Thursday, 9 April 2015

Outfit | Blue & Swede Shoes

Sunday 5th April 2015

Sunday's choc heavy Easter diet was able to blossom thanks to/with help from this floral cotton smock dress. That, and a second helping of fondue, my only outfit issue was how long till I spillage. (No matter how old and wise we get, we are always at the mercy of a stray stain - & it seems to run in our family)

The dress in question, seemed an out of season snag back in March/Manchester - but it's amazing what a little spring sunshine can do to the hemlines - even if the rays has yet to reach the pins. But stuff that, I'm wearing a dress!
Simple smock shape, beautiful pastel ditsy print - summer appropriate in style, substance and sheer comfort. Simply cracked it out a little early, on egg day. Excuse poth puns (Cracked, egg/leg day, lolol lol.)
Something about Pale: skin, hair and blue, that I really rate - maybe because I don't sway the pink way. When presented with the choice of 2 in faux leather moto jacket form, for a flamin fiver? No need to assume who I would choose.

Lovingly knicknamed my little boy blue, I simply can't stop making excuses to wear this thing, even if I commit colour co-ordination overload; just SO smitten with this hue.
Do I predict a colour edit? Points to throw back followers if you remember those.

Dress - H&M, Via Charity Shop
Cream Cardi - F&F (mum's)
Moto Jacket - Primark
Heeled Boots - TKMAXX (Gift)
Bag - Next Outlet
Rings - Various (Accessorize, Essutuals, gifts)

These nine west boots meet every smart/casual/neutral/colourful needs, and even their comfort level is starting to improve. The big bold giveaway that these were taken promptly? Sock-Shoe situation. Now that is going to erk me.

Wouldn't a cobalt Celine complete? I'm content with this Crossbody; matched with silver jewellery to compliment the cool colour palette.
Nails inc 'Baker street' - despite down right diddy (& adorable) appearance, it packs quite a punch with only the 2 layers; shame the not up to usual scratch formula lets it down - chipping, cracking within hours
... but if it's good enough for Beyonce?

Makeup - a mix between old and new, but gave the blue a break. Being opposite on the colour wheel, orange made the perfect theme: tinted lips with the help of a gloss, aptly named 'luminoso' blush to complete the cheeks.
Any left-over-chocolate face marks? That'll be personal preference. Or the extent of your baby cousins new take on finger painting.

To all you lenters, I appluad - hope breaking that fast was super sweet, and your outfit too, didn't stand in your way
- & to any who want to mother me one more time on are you not Chilly? Melted choc cheer and my 20 year old capacity to, kept me warm.

p.s. Back to Blog backlog this coming week, I just wanted to keep present time, to reassure my readers that yes, I am still around; AmBlog is not past tense!


  1. I'm really loving your style! <3



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