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Thrift Finds | January 2015

Throw Back Thursday! - to the time when the year was new, and everyday a fresh start/beginning. Then BAM. It's April; 2015 in full flow and the reality of hitting 21, truly has, hit me now.
To soften the blow? The sun is shining, and today is the day I reveal an overdue look at those new year thrift finds. Which should take my mind off the grandparent like mantra 'times goes so fast', that I can't seem to shake.

p.s another throwback: Major Art Attack vibes, with today's 'lay down'. LOVE that show.
Phew, I haven't lost my younger self completely.


Initial excitement - luxury makeup brands, in TKMAXX? January sales from the angels.
Subsequent disappointment - 'Bare Minerals' eyeshadows a plenty, not a single one without faults/littered with finger marks (WHY DO THAT?!  It is not your right to touch/deface a product, you haven't bought!), along with BOBBI BROWN shimmer palettes swatched to shreds.
Solution - Treasure hunt to various stores - and luckily my perseverance paid off.
Tip: With bargain makeup shopping, when products aren't sealed, DO check to see no-one has contaminated it, but DON'T touch it yourself - common courtesy, or it's ruined for someone else.

After the initial hysteria had worn off, I was back to sensible spending, and I came home with not the Bobbi Brown at £24.99 (still great deal), but a neutral quad of 'ready' formula eyeshadows - that still stand ready, cos I can't bare to use them! Nine Ninety Friggin Nine? (£9.99) - when my cousin and I have oogled them for near on £35 in store. Found in the Clearance section (though not clearance, or a single smudge yay!); separated box from palette, obviously an attempt at hiding it. I felt marginally guilty, but mainly smug. Yeah I said it.
Mum also surprised me with a Cargo palette that I umhed and ahhed over and left - packaging broken, but shadows untouched - 3 of which have my colourful juices flowing. 'Barcelona' Palette', only £3.99, but initial thoughts - disappointed on pigmentation - they come off more powdery, and pastel.


Another of the double strapped camis courtesy of RI; I already know and LOVE. The white chiffon version - sz 14, simply loose when I adjust the straps - is one I would recommend to all.
(I've since worn this to death, it's now turned a merky grow tone, so - I'm looking for another, or a solution)

As a thrifter, certain smells become an accepted by product - musk, mould, use your imagination - sometimes second hand shows. But, I have NEVER smelt anything as bad as these, and it wasn't even stocked in a charity shop - it's NEW. Before this, scale 1-10, I'd prob hit 4? This is a 10.

Fish. Not the deliciously mouth watering chippie sort either, straight off the back of the fishmonger pong. phewee. How did I not notice in store? It had to be quarantined in a bag, or it engulfed everywhere - said bag since banished too.
I turned to Google, turns out fish oils are regularly used in faux/leather production, and I wasn't the only one with this quarry. Shame, since the style and fit was not unlike a jean; the leather though faux, flatteringly matte, and not constrictingly tight, which are right up my street.
Despite both style and price points, this was a no brainer on return, as I couldn't ignore the smell or rely on it coming out in the wash. Luckily the leather trouser hunt didn't go on too much longer - but that's for another month.

Charity Shops
Black and cream - check meets window-pane, cocoon meets moto - coat. Originally Dorothy Perkins; merging of styles that are fast becoming classics. Minimal leather accents, with length that covers enough for leggings without swamping me, this seems to suit anything. Thin enough to carry into spring, loose enough to layer up when that spring (like) inevitably ends. £6.99, British Heart Foundation.

From one fab DP (Dorothy Perkins) find, to a fishy one. You can't always win/rely on the brand name, or whether it's new or second hand!

Originally UNIQLO, I had high hopes for this khaki utility shirt - that fits the theme of shirts over cami's I've been embracing with my denim version. I think I was distracted by the branding (bad Amber), because width and length just made my body square, doing nothing for my figure.

Since charity shops have now introduced generous return policies, I was able to swap it in Cancer Research for something more suited (and exciting) to me - but you'll have to wait till next month for that. £3.50, which may not be a lot of money, but if you don't like or wear it, it's still wasted.

