Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Take Note - SALE stila

I finally felt well enough to go out today, AND blog, so I've decided to combine the two - cue my shop shock.
TKMAXX is currently stocking a significant amount of stila. And if that wasn't enough to get you steaming over there straight away, then let me tempt you, with my treasure trove. Believe it or not, I put plenty back!

The more matte, 'currently' colourful, 'spring' like sister, to the stila 'In the light' palette - stila 'In the Garden'. Swoon. Plenty of paler neutral shades to compliment the pops of colour, but it's the few shades that merge the 2 that have my makeup mind most a whirring - such as 'sage' and 'bark'. A highend palette, for £9.99?! Can I get a hallelujah.
Slight erc, someone had swatched a few shades, annoyingly including said 2! But lightly, and I plan to swipe/blot the top away. The original damage was not enough to turn me off, or ask for a discount. I guess I was excited, but even with my current level head, I'm happy I decided to get it.
I believe there is 3rd, purple one? Search shows yes, stila 'In the moment' palette - the smoky sister? & another, wholey matte version, which I'll keep my eye out for when I next go. Please say it's not because these products are being phased out?!

Single eyeshadows, with the same formula to the 10 pan palettes, that are some of the best in the business. At £2.99, for a generous sized pan of a product I already know I love? The only decision was, which shades. I settled on 'azure' - a royal blue meets navy sheen - and 'jezebel' - pinky, pale russet shimmer, and possible, more subtle snap, for the shade 'sunset' in the stila 'In the Light'. Both still available online, at £12 a pop. Well pot. I left the shimmery iridescent purple, and mint green offerings - 'cassis' and 'cha cha' respectively.
Carrying on with the colour theme, at the same price, were the skinny twist up liners, of the same size/formula to the complimentary liner you get with the palettes. Shade 'peacock', a blue turquiose - which will be part of my mum's birthday present come june. You're welcome. (although I doubt she's reading this, and if she is, pretend you read none of that).
The jumbo versions were also about - 'smudge crayons' -, and as the beauty blogging community keeps chanting, the stick form trumps a pot everytime. Cream crayons are like colouring in your face, no need for messy finger tips and dodgy application, one swipe/sweep and a little blend. No need to set? Waterproof? I'll get back to you on that. Unless I pledge these as gifts. They also had a 'black' and 'pink', but the shimmery gold 'antique' and bronze 'umber' seemed more up my street. Like Amber.. Maybe I subconsciously snagged these for myself all along.
They did also have a few lip glosses, concealers, liners, & more, but you know eye makeup is my muse - and I had to stop somewhere. There's also something so satisfying about stila's eco packaging - saving the planet, one stunning sale makeup goody at a time.

Combined cost - £25.94 - which is only just more than the Palette alone, full price (still a great value palette at £25 if you ask me). & all these treasures are still being sold RRP elsewhere. What a way to spend some birthday money.
& if you're able to, and it's available, ready set go - or it'll be ready set gone.

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  1. Don't know how I missed this! I'm always in TKMaxx too :(
    That palette is lovely, especially the purple and green on the end!
    Leanne x


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