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'Fail Safe Face' - Anyday Makeup Routine

Childhood, there's no coming back - Today, I've turned 21!
But while somethings change, some stay the same - like my fail safe makeup routine, that I'll be rocking aged by 1 important day. Being a beauty lover and trial-er, there is no such thing as an 'everyday makeup routine', but for those times when I'm in a jam, rush, uninspired, or the midst of an early twenties crisis - ahem - then this is where I look to. A form of safety net if you like, always up your sleeve (for those of us who aren't Spiderman) - whether it be clothes, makeup, food people etc - that have just got you on those days.

This is the kind of makeup I use to enhance all levels of that day's confidence, without being too much. Standard wise, it's reliable, flattering, low maintenance. I like to think it's fresh, youthful, and neutral - and wont clash with the clothing struggle that is often the evil twin to such days.

To start, Bare Minerals original foundation, or a BB cream that is a good match, in a light layer to even out my mainly even skin tone. My problems start with spots - which is where the Collection sensation (shade fair 1) and the painstaking pin pt concealing, comes into play. I've taken to putting a blob of new product onto a surface, and applying it with a previously dried/used-up-tubes-wand or Lip Brush, as it's more hygienic.
2 step Correct - apply to all areas, then go back round and blend; time to dry gives the product a chance to adhere better, and does the concealers blending/covering ratio a world of good, without using too much or spreading too far. This stuff is potent, doesn't quite match - but with a little work, it's still the best in the business. Though the most time consuming aspect of my makeup, I wholeheartedly agree with Lisa Eldridge on this (can't take my word for it? take the masters) - a lighter base and centred concealing, gives a much more natural, and reliably compliemtary result.
I don't find the undereye coverage skills quite so strong, but most days I do double up.

I continue to pledge my allegiance to the powder that got me through every stage of makeup development, Rimmel 'Stay Matte' - applied in an exaggerated T -zone. Solid colour match, good coverage, and first line of defence for oil control. There's even a shade called 'Amber' - coincidence? I think not.
For the perimeter that has less need for mattifying, a light dusting of  WetnWild's palm sized Bronzer, to set and sheen. Do not be fooled by the name, It's no bronzer, this is a highlight with no shimmer, but with a duo fibre brush and sheer layer, it sure brings the J Lo Glow. Anointed the closing step to my routine; it both helps to blend any face product problems, subtly enhance the good side of skin's texture, and what's been used to touch up throughout the day.

Next stop blush, as it helps stop me from being heavy handed with the bronzer. A neutral mid tone - uninspiring in the pan, yet so endeering on the cheeks - can pull pink or peach - that doubles up as a transition shade for the eyes.
My current nemesis, heavy handed or not, is Bronzer - made harder when you share genes with snow white - which makes it one of the products with an uncertain place in today's line up. NYX 'Taupe' doesn't leave me satisfied - weak pigmentation, chalky and consequently harder to blend, unconvincing as my cheek shaper - but it is a good cooler hue for pale skin tones. Suggestion of subs always welcome.
Any less subtle highlight is courtesy of a multi tasking 'champayne shimmer'/goes with any face, eye shadow; MUA Pearl, cheap, cheerful, and successful, ticks all said qualities.

Still thankful to a 2013 favourite from budget friendly Rimmel; everyday is a good brow day, since I've cracked the technique and found the hero to my side kick, who makes me look good. Well my brows.
I aim to both tame and neaten them, which frames my face, without drawing excess attention - by light hair like feathering in the front half, and darker to extend at the tail. Perfect balance of opaque, to sheer, hard texture and cool tone - £2.99, and I'm still barely through my first one. I can't picture using anything else, it gives me everything I'm after from my brows - except setting, for which I look to the cheapest (originally) clear mascara I can find. This MUA one, dosen't meet cement standard, but holds some texture whilst not disturbing the colour underneath.

Eye base that is the barrier to any creasing worries. Be it full face foundation, incorporating all shades of the rainbow. or no makeup makeup - without fail, this goes on. A holy grail that doesn't get the praise it deserves, this everyone-would-appreciate neutral cream colour, has paid it's more expensive dues.
My weakness is undoubtedly eyeshadow, and this is the area that harbours most variation. Since I've grown to revel in it, and experiment everyday, now I can't go without it - like many a winged liner lover, it becomes signature. I find my face unbalanced without it.
The chosen one. Well 2? Is courtesy of a no7 set. Cream sheen for brow bone then inner corner hightlight, with a pale taupe shimmer for all over the lid - conveniently housed in a little mirrored compact. Like the name suggests, it's so simple. Mascara - whatever's usable, not 5 month's old is preferable - but no current standout.

Like girl's, makeup can come under 2 extremes - high maintenance, or laid back - I like an 'everyday appropriate' lip product that is practically horizontal, and can take care of itself. Aim is not longevity, or even opacity - though I do salute you statement lip sirens, and urge you to share your wisdom.
If I decide to do lips, this slightly cool toned pink is enough to block out my lips colour, without being a block of colour. Make sense? Emulating the brow theme - complimentary, but doesn't scream for attention - an understated pinch/punch of colour, that wear's forgivingly, and doesn't ever leave me with a smile that went smudge.

Rimmel 'Stay Matte' Powder - shade Transparent or Peach Glow 003
WetnWild 'Coloricon' Bronzer - shade Reserve Your Cabana
NYX Powder Blush - shade Taupe
MUA Blusher - shade Cupcake
MUA Eye Shadow - shade Pearl 1
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - shade Black Brown 004
MUA Mascara  shade Clear (to set my brows)
Origins 'Brightening' Cream Eye Shadow shade Vanilla Vroom 01
No7 'Stay Perfect' Eye Shadow Duo shade So Simple
Stila '10 Eye Shadow' Palette - shade In the Light - for mattes and variety, but not in use today
Clinique 'High Impact' Mascara  shade Black 01
Rimmel 'Moisture Renew' Lipstick  shade Pink Chic 220

Real Techniques 'Starter' Eye Collection - Deluxe Crease Brush, Base Shadow Brush
Real Techniques 'Duo Fibre' Kit (now sold with black Farrells) - Face, Contour & Eye (all 3) Brushes
Ecotools '4 pc Bamboo Handle Beige' Kit - Powder Brush, Mini Kabuki Brush

Ongoing maintenance is important (mousiturising, cleansing, plucking etc. ISN'T IT GREAT BEING A GIRL), after all, your makeup is at the mercy of it's canvas - but even the bad sleeps, bad breakouts, and bad moods, have met their match with this routine.


p.s What are the chances of my birthday being both the royal wedding, and the royal babe's birthday. 

- 'food people'?! oh the effect a missed comma can have on a sentence.

- I decided to shoot this when we were away for the week - a prime opportunity to breakdown what my routine is - as without planning, I'd bought with me all the tools to my fail safe face. This is real life people, and not TOWIE style reality - If it's earned a spot in your travel 1 stop makeup shop, then you know it's worth blogging.
- Links either cheapest or most universally accesible.

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