Sunday, 24 May 2015

Face | Colour Colour Colour Colour Colour Chameleeee-on

To celebrate the vision, that is Eurovision - and revel in the yes vote carrying in Ireland! I've covered myself in colour.

Double the celebration, double the Amber

Reached for the most colourful concoction I could manage - Collection of shadow shades courtesy of the Cargo Barcelona palette - why use one? When you can used a whole quad of colours.

> Cornflower blue (TL) lid, Royal Blue matte (TR) outer eye and crease colour - though, there is a lack of
contrast on the eyes, than you would expect from looking at the pan. Pale green (BR), unexpected success of the group, to ease the edge blending - unconventional transition shade.
Warm Purple (BL), as lower lashline contrast colour. Inspired the mermaid in me to come out this halloween; apparently you can now buy your own scale tales - not that I would know anything about that. ehm. Ariel meets Amber - watch this space.

Orange and green really do compliment each other, and not just in the Irish flag - though I'll grab every available oppurtunity, to be complimenting with orange; today, in the form of Rimmel Apocolyse in 'Luna', a peachy orange. Plenty of yellow, to reek havoc with the colour of your teeth, leaving only red from my recent suntouched skin to complete the 'ready in my rainbow' - in commemoration of another step towards equality!

I'm all for theme makeup; both the creativity, and the freedom to rep my enthusiasm, in a way my energy levels will tolerate.

> Rimmel 'Renew and Lift' mixed with Stargaser 'White' Foundation because my current collection
doesn't cater for the level of snowwhite I'm currently sporting. Old faithfuls of Rimmel 'Stay Matte' and Collection concealer. Threw everything at the eyes - all 4 shades from the Cargo 'Barcelona' palette, and matching navy mascara, to ground the multicolour hues.
Borderline mermaid, bruise.Brows, courtesy of the NYX 'butt naked' eyes, cooled toned brown in the bottom corner - and NYX also caters for the help with face form - 'taupe' BLUSH, for bronzer/contour. Hella lotta highlight, courtesy of MUA 'Shade 1, pearl' and the illuminating/suspiciously-sparkly rather than, simple mousituriser. Apocolips, to eclipse the explosion of colours - and brightly coloured fareels of various Real Techniques brushes happen to follow the theme too.

Maybe it's the more neutral coloured cosmetics that catch your eye, but you can definitely be eyecatching in any form of colour - eyes, face, lips, or all three, like today in this mighty colourful chameleon, of a bank holiday weekend.

- Skin to conspiracy - Distinct lack of mockable things in this year's Eurovision - suprising uncheesy, and catchy! Did all the countries decide that this was not a joke year? as always, Brits were left out the loop.
Highlights include - Belguim (Lorde Royals vibe - strange dancing, but anyone who can sing so well lieing down has my vote), Australia, & haunting Norway.
Much more quality than catastrophe. I always enjoy it, but feel like I could actually appreciate the majority of music.  I might even buy the CD.
Plus, australian man - marry me.
- Now to the final MOTD of the season

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