Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas Gifts 2014

Having enjoyed reading other bloggers 'What I Got For Christmas' last year, it's a post I definitely wanted to follow on into an AmBlog tradition. Today, 2014 edition.
For the curious/nosey of you out there, and to say a HUGE internet thankyou to my family and friends for such generous and thoughtful gifts. Oh and Santa, if he's out there reading. Christmas is not about presents, but it is a perk of the job.

Stocking Gift tally was out of control this year - salut to the Smith/Hewson family elves for helping the redsuited man with mine - so I've just picked some of the classics to show.
Mint jelly to feed the stash that is my fav condiment of all time - just try it, a roast will never be the same. Tissues, mine being fake £20's, cos I'm worth more than my brothers; & they say you shouldn't have favourites? Tea towel is a little suggestive, though not as fluffy and red in comparrison to my brother's festive washing up gloves - take the hint. Some makeup I cannot wait to try - particularly a gem of the discontinued jemma kid line - my, is that lipstick holder fancy. Brussel sprout chocolate balls? About somes those up, aswell as a pile of chocolate to last me all through my january blues. Seaweed nuts, interesting. & a relic from my mum's trip to the House of Lords - a theme many of my relatives will have stumbled upon whilst opening their gift from us. Did I mention she went to the house of lords? She was invited to the house of Lords. Proud daughter.

I had built up a bit of Christmas list - who knew men found finding women presents just as hard as we do them - but that didn't take out of any of the joy from unwrapping that shiny paper.
The one gift I was reeeeally after, was Gilmore Girls Box set. Head over heels for that show - like Friends, can watch it again and again and it not get old. Unfortunately it's only available on the American Netflix *sigh*, but now I'm not even restricted by my body clock questioning if it is infact ,OK, to watch another season of netflix. again. in a row. What is Gilmore Girls? What kind of education are you in. Sort it out. Side line, RIP Grandad Gilmore - the show would never have been the same without you.
Other DVDS included Frozen, already watched, and convinced both the parents on first viewing.
The surprise was a Sewing Machine from my older brother, with much needed how to books from his Girlfriend Catherine. Thankyou! Looking forward to getting my 'GB sewing be'e oyn in teal this coming year.
Along with the fashion line - Boots, about as close to my Ash Jalousse dreams can get. Gorgeous. Courtesy of 'NINE WEST' via TKMAXX. Can't decide whether those, or these mice boot slippers take the season's shoe reign.

Beauty wise, my auntie was more than generous with 'The Cheeky Sweet Spot' Bene Blush Box of my dreams, and the fragrance collection I'd heard nothing about until now. I also recieved Juicy Couture set from my brother, so I'm set perfume wise for a few decades to come. A beautiful bow adorns my first ever SPace N K item - which I cannot wait to burst into. But you'll have to wait for the review. If I'm being mysterious, the reveals will ft in the blog soon. (Bravo, to non beauty lovers, the beauty world can be a bit of a maze)

I am ever so fortunate. Grateful. n now I can start delving in to the goods! Bloggers out there will understand the need to first, photograph.
Cue: post shower clad in my new Towel, Hand Cream to see to the chaps, and first outing for the New Makeup. Slip on that Jewellery, christen those Boots, & to finish with stunning Navy Leather Clutch - all whilst jigging to said Christmas CDS,even if it is now January... Cue, Christmas Posts - Fin.
> A sneaky extra to my 12 days of Christmas Series. Like all similair posts (eg. thrift finds, buys, reviews) please know I am not trying to brag. I'm simply sharing, like we all do here in the bloggersphere.


  1. Lovely gifts! Happy New Year :) x

    1. Happy belated New Year! Hope you had a great one, and your birthday!

  2. yey a sewing machine!!!!!x

    1. Yay a willing volunteer to teach me :)


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