Tuesday, 24 February 2015

AmBlogstagram | Shrove Tuesday

Tuesday 17th February
Pile up the Pancakes

A week ago I was drowning my diet in Pancakes, maple syrup and fruit. Well Lemon. & Sugar. One heck of a cheat day - but as they say, 'It's all about balance', shame beam always was my worst apparatus.
We had my younger brother's pal and Chef in training (who wanted a mention) helping, but essentially still the tried and true, holy trinity of Milk, Eggs, Plain flour (In ratio 3,2,1), that make this classic hard to beat.
For those more interested in the Scotch than the Crepe style pancake, I have a Recipe Post for that, and it happens to be on the healthier side. Just think of all that pancake tossing, the calories right away.

Why is it we don't have Pancakes more often?

> This feast concluded a truly good day, when I actually felt semi normal!
We booked our Summer holiday! Sun, Sea, Sand and Crete come July. Spot of shopping, and said sugar overload. We got up to a lot, in my standards, this past week - but hopefully with this one, the productiveness will continue, and filter into my Blog too.
> When dealing with out of focus photos, turn to Black and White.
> *Spoiler Alert* Broadchurch? Where was the cliff hanger!
But David Tenant, you really have redeemed/justified your handing in of the Tardis key - You and Olivia Colman restore my faith in detective duos.

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