Sunday, 25 January 2015

Take Note | Accessorize to the sound of 70% off

As a jewellery everyday wearer, I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather have fewer, better quality pieces, than pretty tat that turns my skin a Shrek shade of green. That usually means higher prices, and bypassing the trend led pieces, but big savings in the long run. That is untill, 70% in nationwide Accessorize shops, and all my dream bling is at a 'how many can I fit in this basket?' price.

Offers of Bags, Lingerie, every type of jewellery under the sun - but I was in search of precious metal plated rings.
I want to get to Pirate levels of ring adorned fingers; so many so, my dad would pull out the old 'got enough hand with those rings' chesnut. Aiming for 'make a noise when I jazz hands' status - Lisa Eldridge I'mlooking at you.

I want to say straight off the bat that their silver and gold plated ranges in store are already a great price - more than reasonable - but finding silver plated rings at under £5, crowns this my favourite January Sale of the year.

I'm a Silver rather than Gold Girl

I was automatically sold on these Opalesc, tiny stud, fine rings. With the advantage of 'Swarovski' elements adding weight to my want. At £7.50 for the set of three, it's a subtle way to add sparkle/colour, without being a statement ring.
My statement ring of choice comes courtesy of this Turquoise stone, set within a subtly ornate, wider band. My gripe with other rings like this, is the 'antiqued' silver style, and overly marbled gem - I understand all stones are different, but often they aren't what I'm after. Luckily this one is neither; a colour that suits skin tone, in a piece that can stand alone, but also co-ordinate with my mirage of other rings. A medium, but I've made it work.
Midi Rings have been on my wish list for a while, a concept mum doesn't quite understand. Thin bands that sit half way up your fingers, are easy to get size wrong. Ideally I was after plain, and these have a heart, but I figured I get the best of both worlds with the option to wear them backwards when I prefered the look of a classic band. I went for 2 'Smalls' for their original purpose, and to double up as a pinky ring, aswell as a 'Large' to use as a plain band for layering - at £3 each, these weren't as good value for money, but since I couldn't find any sets in a small enough size/let alone in other stores for such value, I was still made up to find these.
The one I returned was this thicker Infinity Ring, down to £5. The style is one I like, but I found it a little to bulky for my cast of dainty rings I'm trying to build up.

I wouldn't say I had particularly thin or thick fingers, but did end up a size Small in this store (I'm 90% sure I'm an L in conventional alphabet sizes), so do make sure to try on and take the packaging into account with the fit (it adds atleast a size).

I hauled late 2014 when stock was 50% off, but have since seen the price drop to 70%. I'm still on the lookout for the 5 ring set I couldn't quite justify at £11  - price V demand, lost out - but down to £6.60, making each just over £1 each? I'll roll those sleeves and snoop through every stack if I have too. I also snagged some great gifts, so jewellery lovers close to me pretend you didn't hear that.

Accessorize, you beautiful yet bargainess babe.

> Such a pretty shop, where price can sometimes outdo practicality/need - but they regularly offer 50% and lower in sale seasons, so keep an eye out all year.
> Warning, thrift find century, January Sales/Spring clean to charity shop splurges, have done me well.
> How to sneak in an extortionate amount of thrift finds in quick succession? Change the subject.
> Month since Chirstmas means 11 till the next.

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