Wednesday, 30 December 2015


2015 edition

So this is Christmas. And what have you done?
Lennon look no further - post of c-day has just beguuuun

Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Gifts 2015

Having enjoyed reading other bloggers 'What I Got For Christmas', it's a post I definitely wanted to follow on into an AmBlog tradition. Today, 2015 edition.
For the curious of you out there, and to say a HUGE internet, heartfelt thankyou to my family and friends, for such generous and thoughtful gifts. Oh and to Santa(s) for the stocking, if he's/they're out there listening.

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Face & Outfit | Beading Love

Christmas Face & Outfit ft.Cracker Hat 
Saturday 25th December 2015

For once Micheal Mcnityre, you're wrong, as the contents of my cracker will not be wasted - in my yearly Christmasssy OOTD, featuring the crowing glory (pun).

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Drop Price Decs

Another sign of of my old elf age, is taking pride in the house, and that adorning it with christmas chic and sh*t, gets me excited. Too frugle for new displays every year (who do??), but it's nice to add in a few bits here and there.
Be you begginer, or adder-in-er, decorating doesn't have to cost am arm and a turkey leg.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Thrifty Little Gifts

You'd think that getting older would mean 'little helper' duties were past tense - turns out in the Smith Family household, that it's when you come of age, that you contribute to Santa's stockings - & it excites me more than Will Ferrell him-s-elf.

Not extravagance, expense, or extence - all about opening the day with small things, that make you smile. Everyone gets one; I question those who say it's just for kids, and I almost want to make some up for those who've never had them atall. We delegate 5 per person (ish), from every adult, so my younger brother often ends up with a whopping 25 gifts! No longer just tat, it's a real treat, but it is a feat.
Who what where when, now - Family members face away - as suggestions for those pre prepared, and unprepared. My sample selection of not just silly ideas, that I'll wrap and put in a stocking - or send as a token gift.

This is one of my main contributions to the day, so I've spent about £10 on each person. I usj stock pile for a stocking - I understand this late in the game, could be mayhem - but here's how to fill, the thrifty way.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Life | Christmas Market 2015

Saturday 21st November 2015

Our local church St. Marys, got in early, and had a Christmas market before December had even begun. This was the start of the festive season for me - Christmas was close enough to surround yourself with tinsel and topical musical, but far enough away that I wouldn't worry about how few christmas presents I had compiled. This trip was to spend an hour or so out of the house, peruse, be a bit upper in the market, and soak in some christmas spirit. Or drink it, one or the other.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Thoughts | Culottes Conclusion

Outside my comfort zone, in Culottes. This past week's OOTD's, sees me wear my £3 per pair, to see if they are for me.
What (goes with), Where (to wear - different clothing situations), Why (low price, low risk).
Make it work? Wanted to. 3 looks coming at you.

See the Culottes and other clothes, in colour, over at my Culottes 3 Ways Outfit Posts - SmartSlouchySuit respectively. A few sneak peaks of me looking anywhere but the camera ^

Friday, 13 November 2015

Outfit | Culottes - Suit

Calling all culotte lovers. 3 hues, 3 ways, in 3 days.
Lastly, Smart - with the if in doubt, buy the black pair, of Culottes.

Probably the most widely papped, and pipped as my favoured pair of the three. How predictable.
Black simply makes culottes classicThey look purposeful - not just short in length, not disguised as a skirt - THIS IS ME - see? Black may be bad for the originality, but it is good for the wardrobe.
Seem's so is Primark, since this outfit is solely primark purchases; some old, some new, some second hand. All grand.

For a some what smart style, a somewhat suit - culotte co-ord (without the crop), that's corporate appropriate.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Outfit | Culottes - Smart

Calling all culotte lovers. 3 hues, 3 ways, in 3 days.
Today, Smart Casual - with the most complimentary to my colour palette, navy pair of Culottes.

Pet peeve - they don't have pockets. Not only is that impractical but makes me feel a right prat when I try to pose. Awkwardness aside, the navy pair should never be ignored. For paler skinned/haired/anyone who wants a less harsh than black contrast, I've always looked to navy. Since my old school uniform featured a pleated skirt in said hue, a conventional blouse just would have been too.. still at school. 

