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Saturday 15th November 2014

No I'm not announcing my unveiling in Madame Tussaud's - Today's Outfit is baby steps towards resolution no.7, 'look good in leather trousers', ft The Waxed/Coated Jean.
Newlook's offering; I took a punt with these, as I've had the size/brand before, and they've fit well. These? Not the most flattering fit; they're skinny, but not so that they give a slimming effect. With this type of trend, it's the wrong side of tight; they lie with wrinkles, and need a belt - for the size of my thighs, that is an unflattering issue. On the plus side, the fit is sacrificed for comfort boost, whereas with other similair jeans (H&M I'm looking at you) it was like getting into a wetsuit.
My main issue in the search for coated jeans, was I couldn't find any that were truly black. Like an aging black jean, or drying liquid liner, they were always chacoal grey or near on blue. I still have that issue. The textured effect though, is understated, makes you look twice, and I really enjoy it. I guess in a round about way I'm trying to say, I wear them, like them, but wouldn't necessarily recommend this particular pair - though the look is one I give a thumbs up.

My jumper is one I bought in multiple colours - appealed to me because of the exposed seam I fell in love with through the M&S striped version. These are supersoft, longsleeved, and at £6 each, a valuable Primark find. I bought colours I didn't have already, in whatever size I could find - you know how I like the loosey goosey.

The denim jacket, oversized variety, is back in full force. Actually a force against the cold, though a scarf can't hurt - we all appreciate a little tarten, my preference being in a muted tone of blue.

Why are your feet glowing I hear you say? This is as pristine as these Converse will ever be, but hopefully the leather-ness will mean It'll be easier to maintain such a brilliant white - I was also having issues with the contrast.
Upkeep struggle with white clothes comes with the territory, but don't they look pretty?

Jumper - Primark
Jeans - New Look, via eBay
Denim Jacket - Charity Shop
Converse - Office
Scarf - Garden Centre
Bag - Primark
As much as I love makeup, I think it's important to have some bare faced days, remind yourself that makeup isn't a mask you have to wear, even though my face does resemble a mine field.

There is something wrong with every bag I own - serves me right for spending next to nothing on bags - this is no exception. Primark studded bucket bag circa 2013, broken buckles and zips, though the strap is surprisingly still holding on. It is a bucket, and bag I can use.
The Ball cage pendant from Accessorize, that I put on an extended chain, so it's less of a weapon, didn't really go to plan. My strong hold of rings has grown, more about that in a post to come, but my hands would feel naked without these 2. & a watch that has since broke.

In other news.
HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY JOE! I hope you had the most magical of days. Being your Godmother is a massive honour, and I can't wait to mix your future with my wisdom. It'll be a good one.
Love Amber X

 I shall leave you with the process of Joe's first own photo.

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