Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Wardrobe | 5* of 2014

2014 Wardrobe Favourites // 12 Days of Christmas, Day 11
Time to take a trip down memory lane to the 5 wardrobe essentials, circa 2014, that truly rocked my socks off.
/ The items I repeat within a week.
/ The Shortlist of the items I repeat within a week.

The Stripe Shirt - RI, £10.
RI Sale steal, this t-shirt has all my loves in one - Stripe, Slouch, within my favourite Fine knit fabric. Flattering V-neck and 3/4 length sleeve, make it the perfect 'whatever the weather' and 'whatever happens that day' top.
If only there had been 2.

The White Shirt - M&Co, £10
A no brainer for Men and Women all over the world, whatever the way of life. This one is the one for me - particularly flattering due to the wrapped style, dip hem, and slouchy chiffon - I love it equally in my size 8 and size 16. It's reliably chic with jeans, or jazzed up, come spring summer autumn winter.

The Stripe Dress - Primark, £13
Cotton Cami Swing dress with spagetti straps, my highlight of the Primark Spring/Summer 2014 collection. A style that compliments any silhouette; I love the simplicity, black backdrop, and that it can be equally seasonal, depending on your 'layerzzz'(said in donkey's voice). My only gripe is the size - I could only find a 6 & 8, which both corset like constrict my chest - but fashion can be pain, and frankly its flattering marks make it worth it.

The Not Denim Jean - Esprit, £9.90
Unique, subdued, violetty blue colour. Virtues include: velvety to the touch, jegging mix, fit well and properly skinny, whilst remaining comfortable - a job jeans struggle with. Elastic waistband, no need for belts or food management - they're not quite the measure to sweatpants, but even Genies would struggle to grant that wish. Pardon the pun.

The Jacket - Cancer Research, £7.99 - Review here.
A newer edition to my coatdrobe, this Camel is worthy of both Thrift & Style points. & a nickname, caramel.
Cashmere credentials, longline and double breasted, make it a timeless classic for years to come - & yes you can quote me on that. A true example of the quality, current, clothing, charity shops can offer, at prices even eBay cannot match.

If fbloggers have taught me anything, is that the simple flattering staples are what makes styling effortless, build around that one piece. All fashions above follow my MO - sure to be stuck on my rail or me, not just my blog for you all to see. I also want to make the point that all 5 items from last year, are still reigning - which proves how far a piece of clothing can go when you find the right things.
Though I'll always make room for more,

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