Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Take Note | Red Nose Clothes

Friday night is funny night over on BBC1, hours of non stop skits and money raising; a twist on a serious subject, all for a good cause. Leading up to the day, merchandise has been out in full, and if the bright red spots weren't enough to grab your attention, maybe this post will. & it goes beyond the synonymous temporary nose job. 

Shirts Past and Present
1 £9.99 - 2 £14.99 - 3 £9.99
TKMAXX - 'The Red Nose Day Designer T-shirt Collection'
Borderline cheesey quotes, from 1) Artsy (ANYA HINDMARCH : also avaliable in red, and childs long sleeve) and 2) Subtle (Karl Lagerfeld, the closest I will get to Chanel), take on a easy to wear White tee. A theme that follows in my past favourite of theirs, 3) Mr Potato head meets the Beatles. Gutted to have missed out on their first take on ft the Band, I wasn't going to let that happen again in 2013. Whether you were one of the 'Kanye is going to make this Mcartney dude a star', or a longtime fan, this is a band tee with a distinct difference, that would have anyone after the 5th member spot. Enough to have me bringing back the framed specs.

Upped the prices, but upped their shirt game - they continue to extend the range of fits, sizes, unisex, and of any age. Year on year, their take on a graphic tee is one that I would happily wear year round.

Buy Here - Sainburys - TkMaxx - Rimmel
2015 standouts

A Onesie, not only Lenny Henry would be proud of. Beauty lovers covered, with the chance of a lipstick that benefits both them, and charity - a crowd pleasing red, from the AmBlog approved Kate Moss for Rimmel Line.
They've also kept up some old with the new. Mum went straight for the Tea Towel, I've an eye on that essentially polkadot umbrella, and if I was young enough for a sippy cup, I'd be pestering mum. For the conservative, a range of pin badges - from glitter, to enamel - and for those more adventurous and without a snotty cold such as myself - THE CLASSIC - selection of nine red noses. 3 Cheers for the evolution from pinching plastic, to foam.
Prices ranging from £1 - £25, with a big proportion of the proceeds going to Charity, there is something for every preference and price range. That limited edition label gets me everytime.

Wear something funny for money? Doesn't have to be.
When they managed to collaborate with 5 leading designers, no one will be laughing at how chic you are, clad in Comic Relief.

> Seems crass to mention a thrift tip, in a Charity Post, but they go hand in hand  - post Friday 13th, the unlucky for some, may leave you with some savings as the stocked with be deemed out of season. SALE.
> Forget Photoshop, and the evolution of software and apps - my most used Microsoft Paint, is a Saint. Proves you don't have to be fancy.
> Just incase - This post is not sponsored.

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