Sunday, 25 January 2015

Take Note | Accessorize to the sound of 70% off

As a jewellery everyday wearer, I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather have fewer, better quality pieces, than pretty tat that turns my skin a Shrek shade of green. That usually means higher prices, and bypassing the trend led pieces, but big savings in the long run. That is untill, 70% in nationwide Accessorize shops, and all my dream bling is at a 'how many can I fit in this basket?' price.

Offers of Bags, Lingerie, every type of jewellery under the sun - but I was in search of precious metal plated rings.
I want to get to Pirate levels of ring adorned fingers; so many so, my dad would pull out the old 'got enough hand with those rings' chesnut. Aiming for 'make a noise when I jazz hands' status - Lisa Eldridge I'mlooking at you.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Buys | Dec the Halls ext.

You know my pledge to say good bye to the Christmas posts? It's on hold.
Instead of having to wait till next year to see the results of my yearly post-christmas graden centre sale sweep - I know you were counting down the days - surprise! You now have time to follow my lead.

On the 30th December - seems someone over stocked this year - everything was 50% off. Regrettably, it's near on a month since Christmas, but I have no doubt there will still be stock. & it'll be at 'as if they're paying you' prices.
I would urge you - take this opportunity to Dec your halls for a thrifty price.

My wish list was: Star - we are still a treetopper short! & some Paw Print Baubles I sooo regreted not getting for my Aunt last year.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Thrift Finds | 5* of 2014

The highlight of my blogwork, are the Thrift Finds. The searching, the shopping, the assembling, the rambling, the feedback - always leaves me with warm fuzzies. 'It's what you do best'

Today, I want to share my favourite thrift finds of this year - Beauty & Wardrobe, well loved but not-necessarily-bought, circa 2014. Yes the prices play a part, but it's more what you get for your money, and I measure that on wears - these 10, have earnt their keep 10 fold.

Wardrobe Wonders

Denim Shirt - £3.99

- Something everyone needs - not just bloggers telling you, society is. A button-up can never be regretted, and denim is a failsafe. I found mine in the 'Scope' Charity Shop.
Mid wash denim look, chambray shirt; long enough for leggings, or as a thin jacket wanna be. I like the colour, the fit, the price - originally TOPSHOP. Only be wary of the popper problem; need I say more?
( Courtesy of last year's January Thrift Finds )

Ribbed Jumper - £3

- Navy & white stripe, modern twist on the cable knit trend most posh preppy english clothing companys are known for. At no less than £58 new instore - CrewClothing - I'm glad I overlooked the size 14 label.
Worn more than once a week, loungewear of choice, it's as good as new, and it's tempted me more than once to consider a second - full price. CrazyCharity shop 'Relate' - also spotted in tkMAXX, yet not yet in a colour/style/size I fancy.

Motel 'Zena' Dress - £2

- When confidence was high, and weather/comfortablility priorities were low, bodycon minis were just what my 1st clubbing experience ordered - and it landed on my lap on my 18th birthday. 2 years later, the smaller twin turns up in a Bootsale sweep. Price, and proven positive opinion on the style, meant I actually had to buy it.
Currently considering a career change to crop top with the help of my new sewing machine, but for now, my high neck vest LBD days have a back up.
( Courtesy of my Bootsale Thrift Finds )

White Blazer - £8

- My Oh My did I not need this, I simply wanted it. Following on from the white blazer trend I admired; lusting over the £40 highstreet options, but realising it was out of reach, just made the feeling of finding one in the chairty shop that much sweeter.
Dress Suit/Tuxedo vibe, slightly unique; with the black lapels, a little less versatile, but also more special. That, and it's part of the Zara Studio line which gets major chic credit. That you need a lot of money credit to buy instore does make me a little smug too.
( ft. in OOTD's, Saturday Night Fever & Dortie's 60th Birthday Drinks )

