Friday, 26 December 2014

Life | Boxing Day

Boxing Day 2014 // 12 Days of Christmas, Day 7
I spent my Boxing day back at home; Smiths, Aunty and Catherine in tow. Lie in, come down to a second all day roast in a row - Ham, and a lot of greens to keep the guilt at bay. Cracker wind up toys, and 'Country,Town & River', lead to near on family breakdowns. Yet to make any boxing day purchases *pats self on the back* - been too busy delving into my presents - and plenty of washing up *pats again*. Finally found Doctor Who on catchup, and finished my first ever Fifa match, at a respectable 2:4, to conclude this Christmas.
'Christmas Day' post back by popular demand this Sunday, and considering sharing a 'What I got for Christmas'?
Stoked with how well my Smith Sibling Christmas Card went down. considering making it a tradition, - 5, 10, 20 years later, what an album that'll be,

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