Shortest shop I've ever made. You know when you go to drop donations and come out with a bag yourself? Guilty.
From the local (Scope) with the best prices, but the one we always forget.

M&S Collection, V neck, grey and black tiny knit chevron Jumper with black edging. This is a decidely unslobby jumper, that although a little big, still manages to look smart. Super soft - my body is warming to wool. £3.

Houndstooth slacks, that despite the smart style, are unexpectedly stretchy. And comfy. With beltloops, and the option to unzip the cuffs. Although more suited to a work environment, the smaller take on the classic print, isn't too bold/busy for my taste in statement trousers, for any occasion. IMO, monochromatic TOPSHOP is an area where you can't ever go wrong - and charity shop prices make it even more right. £3.50.

Simple Black Joggers, an item I never knew I needed till it was time to wash them. Creases like slacks for smart, with elastic and shape to rival my sweatpants; my sort of clothing illusion.
Downside? They soak up static, so I've struggled showing their full potential, as they stick to every contour; though luckily not in shot. Originally F&F, who do joggers well. Size 8 - which was a surprise worthy of a smile.
I have noticed a hike in prices in a lot of  areas, but this Charity Shop has stayed low. Cue 3 minute trip, that lead to 3 staples, for £9.50.

Final 'for myself' find is a pair of 'swede meets cotton' Zara Utility Trousers. Trying them on in the shop, the fit was fab, and I figured I could DIY out the not to my taste brass button cuffs, With wear though, I find them tight in the cross leg seams (around the knees) - you know the sort that leave a skin imprint/indent pair underneath on your skin - yet, they don't stay up? I also struggle to pair them with my second skin boots since they don't fit the ankle accents - also to note, Colour has faded, though I've come to accept that with dark trousers.
In concl, Maybe I should have reassesed in store, instead of thought process - 'ooo. I like. Zara? I like more. They fit? Done'. Maybe a few lunges (people mock those, but they uncover many an item sin) would have enlightened me, but maybe not - either way, I'm unsure if this was a good purchase or not. But £4 for functional/useful trousers, is something I won't loose sleep over.

The Children's Trust also wielded, a combination of my brother and I's favourite colours, within one of the Superdry Hoodies he swear's by. At £7.50, both wear and colour merit the pricetag, but we have left others asking excess of that - whether it be condition, or general price hike that is more than we want to pay. Our shopping is aiding Pete in his mission to never go himself - I would be annoyed if I didn't enjoy it so much.

I also bought a pack a mac for my bebe cosuins (already passed it on); waterproof and adorable, only £1.99 from Salvation Army. Tip: Make sure to access/check ALL areas in the shop.

In concl. Mixed bag of bargains.
All looking very monochrome, cos new yr Jan (tbt), means back to business, and black.
Usj struggle on the bottom half, regarding both fit and, fish. Which echoes a satisfaction standard that was generally lower - as well as a couple of returns. But you can't win them all, and it hasn't hankered my love for the search.
Redeeming feature? Ready eyeshadow, as I'm just plain stoked - best value and gorgeously victorious beauty find ever. When the saving is so high, the satisfaction is that much stronger.
(You'll be pleased to know since writing this I have broken the fast, and used it, and it is as fabulous as you would expect.)
My other would be the coat; seems I can't go a thrift find without one; BUT, I am trialing new styles, just keeping some kind of familiarity with the colour palette.

To a thrifter, NY means - January Sales, and newly stocked Charity Shops from Everyone's New Year Clearout. I think that mainly shows in the overstocked, finally-getting-round-to-sorting-through-all-the-piles-than-having-to-turn-away-donations, of February - but this is what's to show for the first Thrifting adventures of this year, & 2015 sure looks promising for my pennies.

- I've been spiradic to say the least - but I fully intend to change that. My blog mind has kept werring even if my recent publishes suggest nothing of the sort - post passion is still there. Thankyou for bearing with me, and kept AmBlog from gathering dust.

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