Saturday, 14 February 2015

Beauty | Salut to St.Valentine

Whether pro or against the allotted day for love, what makeup lover would turn down an opportunity to justify, a play with makeup. Reds and Pinks spring to mind, or on the contrary, a time to let the natural beauty shine through. I took inspo from them both; fresh face, with a new take on wearing your heart on your sleeve, whilst making the most of matchy matchy, with manicure and lips.

Base // To my dismay, it seems, my splurge on viche dermablend to solve my concealing troubles, may have been a waste - atleast whilst I'm verging on snow white status. For the time being, a homemade tinted moisturiser is how I've been getting my wear out of it. I'm sure it's not it's forte, but this way it gives a sheer even base to build upon. For pin pt problems, I stuck to my trusty collection shade 1 fair.

Face // I've been loving using creams to shape my face, now the weather permits, regarding oil control. Thrift tendencies, lead me to using my mum's foundation for said task; a sad realisation on the tan front, but great for saving money. Enough contrast to warm up my complexion, whilst it's barely detectable on my skin; 'Dream Matte Mousse' has an almost cream to powder consistency, so I find no need to set it.
Not brave enough to mix highlighter and base yet (skin is freaking out, no need to draw attention), but I didn't hold back on the No7 illuminator on my cheeks nose and brow area. The peach tone means it blends seamlesssly into the skin, leaning towards angelic glow rather than stroke of light highlighting.
Today my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder literally bit the dust, and I think you can tell - the excess powder on my brush has sadly dulled the luminous effect - though it shows up on the flash photos - so I bumped it up with a little of my Stila Kitten esc dupe, MUA shade 1 pearl.

Brows // I clocked the reason for all my good brow game days, Rimmel Professional Brown pencil 004 Black Brown, and now I use nothing else. My technique has stabalised too, but the natural tone and believeable texture are all thanks to this £2.99 gem.
Eyes // Since I was decided on my lips being today's topical ft, after I set a base which I now couldn't go without, it was only a matter of what colour, was I going to frame my eyes with - I settled on fool prooth grey.
By using layers of Smashbox's 'Always sharp liner', L'Oreal Infailible 'Pebble Grey', and concentrated blending, I achieved a soft yet smokey liner. Ofc the size and shape plan got more blurred the more building/altering/fussing I did -  doubled with the lightest of crease definition, using my duo fibre eye brush, I hope I dodged raccon eyes. Purely for wanting to catch any chance at glitter, I used L'Oreal mono eyeshadow to accent the wing.
I've been pretty impressed with Cliniques cult 'high impact mascara; 2 coats, your thoughts? Review upcoming.

Starring/hearting role (dad made me do that pun) are the smackers.

Lips // I was physicked to find Apocolips in my local discount shop - even though they're still in stores, are they being phased out? - and that's what inspired today's love heart lips. With the feeling as thin as water, and minimal smudging, I could get used to these. Shade 'Aurora' - a warm, watermelon tone, that mixes both the red and the pink that around this time of year, you just can't seem to get away from. Applied first, overdrawing slightly, taking advantage of my lips natural cupids bow, and left to softly set. To prevent my expression from getting too pursed and serious/queen of hearts esc, I used a deep nude to frame the heart - enough to distinguish the outline as still my lips. From afar, you would think nothing of my lipstick, only close is the alteration clear -  with other colours, I think I'd struggle to pull that off. Granted, it's high-maintenance, and most people wouldn't deem it everyday appropriate. But who always wants to be practical.

with and without statment lips
Tools to Make-me-up

Essie Base coat, followed by a clouded neutral, palest of the pinks - nails inc 'Phillimore Gardens' - as the muted canvas.
From my swathes of pink polishes - girl gift fail safe = nail polishes, what's a girly colour? Pink. x 10 - I picked a warm pink to mirror my lips. Original layer with a nail art brush, followed by a second with the polish brush itself, resulted in a smoother texture. I chose to etch the heart shape through join the dots/free hand, rather than fill in the fiddly inverted shading, as bigger shapes are easier to mould. Though it's a stamp that reminds me of colour book stickers, as mum's reaction 'I think you missed a bit' proves, this mani/print is very understated, and the heart guess can never surface.
Rounded tips, glossy, and although it's nail art, like the lips is unassuming - reminiscent of french manicure, that meets feature fingers, making it anyday appropriate. Definitely appropriate for today.


Valentines weekend or not, I hail bringing out the makeup you love, and that you love yourself in.
Whether you're sharing it with a special someone, or saturday's south western train passengers, the makeup love is strong today.

> Happy Valentines day!
> 6 Nations is straddling my weekends, and I love it.
30 pt win - England en route to grandslam (yn)
> Now to catch up on 5 weeks of unread posts, and set up some sort of scedule on my home turf - how romantic.

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