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Christmas Day 2014 // 12 Days of Christmas, Day 9
'Christmas time, no mistletoe, but wine'. & more. On a Christmas day full of festive cheer and traditions, from my unsuspecting family, here in England. (A cuppa and that last mince pie would be a good idea right about now)

No crack of dawn starts nowdays - stockings are scheduled for 10. Since the older of us now contribute as part time elves, our Santa stack is getting out of control! We usually listen to Christmas Music/Songs of Praise, eat Pan au Chocolat, and slowly emass a box of used wrapping paper.

This year, there was a special edition of my homemade Christmas Card, and here's is a snapshot of their reaction to it.

Once we'd emptied the sacs, swapped any misplaced gifts (happens every year), put on the novelty earrings and pocketed our yearly pack of tissues, my Brothers, Aunty and I set off for the Dog walk. Sadly Magic has yet to aquire a Santa Hat.

We spent the centenary of The Christmas Truce, playing a less powerful game of football - yes, our dog can play football, and if she was human, we would all be rich.

Lunch was at 2, the food was seriously seriously incredible. Even the sprouts. I ate it all; and it shows. Apparently at our Christmasses, the dog gets a seat - though no space in the Family-at-Christmas-Dinner Photo.

Crackers and mince pies take 2, about tea time, then it was time for the presents under the tree. We exchanged family gifts, all getting incredible spoiled. Pete seemed particually stoked with his gift, and me and dad have already set a date to delve into the Chocolate fountain. Cracker hats a vital part of the uniform, though my pyjamas made another appearance.

Good old games, and helping Magic open her pressies, then we trundled back home in time for the best Tele. TV Show quote of the year goes to Miranda, 'I am as mother nature intended - she's a cruel woman', who also shone in Call the Midwife. Last episode of her sitcom firmly in my diary.

Only downside to not hosting Christmas Dinner, is there's no leftovers to plough through! Luckily, the constant onslaught of Buzzs Fizz, Chocolates, and mince pies take 3, managed to get me through. Huge HUGE thanks to Dortie for playing hostess, and my family for truely making it a day to remember.
For both the gifts, and pounds to shift, I am truely thankful.

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Hope you are all feeling suitably Christmasfied, food and otherwise, to postpone those cravings for next Christmas

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