Sunday, 21 December 2014

Nails | 'Sprinkle of Snowflakes'

Elsa Manicure // 12 days of Christmas, Day 2
Nail art, glitter, snow. My inspiration hails from yesturday's Muse, Elsa, from Frozen - if that even needs saying. You can't do Elsa or any Disney Princess justice, without a mani to match.

Now fully on the side of base coat is best, my first Essie polish (woooo) courtesy of Suzi (grateful :)), worked a treat. Clear, the Polishes above applied more smoothy, and there's not risk of my nails tunring the icy blue of Elsa's dress. Said dress, was the inspiration for my choice of backgroud colour, to her trademark snowflakes - a seriously pale blue in Models Own 'Blueberry Muffin', and no, it doesn't smell like bakery goodness atall, to my disappointment.
Colour Club's take on Silver sparkle within a sheer Blue polish, added some much needed colour, and glitterball like accents - applied within an ombre/gradient, my favourite way to wear glitter on the nails.

You can't beat the maneuverability of a polish that comes with a skinny brush, rather than bringing your own to the party, but it is still a job for the patient among us. I went for the method of astrix, with steams - some bigger, some sparser, some leaning in different directions, in different places - so each snowflake on each nail, had some variety. It also meant I don't have to be meticulous on having them all the same size and shape - and as Big Bang taught me, no 2 snowflakes are the same.
Suprisingly short drying time later, and a second layer of Essie to seal the hard work in for 5 or so days. Tis the season that this is worth it.

The contrast of glitter and white of the snow, pops, but as you near the background colour, it really does give the appearance of one snowflake getting lost in the flurry. Disney, but also wintery.
Unfortunately, they haven't lasted till Christmas week, but it does give me another opportunity to get all Christmassy on these digits, and a step closer to that WAH standard.
>  Happy WInter Solstice, And the Bloggers let out a communal sigh of relief - the lighter struggles only get better from here on in.
> Said makeup Muse, Elsa FOTD 

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