Friday, 9 January 2015

Nails | Dupe? 2014's Finest

Earlier in the year, I crowned Sinful colors 'Mauve' (ironically not at all mauve) as my 'If I Could Only Wear One Polish' - a statement I still stand by. But another I've fallen for, and have had consistently on my nails in 2014, is something of a new discovery.

Nails inc 'Sao Paulo Streets', freebie with a magazine (InStyle) my mum surprised me with. Nude, but not of the flesh tone variety; Flesh, a word I would put in room 101. Neutral, cool toned, cement chic. & opaque - full colour with one layer. Barry M's 'Almond' being, a convincing twin - not quite a match for the Nails inc formula, but thankfully also not limited edition.
It's one of those looks good on anyone, for any occasion, if you aren't the french manicure type/or have that kind of time.

Dupe is a questionable word in the beauty world, but I am always after the next best thing, for the next best price.
Although no 2 products can be exactly the same, I think it is worth mentioning similarities between them, and sharing your discoveries.

Sao Paulo (nails inc) V Almond (Barry M)
Texture is thicker with nails inc, which reflects in the ability to pull of just the one layer. This has no effect on the longevity - I hail a week for both. Colour is a hair deeper with 'Almond', though both are as similair, smooth and glossy as the other, on the nails. Price is interesting - 10ml Sao Paulo Streets £4, 10ml Almond £3.99 - but nails inc was a promotion, and only the Barry M is available in the shops.

I'll let the dupe conclusion speak for itself, & dare you to pick out the few fingers where I used the Barry M clone.

This festive season, Barry M's 'Yellow Topaz Glitter' has added both sparkle and warmth to this muted mani, either by gradient or on accent nails like today. It really makes you look at your nails and think, you're looking gooood today.
*White Van Man Honks*


  1. I am so obsessed with Mauve by Sinful Colours as well :) however these two looks pretty great too! I think I will buy Almond next time I see it x

    1. Poundland! Backups and everything.
      For my first fiore into Barry M polishes, I am impressed


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