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Review | Too Faced 'Jingle all the Way' Palette

Too Faced 'Jingle all the Way' Palette Review // 12 Days of Christmas, Day 4

Sephora exclusive, 2 words an English Girl never wants to hear. Apparently, it did once live in the UK, but nomore, and unless you're willing to spend $75 in one go, shipping is extortionate. Gloom.
Turned to Christmas Cheer. The Sephora Gods are looking down on me this gift giving season, and spread their seed to TKMaxx's far and wide, with the Too Faced 'Jingle all the Way' Palette release.

A product from Too Faced's Festive range 2013, this was the mini me to the 'A few of my favourite things' Palette I so wanted. 1/6 of that size, it boasts all powder products - 11 eyeshadows, and 2 face products - housed in the space of an Iphone 5 case. How do I know? Decorative phone case is part of the package.
You could be forgiven for mistaking this for some tit for tat Claires whipped up. Tacky, often below par quality, gimicky - to appeal to the market. But here you're wrong; maybe that disguise is the reason I scored 3.

Broad mix of neutrals to bright colours. Couple of glitter, 5 shimmer, some nearly matte, and some seriously solid mattes.
Hard to get some solid swatching with the finger tip to pan size ratio, but the tones match what you see mid palette, swatch, and eye. Too Faced, proving they know the market - that mattes are the more frequently used understudy to the shimmers - are more generous with the volume of the 2 mattes.
Surprisingly impressed with the face products -  despite appearances, both the 'bronzer' and 'blush tones' are subtly sheened rather than shimmery; both are lovely dusted across the cheeks, the perlescent pink, a lovely natural flush. Even on my skin tone, it's always going to result in 'subtle makeup', as both the colours don't offer much contrast.
I stumbled upon 2 variations in the phone case; here pictured, the bright pink and gold chevron, the other 2 were mint/aqua with gold and white polka dots.

Swatches Left to Right
These shadows are what the original price point reflects - soft, pigmented, easily applied with brushes of fingers. They feel substantial, and have an almost creaminess to them, and lack the dusty flakey qualities to that of £5 Palettes. The mattes, are vivid, and colours we all need in our collection. Just a shame the proportions are so modest, & modest is being generous.
Application becomes an issue, because of the size - for the bronzer, even a contour size brush kicked up dust and brushed into other pans. I had to apply the blush with my finger, then blend.

With my Iphone 4, I had to look to Rach for phone case review. It pings off. Luckily it's not part of the packaging. Either they're covering their arse, or this is just plain silly, but 'Not intended to protect your device'!? You have to laugh. Disposable, DO NOT BUY IT FOR THE IPHONE CASE.

Products in Play
 Freshly applied / +1 Hour
+4/5 Hours

1,2,4,10 hours later, the colours stay as rich as that very morning.
My favourite shades are the shimmery violet, deep brown with copper specks (on the eyes a rich near on matte brown) and the matte caramel. Maybe not all at once, but maybe you could.

Beginning of the day / end of the day
The only face products in situ were courtesy of the palette.

RRP set at an estimated £17, I paid £4.99 each from the thrifty tavern that is TKMAXX. A haul of 2 different locations, I found a total of 3, so can say confidently, this isn't a one shop special; not suprisingly, these have shot up all over eBay with prices set at £10 and up.

Neutral, natural, liner, colour, all makeup variety is present in this Palette. True case of Quality over Quantity, but how many of us out there have actually hit pan on a palette?
How about Travel? This couldn't be my holiday palette, lack of mattes - particularly for the face - restrict it's 'everyday, all I use' attributes. Size alocation is in proportion, though my complaint would be, I wish there was more of it. Though in this instance I got more than my money's worth, & I personally think it makes for a great gift. I won't mention who are my lucky 2.

Beauty Blogger gold dust, this was a seriously good way to get introduced to the brand; small sized, with a variety of products - neatly packaged, for an unbeatable price. I've become another voice in the hype for quality, and reassured that Too Faced is worthy of it's Sephora status.

I don't know whether I would pay £17..
Luckily I didn't have to,

> Last minute shoppers? You can never go wrong with a photo in a nice frame. 

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