Cocoon Cardigan - £5.99

- Bought in Zara's 2014 Summer Sale, the unseasonal-ness hasn't stopped me wearing this to death all year.
Cocoon cardigans are some of my favourite's to throw on over any outfit - I even devoted an entire post to it here. This one is a little more substantial, with woolen aspects which don't make me itch, in a classic charcoal colour to co-ordinate with any colour/mood/shade of sweatpant.
( Courtesy of July Thrift Finds )

Mom Jeans - £2.99

- When you like the style, but resent the pricetag, check the Charity Shops. Case and point^.
Mom jeans are the comfy yet flattering alternative to my uniform of skinny jeans. Sunday's are not for skinny jeans, and this hyped by many, is a stylish/suitable significant opposite; weekend special, that's weaseled it's way into the weekday aswell. Also managed to find some that weren't constricting/fit/style/isn't hindered by my thighs. Surprising.
( Courtesy of my Post-Exam Thrift Finds, ft. in subsequent OOTD, Momager )

Duffle Coat £4

- A reliable, winter withstandable, Black Duffle Coat. This Topshop basic came in at the same price of Dry Cleaning, miniscule £4, from St.Catherines Hospice. For a coat! It's hard to find simlair for 10 times that price new - & it's hood merits meant, I had a relevant excuse & space for it in my ever growing coatdrobe.
The newest, but no less valued thrift find to make the cut.
( Courtesy of my November Thrift Finds )

Beauty Bunches

Wet'n'Wild 8 Pan Palettes - £6.69 each

- Hallelujah for Amazon stocking American makeup - sings every blogger who's only got as far as american blogger photos. Before now. I want to give a massive thankyou to DD & Jeremy (Aunt & Uncle) for gifting me all three for my 20th birthday - spot on and so generous.
The quality, price, amount of product, and sheer variety, mean these palettes bypass that of all I've seen in highstreets here. There are sadly a few dud shades - Review sure to pop up soon to keep you in the know - but this is a slice of cake I definitely want more of.
( First spotted in my 20th Birthday Recap )

Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipsticks - £2 each

- Though I'm not a lip product lover, I'm sure it would be some sort of crime to the beauty blogger community if I didn't pledge my allegiance to atleast one line of lipsticks. Simply the number of them in my collection speaks volumes. Formula line that ticks all the boxes - colour range, application, wear and price. I've collected all of mine through The Factory shop; prices '£2' per pout paint' has meant I've been able to experiment with different colours, without the guilt of it not working for me/not using it. £5.49 each for current stock in Highstreet Stores, varying prices on Amazon/eBay etc. make these thrifty/great valuable for anyone,  even those who don't have access to The Factory Shop or shops alike.
Their Matte (red tubes), not flat texture, is my personal preference for upkeep alone - always eligible to gloss on top - but I would recommend them both. In any colour in the rainbow, who said blue lipstick couldn't be fierce?
My collection has grown since my Review, so here are subsequent Swatches.
Various Colours ft. in: Colour Edits Orange Offerings & Be Loving Burgundy5* of Beauty 2014First Impression Review & subsequent First Impression Roundup, Makeup Mixing, OOTD/FOTD's, The Inverted Twiggy/CompetitionGreyScaleFriday 13th & my FAV 'Bem Feito Brazil', in honour of the 2014 World Cup )
Well loved and AmBlogged as you can see.

nails inc Polishes - £2 - £5

- My nails have been spoiled this year, by bargain, but quality polishes from no other than blogger aclaimed nails inc. For good reason. I now see the logic of freebies by magazine, because frankly, nothing quite matches my manis with these polishes.
Opaque, long lasting, and in colours I continue to wear all year round. At £5 for a set of - 8 minis, 1 full sized bottle - in clearance from boots, and £2 per Christmas Glamour exclusive shade, you get more than what you pay for. I am so hooked I bought 4 copies of the same magazine, 2 years in a row; the funny looks in newsagents be worth it.

Savings. Style. Sucess.
The Thrift gods have been looking down on me - touch wood/rain dance/pray that it continues.