Luckily, wrap shirts are the epitome of swish, with the bonus of slouch. Asda supplied me with a cotton and covered counterpart to my beloved chiffon version. Grown up range, and size. No teacher induced tuck necessary.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Outfit | Culottes - Slouchy

Calling all culotte lovers. 3 hues, 3 ways, in 3 days.
Firstly, Casual - with the stand out, patterned pair of Culottes.

Artistic Ink chromatography, meets monochrome leopard print; keeping that safari theme going beyond summer. I like patterned trousers, just not pale - or I look like a whale - even if white jeans are in my dreams, the result/real life result would be more like nightmare. I would typically pick the patterned (and not pale) for fancy, but it actually turned out to be the most old fashioned midi skirt looking, as the short's split wasn't so obvious. Vintage style is not my thing, so I attempted to tone it down with my other wears.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Thrift Finds | Culottes

Back in August I stumbled across sale Culottes.
Loose shorts, I like; 3/4? A leg and arm length I never consider flattering. Sometimes you've been so drilled into 'this is a no go' mindset (not that that should matter), it's hard to shake out of it when society changes their mind. I will make acceptations for crazes, that I can't initially see myself in, that promise comfort; just, moving midi skirts are as close as I've been before, and I didn't come back for more. Hence not a clothing item that was calling my name in it's hayday.
But, seeing so many people looking so stylish in them; when they're fashionable, and found at 3 pounds..

...When before I'd been too timid to try them, price was the push.

Saturday, 31 October 2015


Unfortunately, this is not a post about chocolate.Though I won't rule that out in the future
This is about a print that is out of this world, that I'm hoping will take me with it. As more of a fan of artistry, than the scary, galaxy is what grabbed me for this year's halloween.

Product List, face paint, colourful powder shadow palette, and patience at the ready, we're going all galactic.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Galaxy Goods

Feeling creative. Free time? Will only end in Face paint.
Whether you're staying in, going out - interested in dressing up, or just fancy indulging in makeup makeover post - watch this space.

Warning, Pun.
I've put the product list up pre post to tease ya tastebuds, or so, by some wild stretch of the imagination, you dig my idea and want to create it for tonight, that you've got prep time. All this popular print needs is a few products, and a bit of perseverance

Tools Tips, to make me up

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Outfit | On Wednesday's We Wear Pale Pink

 (originally Wednesday 13th May 2015) > Wednesday 28th October 2015
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It's Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I'm sure everyone here, has been in some way affected, by this disease. I'm incredibly proud of us as humans, with how we conquer, and combat cancer - with an aim to eradicate deaths from this type, by 2050. Help make it happen. Not just wednesday's, or last friday (Oct23rd) - all month long, 'wear it pink'.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Take Note/Thrift Finds | nails inc for GLAMOUR Magazine

It's that time of year again - the turning of the leaves, brings with it the best magazine freebie I've ever found - the nails inc for Glamour mag collab - perfect Polishes, disguised as fall/festive freebies. I quaff whenever they say, 'which one will you get?' All friggin 4. & if there were other colours, I would buy more. 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

#weartherose response

Oh, my, O, 2 - Only gone and got my #weartherose entry, projected on the arena roof during yesterday's ENG game!

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Face | #WearTheRose Campaign

How have we not been shouting from the rooftops that we're hosting the Rugby World Cup?
The 6 nations is always a big block of 'I'm busy' on my calender, and I feel such pride, excitement (and little disappointment at the lack of advertising), that the rugby world cup is being held here. As much as I enjoy sport, watching or playing, there's something about England and Rugby, that gets me all pent up and patriotic.

Sadly live viewing is out of price, and wellness, reach, but I can definitely still shout and celebrate like the best of them, just in the comfort of my own home.

I came across this o2 campaign via Instagram, about sharing your support for the English rugby team, and how you wear your rose; chance to win a team signed jersey challenge acceptedCurrently ENG rugby kit-less, I had to be crafty with my entry; my unconventional #weartherose, was with makeup.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Post in Progress - #weartherose

ENG v AUSTRALIA, 8pm, be there, or be blogging - I've decided to be there.

