - Salt n Pepper
Jewellery - Gifts, Essentuals
Cake - long gone

Yes that is a dog faced cupcake. & yes cupcakes can count as an accessory. 
I think the bark was better than the bite, but they did make a sweet accesorry to my OOTD. Though it'll never beat the real canine companion.

20 summers, and strappy stilettos later
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