Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Buys | Dec the Halls ext.

You know my pledge to say good bye to the Christmas posts? It's on hold.
Instead of having to wait till next year to see the results of my yearly post-christmas graden centre sale sweep - I know you were counting down the days - surprise! You now have time to follow my lead.

On the 30th December - seems someone over stocked this year - everything was 50% off. Regrettably, it's near on a month since Christmas, but I have no doubt there will still be stock. & it'll be at 'as if they're paying you' prices.
I would urge you - take this opportunity to Dec your halls for a thrifty price.

My wish list was: Star - we are still a treetopper short! & some Paw Print Baubles I sooo regreted not getting for my Aunt last year.

From tree decorations in a range of colours/tones, to varying styles (handmade/traditional/modern); outside ornaments incl wreaths, candles, table dressings, costumes, stocking fillers... Helpfully put into colour familes, and product groups - we even stumbled upon a few we bought last year!
They have everything you, and any member of that extended family (incl dog), come Christmas, could ever need.

My Buys
Clear Sequin adorned Snowflakes, x2, both hanging on my bedroom window as we speak. Beautifully subtle, I wasdefinitely influenced by the emergence of frozen. Seasonal, not just for Christmas, £2.99 > £1.49
Bar the colour, I found the perfect Star. Light enough to perch on the top sprig of our Christmas tree, 3D so it's starry from every angle, similair snowflake vibe. Considering spray painting it silver, or to use under a door as it spins beautifully hanging down. We may still see what next year has to offer in the silver star department. £2.99 > £1.49
Snowman & the Snowdog serviettes, because we are loyal fans and want to show it. £2.50 > £1.25
For anyone who watches 'LisaLisaD1's' YT videos, best whilst-doing-makeup women to watch, this will make sense - A mini White Faux Fur Coat dec. I'll either be sending it to her, or keeping it as a novelty ornament for a future tree - though mum's not so keen. At 69p, it was worth it.
I was also going to buy a shoebox size ceramic chrome/silver 'A' ornament, as it's completely the vibe I'm going for in my room, but you had to buy the whole set of 'XMAS' for $12.99 - so I passed.

As someone who dosen't need any new decorations - we have boxes of baubles, knick kancks and faux folliege - it's a lovely thing to do to find particular, slightly unique pieces, to fit into that decor niche. On the other hand. to anyone starting their from scratch - new house, new colour scheme - you can find it all cut price, if you're willing to sacrifice a little loft space, for that bit longer.
Without evoking to many Christmas blues, to anyone near a Haskins nursery, bee ready to stock up for the next festive season. pardon the pun.

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