Instagram readers and FB friends may have noticed my much loved, mood makeup for last weeks mammoth match against Wales, well: I've documented, noted, and started to sort it. In my quest for perfection, unfortunately, it won't be ready in time for today's match. For now, sorry the post is still in progress.
A fruitfull, (not sure how useful), how to, will be up by the next ((yn) not last) ENG match this coming Saturday. Know that a lot of blood-red lipstick, sweat and tears went into it, but it's stressing out my saturday (maybe it's game days nerves) and I'm admitting defeat.
Thankfully England won't do the same, #comeonengland #weartherose

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Thrift Finds | Jeans for Genes

#JeansForGenes; if you hadn't already caught it, I am up for the cause!
Couldn't order my limited edition t-shirt (out of stock) but in the meantime, will be sticking to the slogan, and wearing my jeans. It was the perfect excuse to go and source a new pair - 1 guess?, courtesy of the charity shop. The Jean genie did not not disappoint.

Which Jean?
> Johdpur denim, jenim, bought because they are Zara - slap on the wrist, bad brand buyer. Not sure why, but the texture/wash reminds me of granny pants. Not rich, can't decide whether it's a slim, skinny or straight leg. I feel like I've aged. Maybe not pretty, but practical?
I already own a pair (blue H&M, November thrift finds) that I struggle to wear because they just won't stay up! These hips can't lie, they can't keep up any not-elastine-enough leggings. Sit mid to high rise, you feel somewhat sucked in; yet, despite being thick, these stretch with zip side fly do not work for me, would be constantly pulling them up.
Why buy another when I don't wear the current. £4.50 - returned.

> I often see, second hand 'Leighs' (the classic skinny TOPSHOP style), but worse for wear. The condition, and my ideal true blue denim wash, is what won me over this time. Found in 'The Children's Society' men's section - check all areas - at £4.99.
I appreciate the stretch comfort wise. Good fit in the leg, though a little rippling - which not unlike with baggy tights - is not cute; unfortunately, it is to be expected with thinner jeans, unless your body fat is below zero. Bought in mind for today, and times that call for comfy and cool clothing. Aka charity shop shifts.
My hesitation; at Waist30, body section is a bit big. Quite a bit of give on the waist band and front 3 pocket zip fly setup. My waist and especially hips, are way out of proportion with my legs, so I have to compromise on something with conventional sizes. Fitting the thighs in is obviously the priority.
Does it look like a massive nappy, or can I make it work?

> Being so used to skinny fit, I'm somewhat scared of slouchy jeans. My mind classed them as outdated. A theory? What slouchy jeans (supposedly) lose in a conventionally flattering shape, make up in comfort. Though I have yet to experience that. Spurred on by the southern sweetheart (LisaLisaD1 - who continuously wears them so well) that they can in fact have the best of both, I grabbed when I saw one of her recommendations in stock - the 'sexy boyfriend' from GAP. My size, I approved the texture/wash - even liked the scrunched fading that is far from aging (an unflattering effect with older, skinny counterparts). Overall, appreciated of the piece for the price.
Amidst this try on session, it clicked! Tapered leg jeans have all the frame of joggers, just in denim, a material you can't doubt.'sThis pairs advantage, especially sandwiched between the other 2, they felt like butter. We have a winner.

Turns out this time Charity Shop, in the words of Miss Dolittle, I really don't like your skinny jeans; but faulty jeans, are a lot easier to deal with than faulty genes.
I, by way of these posts, & a donation to match the Jeans(ForGenes) I wore on the day, hope I have helped in some way.
Hands up who's wearing jeans right now? You can still donate, at

For Genes.

Cami - Tesco
Boyfriend Jeans - Gap, via 'St Catherine's Hospice' Charityshop
Denim Jacket - Dorothy Perkins, via CarBoot
Slides - Primark
Na Makeup

To go with my homemade Jeans for Genes factfile and fundraising promotion; OOTD, thrift finds and review. Supporting good causes all at the same time (Gentics UK, CharityShops and my wardrobe included)

I had planned this post, but after reading through the handful of children's stories online, talking about jeans seemed so insignificant. But, that is the beauty of a campaign like this. Picking something small to get people talking about something big. Reading up on the cause, or wearing jeans today and paying £2 pounds for the privilege may seem insignificant, but it can make a significant difference. Charities do a lot with your money, not just with combating but coping. Jeans for Genes is a fabulous example of that.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Jeans for Genes

I love jeans. You'll often see me in them. Always see me searching for them. & I've done my fair share of talking about them. I take jeans very seriously.

