Sunday, 24 May 2015

Face | Colour Colour Colour Colour Colour Chameleeee-on

To celebrate the vision, that is Eurovision - and revel in the yes vote carrying in Ireland! I've covered myself in colour.

Double the celebration, double the Amber

Reached for the most colourful concoction I could manage - Collection of shadow shades courtesy of the Cargo Barcelona palette - why use one? When you can used a whole quad of colours.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Book, Film, TV | The C Word

Sheridan Smith, along with James Corden, is one of my favourite British icons (from way back in the early days of Gav n Stace), and who recently stunned in a short film called the C-Word. It's about Cancer, which thank goodness I do not have - but the message, and powerful subtly, is one that anyone living with a debilitating illness can empathise with.
It involves blogging (!) - both the raw/honest and inspirational - which is certainly helping to light the fire in my attitude. Powerful emotions. The Lows. Hope. Family. FUNNY! & truly uplifting for anyone who is feeling bleurgh; or anyone, everyone, looking for a really worthwile way to spend an hour and a half.
(Vague? Wouldn't want to give away any spoilers)

I urge you to watch it, after, or as an alternative to Eurovision; available for free on iplayer, until the 1st of June.
I'm basically promoting it, not for incentive, but for very good reason. Lisa Lynch, the shining star the film is based off, looks like a truly remarkable lady; and Sheridan Smith (aswell as the few surrounding actors), has done her proud. 5*.

The C Word
'The C Word is an adaptation of Lisa Lynch's candid book about her experience of cancer, based on her popular blog which was launched shortly after her diagnosis. This film is a defiant, ballsy and surprisingly funny story of life, love and cancer.'

Lisa Lynch Links

& it all started with a blog.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Take Note - SALE stila

I finally felt well enough to go out today, AND blog, so I've decided to combine the two - cue my shop shock.
TKMAXX is currently stocking a significant amount of stila. And if that wasn't enough to get you steaming over there straight away, then let me tempt you, with my treasure trove. Believe it or not, I put plenty back!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

M.E Awareness Day, May 12th

Forgetting M.E Awareness Day is all kinds of ironic :
I wasn't aware I'd missed it,
& other people aren't aware that they've missed, that I've got it.
(Blogging about it, when it's the very reason I haven't felt up to blogging, hasn't skipped my ironic attention either)

It's real. It steals. Help heal, by spreading the word. #meawarenessday #may12th
Thankyou :).
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