Wednesday, 29 April 2015

'Fail Safe Face' - Anyday Makeup Routine

Childhood, there's no coming back - Today, I've turned 21!
But while somethings change, some stay the same - like my fail safe makeup routine, that I'll be rocking aged by 1 important day. Being a beauty lover and trial-er, there is no such thing as an 'everyday makeup routine', but for those times when I'm in a jam, rush, uninspired, or the midst of an early twenties crisis - ahem - then this is where I look to. A form of safety net if you like, always up your sleeve (for those of us who aren't Spiderman) - whether it be clothes, makeup, food people etc - that have just got you on those days.

This is the kind of makeup I use to enhance all levels of that day's confidence, without being too much. Standard wise, it's reliable, flattering, low maintenance. I like to think it's fresh, youthful, and neutral - and wont clash with the clothing struggle that is often the evil twin to such days.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Thrift Finds | January 2015

Throw Back Thursday! - to the time when the year was new, and everyday a fresh start/beginning. Then BAM. It's April; 2015 in full flow and the reality of hitting 21, truly has, hit me now.
To soften the blow? The sun is shining, and today is the day I reveal an overdue look at those new year thrift finds. Which should take my mind off the grandparent like mantra 'times goes so fast', that I can't seem to shake.

p.s another throwback: Major Art Attack vibes, with today's 'lay down'. LOVE that show.
Phew, I haven't lost my younger self completely.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Outfit | Blue & Swede Shoes

Sunday 5th April 2015

Sunday's choc heavy Easter diet was able to blossom thanks to/with help from this floral cotton smock dress. That, and a second helping of fondue, my only outfit issue was how long till I spillage. (No matter how old and wise we get, we are always at the mercy of a stray stain - & it seems to run in our family)

The dress in question, seemed an out of season snag back in March/Manchester - but it's amazing what a little spring sunshine can do to the hemlines - even if the rays has yet to reach the pins. But stuff that, I'm wearing a dress!
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