Saturday, 27 December 2014

Outfit | 'Orange is the New Black'

Christmas Outfit ft.Cracker Hat // 12 Days of Christmas, Day 8

It was simply a matter of time before this post name cropped up. Whenever I get the chance to get my glad rags on, I rise to the occasion; throw in some orange, and I'm a very happy Amber. I also have this Topshop Finest in Black too - match made in post title heaven.

If there was a dress style to match me, this would be it. Long sleeved, with an ever so flattering wrap/drape neckline and tulip-ish hem to match. Stretchy, but not so you feel squeezed.
The sweetly summery weather meant this had to wait in my wardrobe. So that's where my confidence went? To the back of my shelves, between my jumpers and jeans, and this 'seen on Frankie Sandford' stunna. Dress, I missed missing you - If only the Saturdays were after a 6th member.

I actually wore this to Rach's 21st celebrations, with much more student acceptable converse en foot, but we forgot to take photos! Which is actually a good sign that I had my priorities straight. I also wouldn't say no to wearing this on NYE - which must be some kind of code I'm breaking by wearing the same thing 3 times in a month.
Come Christmas day I felt like a Cluedo character - Ms/Lady Satsuma - in the Dress and accessories of my colourful dreams. If Christmas isn't a time for glad rags, I don't know what is, but I may rethink the comfort of LOD's (little orange dress) post Roast food baby in the future. Though a little snug on the Christmas dinner curves, I did also spend a large proportion of the day in Pyjamas and loved that too.

Not only club, this pulled off Christening back in the Spring; it's orange yes, but muted, which suits many occasion and my skin tone ten times better.
Can do day, but maybe it's better for the Nights, or that new version of Cluedo I just made up. ©.

Dress - Topshop, via eBay
Fine Knit (worn backwards) - Zara
Strappy Sandals - Salt & Pepper
Nail Polish - Colour Club
Necklace - Accessorize
Cracker Hat Cameo - Courtesy of Last year (If only they were more socially acceptable the other 364 days of year, without looking like something out of the Charlie and Lola Cartoons)
unseen Orange Underwear ( can be a struggle to find suitable colour and subtle VPLs for a dress like this ) - La Senza

Gold seemed best for festive, so aswell as a foolproof subtly shimmery eye, this polish of molten glitter shared the hue - both on my hands, and feet. An initial necklace, just incase anyone forgets. I jest.
These shoes, seem to have appointed themselves firmly as my heel of choice. With monochrome fancys, they add some well needed colour to my canvas - Christmas day, I just went for broke. Fully embracing my love of Orange, traditional Cracker fashion n all.

Now all I need is a drink to match, did I hear Bucks Fizz?
Be rude not too.


  1. You look fab, love the heels!!

    1. Thankyou Taylor! Love the heels, not how they feels aha


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