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Thrift Finds | December 2014

Apparently my Christmas month didn't just involve buying presents for everyone else.


Oversized, Cosy and Cream - 3 words that describe a lot of my wardrobe - Cable Knit on the front, back, sides and arms, with fluency most commercial thick jumpers have lost. That and the lack of tags, have me believing this is homemade, which improves this staple, with added quality and individuality. Although god knows I have many fine knits, my body was feeling the lack of layers when the truly biting chill came, and this is a classic I will never again be without for that very reason. Aswell as it quickly becoming my designated takeaway uniform. Men's Large, £4.99, Salvation Army.

Zara, Striped Crop Top - Northern Oxfam, £4.99 - slightly overpriced. Buttery soft, navy and white alternative to my american apparel version - accept, I like this more.

Same price, same place - Seasonal, just not this season - A 'new with tag's' pair of rich mid wash/midrise, denim shorts, I even skipped trying it on. Courtesy of unwanted 'Trader Denim'/Debenhams, these have a soft stretchy feel that even the legendary look and all the will in the world, I just can't get out of Levis. 'Back in my Napa-day's' shorts, just need to be moved on, and made way for more modest and movable alternatives.

My first foray into printed sportsbra's and I'm loving it. Ironically, so far, it's been used for the complete opposite - comfy loungewear alternative to a normal bra - but for light aerobics, and adding some much need colourful endorsement to exercise, this will work a treat. Galaxy Print, so glad you stuck around. Well worth £5.

Lilac V-neck, of the finest knit variety I already have and love in White. Like with that one, I intend to un-stitch the useless pocket, and wear with jeans or as a full blown matchy matchy outfit with Tesco's take on lycra leggings. Purple Pixelated Patterned, 3/4 gym leggings, that crucially don't sheer out when you stretch.  Believe it or not? I had one purple item in my wardrobe before December. £3 and £9.
It's true what an awesome workout outfit can do for the exercise enthusiasm - Yoga is calling for this trio, and I'm already warming up

As part of Dad's Christmas Present, I found a beautifully bright Indigo work shirt, in his size. I always scour the men's section, often heading there first, and I seem to come across a fair few shirts supposedly YSL. As my supposedly would suggest, I'm a little skeptical as to whether they actually hold the designer label, but this was such a fab colour (yet still manly), in perfect condition. The Children's Trust, £4.50.
I find Dad really hard to buy for, and clothes can be a boring gift to some people - but he has since assured me that he loves the clothes I pick, and that fact that I have picked them, in a true dadish fashion.

Possible 21st gown, high square neck strappy maxi dress, complete with split. £7 from H&M up north - the sewing bee bug has me considering a Refashion/moderations - but no spoilers.

J Brand Jeans, £4 from Cancer Research, bought with the sole intention of selling. 29 inch waist, Rich Navy 'Agnes' style, with chambray accents on the pockets, fauz zip front pockets and long zips up the sides of the cuffs. Merging of a stretchy jeans and Chinos, just unfortunately not in my size.

The Factory Shop
A button up tarten brushed cotton pyjama set; I've hit my 40's mentality before I've even passed the half way point. 

The shirt was a guilty pleasure since, I love a plaid shirt, and this ticked both the long sleeved and longline requirements. Both a beautiful rich red, and incredibly soft, I'm hoping I could even pass this as day wear - and not call it pyjama day.
The bottoms were to replace a simliair pair I bought from Primark - seen in my Christmas Day Post. Unfortunately, they had been miss labelled/hangered, and I didn't notice that I'd come home with a size 18 until it was too late to return them. Luckily, these fit much better,  and I'm feeling both Christmassy, and comfort in my first Co-ord
Though dry on the beauty front this month, at £8 for the shirt and £4 for the Trousers (both sale), The Factory Shop has shown some worth with their clothes game too.

Beauty and Accessories
Mascara was on mum's Christmas list, and it just so happened that I found a Highend version, at less than most of the highstreet Options. TKMAXX, £7.99

Both the Apricot Body Scrub(30p) and L'oreal Eyeshadow(£2) are courtesy of Superdrug's take on the Clearance section. Faulty products rather than overstocked lines, like in Boots.
Loreal's reason for kicking out the infallibles from their line (one I will sorely miss) - this example's fault was the pressed eyeshadow product had come away from the pan, and the case was smudged and missing the back sticker. I cleaned it up with nail polish remover, which clouded the case and removed some of the plastics colour - a mistake I will not make again. As yet, I have not found a way to re-set the shadow, but the colour is a rich shimmery brown - annoyingly I couldn't tell you specifically - and besides being unattached, is as good as new. I'm yet to try the scrub, but it's so damn cheap I doubt it'll disappoint.

I've had my eye on Timberland's all black alternative to their workmen's boots, that have been having a moment for the past few years, ever since Fashionfilth had mentioned them. The real deal were not going to be coming my way, so I've been looking out for a dupe. I thought I'd found them in TKMAXX, but since the furry inside didn't make them year round appropriate - I've since returned them and am still on the hunt. I still wanted to mention them since I think they're a fab pair of boots, £24.99, just didn't fit the bill as to what I was looking for.

I also atempted to fight my current Skin battle with a 3for2 Skincare offer in Boots - So far, not so good.

On the flip side, my 'Best Winter Sale find' - Accesorize, 70% off, including Gold and silver lines - has left my reflecting wherever I go. My only regret would be not buying more.

Closing the door on 2014, with the final Month's Thrift Finds. I also rounded up the reliable reoffenders of my thrifted Wardrobe from the entire year, in a handy '2014 Thrift Finds Highlights' post - for your enjoyment. Here's to another year of the thrift life.

'3 months late? Still great' - Thanks Dad.
> Pale Blue and Gold - 'You always have been original'
> Been trying to enjoy photo taking more, does it show?
> Didn't have a chance to catch any of this weekends Rugby, having to dodge any sort of social media for spoilers is no easy task.
> Pinch punch is the first of this month, and I have a trip to look forward to!
> Spring summer to pounding Thunderstorm? March has left Spring behind.
> A converted Trekkie thanks to Benedict Cumberbatch, Leonard Nimoy was always going to be worthy of an AmBlog mention. *LLAP hand Gesture emoji* - Emoji make that happen!

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