I have genes, you'll always see me in them. When they work in harmony, is something most of us take for granted.
What if something was wrong with them? Who's offering support?
Now is the time to talk about them. We should take genes more seriously.

Individually, genetic disorders are rare, but together they affect 1 in 25 children born in the UK. Not only is that a horribly high percentage, but due to the random nature of these disorders - often completely polar to each other - each child has such a diverse set of needs. There are between 4,000 and 6,000 diagnosed genetic disorders: from physical deformities, to learning difficulties, to dizzyingly complex disorders, with effects on how the body works that wouldn't be out of place in a nightmares imagination. It's amazing how such a small out of sync, can have such a catastrophic effect. Some genetic disorders are apparent at birth while others are diagnosed at different stages throughout childhood, and sometimes into adulthood - but the effects are mostly perminant and incurable.
Jeans for genes, is themovement to promote genetic awareness - a fundraising day asking people to show their support, and wear jeans, for genes.

The money raised on Jeans for Genes Day - September the 18th - funds a range of initiatives that improve the quality of life, of children and their families, affected by loosing the genetic lottery - who by the nature of the beast, often feel misunderstood and alone. From building simple structures such as websites with a wealth of knowledge, to campaigning for urgently needed infrastructure, offering options to improve the lives of those whose health can't be improved. Other social support such as introducing resources to schools, uniting families with the help of support groups - the real experts, with a unique empathy and understanding. Time, education and compassion. All help with the gift of independence, to both families and children (which through my, all be it very different personal experience, can really see the value in). Safe guarding and guiding a future, that may seem daunting when you live day to day. The charity helps to build layers of support that these people thoroughly deserve.
It's easy to look to the charities that can offer a cure. But the capacity to cope, thrive, living their lives to the fullest, can be just as valuable a gift.

The main (and way I found out about the campaign) involves merchandise- the limited edition t-shirt which I intend to indulge in is unfortunately sold out atm. Like the jeans, I would wear this shirt anyday!
Any amount of fundraising, makesure you're doing it all in jeans. 

See why and what pair I decided on, in a Thrift Finds - Jeans For Genes special - coming Sunday (20/9/2015). Sneak peak on my IG.

Disclaimer - I'm a thrifty blogger, who has taken interest in promoting a cause. I took great care in writing this post; all information has been researched, but if I have got it wrong or offended in some way, I am deeply sorry. What I have written is placed purely for support. It's hard to talk about a subject like this without describing someone as their illness rather than someone with an illness, but I didn't want to misrepresent anyone or anything to do with the charity by quoting real stories. & I am lucky to not have a personal story to share. I URGE you to take ten minutes to read up a bit on the website. I am bewildered reading through their read our stories section, just how diverse the range of difficulties can be, & always amazed at the heightened ability to smile during diversity.
I hope the results of today's campaign will continue, to help them to keep smiling.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Outfit | Daisy Chain

May 22nd 2015

Magic turnt 6! She's practically a lady. Yet, always my puppy. Be rude not too have her star in said day's OOTD - The doggy devotion never ends.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Blogging Backwards / Back In My Blog

September, the month where everyone gets back to business, and that includes me.
My health is on a steady slump; these past 6 months I have been struggling more than managing, so planning, taking, constructing posts has been, unmanagable. No one was in the AmBlog office. Yet, my blog brain has been ticking over; I probably have near on 100 posts of semi content - photos sitting unsorted and words un written (luckily I have a pile of, and iphone list, crammed full of notes). I'm even contemplating a blog rebrand - I know, big decision whether to waste more lipstick.

5 month old birthday beats, features for new makeup that is now closer to pan, a photodiary that could do with a dust. Very whittled down preview boards above and below - Yes, that is Central Perk. These are all things I still want to share.
When I can, I still want to name it, frame it, document it, even if it is, a bit past it's sell by date. I hope, you will still sit back and enjoy, the back to front world my blog is living - back in my day, meets blogging. Get excited, or I will.
I will anyway. You'll know by the mere to mermaid hair-volution which way the sun is setting.

