Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dortie's 6 0 : The Decor & Delectibles

Summer sixtieth, criteria; 'not much fuss', after all, you're only 30 twice.
That much fuss thing, equates to 3 posts, all to be published today (fingers crossed) 'The Decor and Delectables' (aka grub) 'The Day' ( the life' photos) 'The Dress' (what I wore) - from D-Day, Dortie's Birthday.

On the 17th June 2014, The Smith family threw a semi suprise lunch in the sun.
Semi, in that we asked her to lunch. Surprise, in that the further afield family flocked down. & we had staff! In the form of family friend Jos, and his catering college companion Lois, cooking up a meal Michelin starred chefs would be proud of. With washing up skills that anybody would be greatful for.

The day's Decor hue was blue.

Flowers, Table cloths; alongside indulgent, suitably flashy (slightly trashy) shiny silver accents (in the form of silver stars/streamers/banners/the like). No.60 was a NO-GO, though these few post stamps will be set in history. muahaha.

The day's Delciousness, courtesy of a few.
Pre starter - souvenior from mum's legendary trip to the 'House of Lord's', schmancy Champayne - taste like tax payers money, bitter. I kid, lovely bubbly.
Starter, not technical terms, crab salmon and prawn mouse paté, wrapped in fresh salmon and prawns to accompany - on the side, a 'sprig' of leaves, with possibly the best vinigerettte I've ever had. Not sure if the fact it came out of a burger van style squirty bottle had anything to do with it or not.

The Main treat, Beef Wellington. Pastry, Mushroom, Beeefy, 'where does the wellington come from?' Goodness. Coupled with vegetables that tasted more like treats - more butter more better - with enough spares to last the week.

Course there was cake, both christened with candles and not.

My other aunt (mum is a the youngest of three), bought along these beautiful bespoke cupcakes for a-while-after-lunch, desert - adorned with handmade doggy faces. Because we're dog mad. & have mad dogs. In two minds as to whether to frame or eat them!?

 To the Delicious, and doggy, Indulgence. YOSO, you're only 60 once.
Lukily for, me, that wasn't the criteria to participate.
I don't know what excuse we had. Get back to me on that; about this time next year?

Thankyou to said chefs for both fab food, and taking the chores out of the celebrations. I have no doubt you'll both be fabulous in your final year, and we revel in the knowledge that we were fed by you before you became famous.
Sign my cupcake?

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