> Watch out for some SERIOUSLY good thrift finds coming soon.
> Sorry for the darkness of these photos - I spent one weekend setting up photos/swatches of all 12 days of Christmas posts (bar life) and these were at the bottom of that list - ended up with the bad side of the light. But I think the items show pretty true - whether you could HD it, is another story.
> I've included Relevant Links to places these products have popped up before on my blog, encase this thrift fix wasn't enough.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Review | Smashbox 'Always Sharp' Kohl Liner

That old hollywood glam liquid liner look, will never go out of style. My patience with it, will, so an alternative?
Brown pencil. More forgiving to mishaps, less harsh on us paler skined lasses, and a way of switching out from glam to sultry, simply with a switch of shade.

My search began when I found this Smashbox 'Always Sharp Liner' in the clearance section of a Boots - who knew they sold Smashbox? Colour 'Sumatra', cost me £4 instead of the original £16. Though £12.99 in Amazon? Hmm. Interesting.
Intreged by the 'Always Sharp' claim? Makes 2.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Nails | Dupe? 2014's Finest

Earlier in the year, I crowned Sinful colors 'Mauve' (ironically not at all mauve) as my 'If I Could Only Wear One Polish' - a statement I still stand by. But another I've fallen for, and have had consistently on my nails in 2014, is something of a new discovery.

Nails inc 'Sao Paulo Streets', freebie with a magazine (InStyle) my mum surprised me with. Nude, but not of the flesh tone variety; Flesh, a word I would put in room 101. Neutral, cool toned, cement chic. & opaque - full colour with one layer. Barry M's 'Almond' being, a convincing twin - not quite a match for the Nails inc formula, but thankfully also not limited edition.
It's one of those looks good on anyone, for any occasion, if you aren't the french manicure type/or have that kind of time.

Dupe is a questionable word in the beauty world, but I am always after the next best thing, for the next best price.
Although no 2 products can be exactly the same, I think it is worth mentioning similarities between them, and sharing your discoveries.

Sao Paulo (nails inc) V Almond (Barry M)
Texture is thicker with nails inc, which reflects in the ability to pull of just the one layer. This has no effect on the longevity - I hail a week for both. Colour is a hair deeper with 'Almond', though both are as similair, smooth and glossy as the other, on the nails. Price is interesting - 10ml Sao Paulo Streets £4, 10ml Almond £3.99 - but nails inc was a promotion, and only the Barry M is available in the shops.

I'll let the dupe conclusion speak for itself, & dare you to pick out the few fingers where I used the Barry M clone.

This festive season, Barry M's 'Yellow Topaz Glitter' has added both sparkle and warmth to this muted mani, either by gradient or on accent nails like today. It really makes you look at your nails and think, you're looking gooood today.
*White Van Man Honks*

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Outfit | Wax Work

Saturday 15th November 2014

No I'm not announcing my unveiling in Madame Tussaud's - Today's Outfit is baby steps towards resolution no.7, 'look good in leather trousers', ft The Waxed/Coated Jean.
Newlook's offering; I took a punt with these, as I've had the size/brand before, and they've fit well. These? Not the most flattering fit; they're skinny, but not so that they give a slimming effect. With this type of trend, it's the wrong side of tight; they lie with wrinkles, and need a belt - for the size of my thighs, that is an unflattering issue. On the plus side, the fit is sacrificed for comfort boost, whereas with other similair jeans (H&M I'm looking at you) it was like getting into a wetsuit.
My main issue in the search for coated jeans, was I couldn't find any that were truly black. Like an aging black jean, or drying liquid liner, they were always chacoal grey or near on blue. I still have that issue. The textured effect though, is understated, makes you look twice, and I really enjoy it. I guess in a round about way I'm trying to say, I wear them, like them, but wouldn't necessarily recommend this particular pair - though the look is one I give a thumbs up.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas Gifts 2014

Having enjoyed reading other bloggers 'What I Got For Christmas' last year, it's a post I definitely wanted to follow on into an AmBlog tradition. Today, 2014 edition.
For the curious/nosey of you out there, and to say a HUGE internet thankyou to my family and friends for such generous and thoughtful gifts. Oh and Santa, if he's out there reading. Christmas is not about presents, but it is a perk of the job.

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