I'm disappointed, but tomorrow is always another publish possibility.
All my love to those who continue to support, read, and will me to succeed.

> Feels quite reminiscent of my very first post! Though nearly 2 years later experience has settled me, and this one didn't take 50 takes. Just a lot of bloody patience, photo collage with paint is no joke!
> Instagram is a good place to see more upto date me - @ambloguk. Addicted to the #charityshop

Thursday, 27 August 2015

National Dog Day

Thursday 27th August 2015
Dogs are the best - feel free to quote me. They're always pleased to see you, don't judge you, and unconditionally love you. They deserve a day. Everyone should be more dog.
My Maj(Magic)-oration goes back 6 years, but made it's first blog appearance back in the first week of publishing - with a slap dash video, devoted to my dog and her mad antics.
Categorized - you've been framed, meets admiration montage. Disclaimer - You can't train this talent! Teaser - we would all be rich if doggy football was a thing.
It really is worth a watch, animals do the funniest things, and dog lovers.

I've grown up with dogs, and my life plan continues to.
Canine is one of the best kind of companions - Maj can be my only escape during the week, and have a massive effect on my mood - even if cuddles do come with mud, fur, and doggy breathe kisses, I owe her alot. She see's me, not my M.E; & I, will continue to aspire to be, what my dog thinks of me. 


> Yes way back when, I dyed my hair Brown
> Coat, Cami, Jeans, all Chairty Shop.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Thrifting Appreciation

17th of August is 'National thriftshop day' in the U S of A
What else would I do? than spend sometime thrifting, hand in my own volunteering application, then blog about it.
Cue first day of school meets cheesy certificate photo.

'So, Alison?'
- Er, that's actually my reference.

'Are you doing your D of E?'
- aha no, I'm 21

'Let's start again - free anytime this week?'
Easily made mistakes aside, she seemed very friendly, understanding of my limitations, and keen to show me the ropes. Look forward to it :)

'What is Thrifting?'
Literally meaning - using money and other resources carefully, and not wastefully - you may recognize, through Macklemore's hit song 'thriftshop'. In the US, it's the adopted term for all things second hand clothing shopping. Some for charities, other's for business - all for profit - but at a fraction of retail price. Over here, the closest sisters are charity shops (my no.1), but I also rally around bootsales/discount stores/eBay/Sales/all forms of spending, while saving. Sometimes selling too.
Though the world of second hand clothing is nowhere near as big here in the UK, it's a steady constant, and there's a growing army of people who preach the thrifting movement. One of those being me. Whether that be through lifestyle, eco, techno, or bounty, just being clever with your money is something anyone would value.
A designated day? Maybe it's just an American marketing strategy. Like valentines.
But it does give me another excuse to talk about my passion. & plug the #charityshop and #thrift hashtags I just can't stop scrolling through.

'Why Thrifting'
- We've always been a thrifty family, attracted to sales/bargains, and I've been brought up to value my money; as someone who currently can't work, I also need to be very careful with it. 
- It's one of my Happy Places - visiting a few charity shops/discount stores/bootsales, as a designated trip during the week, is both health doable. and enjoyable. Grownup Treasurehunt.
- I no longer feel guilty indulging in shopping. I get a lot more for my money, and much more of it - quality AND quantity. Spending on a small scale, majority being charitable donations, or with a buy to sell capacity; a way to earn some money.
- It has given me independence - can manage my own money - relying less on my parents, which is a little victory.
- Though it will help future me's, CV - Volunteering will give me a sense of purpose, doing something meaningful. A outlet to help others (touch wood) that can fit with my M.E status (touches lots more wood).

To skeptics - I myself am guilty of previous prejudice and embarrassment over charityshops. I want to go back and flick that foolish Amber in the face. She was the one missing out.
I don't feel like I'm sacrificing anything going second hand. Donating, spending yet saving, guiltless endulgence on one of a kind, OR seen elsewhere on the Highstreet stock. Yes, it has it's limitations; No, not everything will be good, but all I remember are the great. To those who say. 'Stop gushing it's only cheap shopping'. Small things can make the biggest difference, and I would urge you to give it a try. Whether a buyer or donator, I thrift salute you.
Come Friday, I take on Vonteerer; save a thrifty thought for me

