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Thrift Finds | November 2014

The magical month, where personal purchases are still socially acceptable, and the onslaught of Christmas Shopping hasn't yet left you a quivering wreck. November is the time for Thanksgiving, and Black Friday - which is now a thing here? I dodged all of that, going straight for the Bargains both a few on the highstreet, and a few in the charity shops. But I do give thanks, to the Thrift Gods being so kind to me this month.

Beauty, Gifts & More
Undecided whether I'll be keeping these for myself, or shelving them off as gifts - either way, it's blatantly obvious that I was drawn to these colours because of the neutral tone, and their names. At £2.99 each, they don't break the bank, and Rituals is a brand I've heard murmurs of before, so I thought them worthy of the risk. A Champagne gold (Gold Fusion), and one closer to copper (Amber Gold), both are wearable and wonderful to look at. Swatches held off till I decide their fate, and whether I'll review them or not. Side note, magnetic closure are seriously satisfying, am I right?

Too Faced 'Jingle all the way' palette had my ears pricked up because that pink and gold adorned chevron packaging, was also the uniform of choice for the 'Few of my favourite things' palette, which again, had me by the name. The difference? 20 eyeshadows and 4 face powders, made this set a major incentive to splurge - to test out Too Faced products, in products I would actually wear. I didn't know you could get it in England? & ofc, I completely missed it, so seeing these mini Palettes in the beauty section, bought back all kinds of calm to my buyers regret.

I found 3 in total! I swapped the phrase to, 2 for you and 1 for me, meaning 2 lucky ladies presents were instantly in the bag. Though no spoilers as to who. Yes they look a little uninspiring, with the phone case and general size. But this brand is highly praised! & expensive. High hopes.
For more on quality, swatch/wearability, and whether that phone case really does work - watch out for my review next week. Hint, it's positive, so go straight to your local look now! £5 and a friendly nudge is worth a little faith.

Been a while since I clubbed, granny vibes, and my only clutch is pants and broken, so I looked where I rarely do, the bag box of the Charity shop. Was tempted by a cream purse, but it seemed a little small. This Dorothy Perkins does have a buckle I don't care for, but I like the colour, size, and squishy qualities, and at 50p - it was a no brainer.

A lone ranger in my local Primark, this watercolour style, multicoloured Bomber Jacket just made me think MUM. Now I'm pretty certain she doesn't read my blog, so I don't mind divulging before Christmas comes. She already has a bomber she loves, but the bright blues and soft smudge floral design is one I think she will love. No Tag, so they sold it to me for £7. I've since found a necklace to match, which makes for a lovely present. She is the easiest to buy for; maybe it's not seasonal, but why buy them a Christmas jumper when they can't wear it past the very day?

99p badges from Card Factory that I planned to switch from 12 to 21 in the middle Rach's 21st night. ha. Because of the age they were actually aimed at, for safety reasons, they didn't have safety pins - Oh the irony! So, she had no-way to wear them, and it ended up a waste of money! Kudos to the cashier though, who prompted my pick of 'I'm 2', '1 today', so it actually made sense. I appreciate that.

Random one - Puzzles, gems of the charity shop shelves. Though do check all the pieces are included. They majorly drop down in price compared to RRP, and often kids get bored after they've made it once. I picked to of my childhood classics, and hopefully that love'll rub off on my cousins too. £1.50 for both

I seem to be spoling the bottom half of my wardrobe this November - out with the bright colours and thin materials of Summer? Ish. In with the winter comfort? Absolutely.
All relevant items will feature in my aptly named, 'Bottoms up' Series, which will be continuing in the new year, as my post scedule is full from now till nomore 2014. OOTDs, built around these particular pieces - and more info on them to follow. But for today, it's more of a thrifty catalog - with prices and places.

Kalidescope skirt - try spelling that without help. Beautiful isn't it? An example of something you would never find if you were looking. Cotton pencil skirt, the eye catching design and Zara Basics Tag caught my eye - I want to live solely in that collection. Fits snug, Zip closure is sound and comfortable, wearable for many an occasion. My skirt selection is lacking, and I've regretted not buying them from charity shops in the past, because I thought 'I wasn't that kind of girl'. But I've swayed, and this was a yes.

J Crew pixie pants/Zara zip legging wannabe in a muted blue form - a kind of Jodpur setup, thick 'legging' material. Passable as trousers, H&M.

The risk of the group, I couldn't quite settle my eyes, as these stripes have all kinds of optical illusion qualities. A 'dress pant' they fit me, insanely well. Whether they look good is a different matter. I do not know how to wear them, but I simply couldn't leave them behind - maybe I was hypnotised. Tags removed so no brand suggestion.

American Apparel Mens Sweatshirt. Seemed a worthy staple; loose fit on me - M. Beigey cream, with a thick scarf and jeans, I think we may have something. For the quality you canna beat the price.
Each £4.95. RED CROSS marks the spot.

Now these are a legging made to look like jeans, pockets and zip fly in tow. They include swede effect quilting down the side, in the ever flattering black. Great condition, Zara Basic, seeing a theme? £4.

Coated Jeans is my answer to dipping a toe in the leather look. Was originally going to buy some from H&M, hello 20% off Glamour bonus, but they were infact a reaaaally deep blue - and I wanted black. An Ebay bid later, and these Yes/No brand version, originally Newlook, were mine. £2.99.

Marble Joggers - Highstreet Sale Purchase, I've eyeballed these since I saw someone rocking them - thinking how stylish, but down right loungeable they were. Went into the Topshop Sale, but online I find it harder to bite the bullet. VERY pleased with these, Mum's also been eyeing them up. £20, up there in price for an AmBlog thrift find.

Can't quite eclipse the beauty of the Camel coat, but it can beat the price. I have no black coats, no hooded coat - this being thick and Duffle style, fitted perfectly into the no room on our coat rack - just aswell, causes me to constantly wear it. £4. Yeap that's right, £4. Same price per dry cleaning, as you get a deal with taking 4 items.
Both Topshop, different ends of the price spectrum.

Primark basics. Christmassy Pyjama bottoms, another pair or trackies - somewhat day appropriate, if I wanted them to be - 3 Fine knits - in Black, Navy, and Dark Grey - all of which I had none of (my fine knit obsession is mainly associated with cream). They have that centre exposed seam I enjoy so much, seriously soft, and all £6 each. Many other colours, I just stuck with neutral, and colours I could justify.

Sale Rail in TKMAXX also housed these rip knee jeans. Mid rise, supersoft stretch, pale blue in tone. £5. The rips come up at completely the wrong place, probably why they were on super sale, so I thought I would work some DIY magic on them and finally, fully, embrace a truly distressed jean. Wish me luck.

In conc.
Fine knits, old news. Makeup collections from last year, important news. Patterns, breaking news.

Links to 'Bottoms Up' series of Outfits for the clothes ala Amber
Outfit | Kalidescope
more to come.

May everyone be Merry with Thrift Finds of their own,

> As Thrift Finds would suggest, I only include bargain/sale/deals items.
 Sound of Music is the best film ever made, ever.

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