Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dortie's 6 0 : The Dress

17th June 2014
Meadow Kimono

Stuck in a special occasion, suitably conservative style rutt? As was I, so I looked to a pal for inspiration, and shopped her wardrobe. Sometimes it's the not the new, but sharing the old, that can add spice to your style. & that my friend, is brain blabber I pledge as my new thrift quote.

Dortie's 6 0 : D-Day

It's now been a whole year since someone I know hit the big Six Owh - but photos never age, and these memories still deserve some time in the AmBlog spot light. Although my talk through may have got a little rusty, I'm determined to not let it gather dust in the next 60.

So happy 61st Aunty Dortie! & I here's to one hell of a hiatus between sharing last years hurrah. ^ hard to tell how you felt about it

Dortie's 6 0 : The Decor & Delectibles

Summer sixtieth, criteria; 'not much fuss', after all, you're only 30 twice.
That much fuss thing, equates to 3 posts, all to be published today (fingers crossed) 'The Decor and Delectables' (aka grub) 'The Day' ( the life' photos) 'The Dress' (what I wore) - from D-Day, Dortie's Birthday.

On the 17th June 2014, The Smith family threw a semi suprise lunch in the sun.
Semi, in that we asked her to lunch. Surprise, in that the further afield family flocked down. & we had staff! In the form of family friend Jos, and his catering college companion Lois, cooking up a meal Michelin starred chefs would be proud of. With washing up skills that anybody would be greatful for.
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