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Christmas Decorations 2014 // 12 Days of Christmas, Day 3

Christmas Jumper, Antler Hairband and Mariah Carey in tow, the Smith Household was festified.

The main resason for this post, is a thrift tip - unfortunately it won't be much help come this Christmas, but for those organised ones of us out there - listen in. Boxing day Sales are a great place for bargains, we all know that. But ever considered the Garden Centre? The forgotten gem most of us 20 somethings bypass for something more, interesting. But because of the diversification issue, drilled into me throughout GeogGCSE, no longer are they home to only flowers. 50%, 70%, 90% off Christmas Decs, make our local, firmly on our early January hit list.

The Ghosts of Christmas Sales past

Reath, £7 rather than £29, purely because it's the wrong side of the 25th. After I'd weeded out the best, some sneaky lady nabbed it! Luckily, being ever so English, not-so-quietly complaining about it to my mum rather than addressing her directly, lead to guilt, and her changing her mind. Should hope so too. We are fans of the fake folliage for Christmas, both aesthetically and economically - this reath managed to look homey, natural, and beautifully classic. Pine cones, berries, and holly, a little fragile for the front door, this has pride of place in our hall. Much improved on my made-one-girls-brigade, spray painted silver monstrosity.

Easily a tenner in these homey, how perfectly positioned, decorated, lit, magazines. A wooden, mini glittered gingerbread man adorned heart. I've reached the stage in life where actually, pretty house things please me. 99p.

Mini crackers and candy canes that give me 'they're sooo cute' fist clenches. These faux candy canes give the appearance without the calories. You would never guess they were plastic - look so luxe, like glass - come ready stringed, and have all kinds of co-ordination with the other decorations. 'Why did you buy crackers purely for decoration', because apparently I'm that kind of person. How Martha Stewart. How cute. £2 each

The blue balls to please my mum (pah) - glass, hand made - 50p each

2 sets of Glass Stars to accent our living room curtain rails, £2 per set. Sadly still missing a tree topper, though my infant handmade attempt still hangs tall - you for the star or angel? 

Which brings me to the tree
A seasonal blend of baubles stored in the loft; as I'm the only one who does the tree, I get dibs on theme. I like themes, brings out the interior designer in me
Since we aren't spending Christmas Day at home, the rest of the house is accented - Candles and glitter alike, bit of Mistle Toe here and there, and Granny's homemade stockings hung up at the earliest oppurtunity for all to see.

The first ever Chirstmas Decoration I picked out has pride of place on our Dining room doors. Only 1 bulb has blown in 15 years, *touch wood*

2014 Edition - Slotting within our Red, Gold. Silver, general colour scheme -
a bitta blue to please Mum,
, & big bargains to please us both.

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