Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dortie's 6 0 : D-Day

It's now been a whole year since someone I know hit the big Six Owh - but photos never age, and these memories still deserve some time in the AmBlog spot light. Although my talk through may have got a little rusty, I'm determined to not let it gather dust in the next 60.

So happy 61st Aunty Dortie! & I here's to one hell of a hiatus between sharing last years hurrah. ^ hard to tell how you felt about it

Highlight of the day, Dortie was awarded the family jewels, the granny slippers, in honour of her newly found maturity? Due to be passed down the generations, if they aren't worn out with all the grannying by then.

^cousin's cheers
Reunion + special slap up meal with the novelty of a chef = celebrating turning 60, civilized style. To go with your civilised self. must. keep. straight. face. 
Safe to say it was a consumption celebration - 'nothing says it's my birthday and I'm celebrating, like slacking on your diet and a satisfied smile to match'

Our main present to her was a digital camera, and some of the photos you see now are from said camera! Post ception.

^faaahmly *said in Mick Carter's east end accent*
Portrait 'point and shoots' - even managed to get Pete to pull a serious face for a snap or 2 - we wouldn't usually have such an abundance, but the special occasion called for a slew of shots

(The Cousins) (Sister's doing it for themselves) (Dortie and the young ones)

Finally, tea with a twist - Doggie treats, fit for human consumption?
More on that, the theme, food, and day overflow, in the earlier post, Dortie's 6 0 : The Decor and Delictibles / aka Part 1. My Outfit details over at Dortie's 60 : The Dress.

Hope you had a great day Dauntie Dortie Deedor,
Love & Licks
Photo ready faces.
For the family and friends who weren't there. & to the one's who aren't well, I hope this brings a smile to your face,

FYI - Dortie is the name that stuck when I couldn't pronounce Dog, let alone Diana. She is known as Dauntie Dortie Deedor in our house, and now even in some other's!

Now can you tell which snap I photoswapped..

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