Let's just address the elephant in the room; and yes I am talking about myself, with said elephant hue, in my natural habitat. I am wearing clothes under my coat. Not the first impression I wanted to start with. Or end with really. In hindsight I would have made that more obvious.
I'll be sharing this honurable, but honestly 80% usual, all Chairty Shop/Thrifted OOTD soon, as a little inspo of what's possible.
Need some more convincing? Have a nosey through my monthly thriftfinds (that I will keep updating) or head over to thriftersannonymous or paulcantu YT Channels.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Take Note | International Red Shoe Day

The 25th of July has been pledged as 'International Red Shoe' day - A day of Remembrance, for those lost to Invisible Illnesses. Not only are lives (like mine) put on hold, but other's are lost entirely, to underfunded, underrecognised conditions, that people all around the world put up with, invisibly. Today we remove that invisibilty cloak, with shoes. Symbolic, Supportive shoes, to share awareness, and celebrate the lives of those lost.

The Dream v The Reality

You May think, silly? Insignificant? But, I believe in butterflies wings. It's a simple way, for even the most unable, to pledge some support to this cause. I was due to do to honour it in an OOTD post (ft these thrifted beauties), from a 21st do tonight, but ironically I'm not well enough. So PJS it is; but I have swapped my summer slippers for said colour sandals, even if I only stood up in them to take a few photos.
& I urge you, to get you Dorothy on too - are you a stiletto or shoe?

Shoes to strut/sit in, and a smile that says someday things will change

To Quote cover poem
..For all those still suffering, and all who are gone,
This army of red shoes will keep marching on
And maybe someday we will see on the news
That the whole world now knows why, we wear our red shoes.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Beauty | Lip Lineup

Sun, Sea, Sand and Crete are calling my name, & our 2 week summer romance starts now, in the planning.
Organisation fiends unite! With a 20kg luggage limit and an extended stay to look forward to, I've had to be crafty with my packing - 1 of which is making the most of my lipsticks.

With comfort, beach and versitile atire having priority, it hasn't left much scope for 'evening wear' - aka, rinse some of that chlorine out of the hair, fight against sand encroaching every item you own (like shoveling snow when it's still snowing), and be somewhat smart. My transaction from light to night, will not be marked with a stiletto, but a slick of lipstick. They're light, take up little space and completely transform my pile of useful, but slightly unsparkly day wear, to play wear, even with limited other makeup. The power of lipstick.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Dortie's 6 0 : The Dress

17th June 2014
Meadow Kimono

Stuck in a special occasion, suitably conservative style rutt? As was I, so I looked to a pal for inspiration, and shopped her wardrobe. Sometimes it's the not the new, but sharing the old, that can add spice to your style. & that my friend, is brain blabber I pledge as my new thrift quote.

Dortie's 6 0 : D-Day

It's now been a whole year since someone I know hit the big Six Owh - but photos never age, and these memories still deserve some time in the AmBlog spot light. Although my talk through may have got a little rusty, I'm determined to not let it gather dust in the next 60.

So happy 61st Aunty Dortie! & I here's to one hell of a hiatus between sharing last years hurrah. ^ hard to tell how you felt about it

Dortie's 6 0 : The Decor & Delectibles

Summer sixtieth, criteria; 'not much fuss', after all, you're only 30 twice.
That much fuss thing, equates to 3 posts, all to be published today (fingers crossed) 'The Decor and Delectables' (aka grub) 'The Day' ( the life' photos) 'The Dress' (what I wore) - from D-Day, Dortie's Birthday.

On the 17th June 2014, The Smith family threw a semi suprise lunch in the sun.
Semi, in that we asked her to lunch. Surprise, in that the further afield family flocked down. & we had staff! In the form of family friend Jos, and his catering college companion Lois, cooking up a meal Michelin starred chefs would be proud of. With washing up skills that anybody would be greatful for.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Face | Colour Colour Colour Colour Colour Chameleeee-on

To celebrate the vision, that is Eurovision - and revel in the yes vote carrying in Ireland! I've covered myself in colour.

Double the celebration, double the Amber

Reached for the most colourful concoction I could manage - Collection of shadow shades courtesy of the Cargo Barcelona palette - why use one? When you can used a whole quad of colours.

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