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Elsa // 12 Days of Christmas, Day 1
Today I'm aiming for Princess - Idena Mendez voiced, legendary character from Frozen, Queen Elsa. For anyone who says Disney films are only for kids, 1. you're wrong. 2, Frozen will prove you wrong. 3. You'll enjoy being wrong. Watch it - it's on my Christmas list.
For those looking to get a little snow chic into your makeup, this could easily pass as Saturday night out wearable, or a venture into the world of colour. Designated dressing up do's, festive or otherwise. Or those considering a career change/move into Disney impersonators - apparently there's big bucks in kids parties - your Elsa makeup is sorted. Royalties welcome.
The 'how I do' Elsa, is photo heavy, just incase my rambles make no sense. For those of us above 4, the realisation that it's an animation is more apparent, so I'm allowed some artistic license.

Elsa is not complete without that sassy swish of hair from bun to plait, but in the real world, this takes a little more time and a lot more effort. The plait makes the makeup instantly recognisable, moves a purple smokey eye and rose lips to an 'oh, it's Elsa'.
I started with a French braid - watch a how to YT video if unsure - 3 strands, repeatedly pass the outer sections over the middle, in turn. Entire head, no differently than you would anyday any makeup, though I would advice large sections, and I began with a few 'poofs' to add much needed volume.
The 'relaxing' comes last, it's much easier to roughen up a hairstyle, than neaten it up. I used hair grips (/bobby pins) and picking for lift, light pulling on the weaves of the braid - whilst holding the hair tie at the bottom - to add weight to the braid.
Tempt a few whispy pieces out/bits of fringe, then I used my fingers like a comb, hairspray spritzing as I go, to keep the piecy texture rather than neat. A valuable glitter hairspray opportunity missed. Hopefully then, her effortless, 'just combed out my plait' - it's undone, loose, yet still a recognisable do - will be yours. Or you could go pro and find yourself a wig.

Luckily, my hair colour is more akin than some; snowflakes are an added touch, thread sequins through a hair or 2, and you've got a similair effect.
Tried and tested full face formula of MAC 'Pro longwear Concealer', shade NW20. Collection 'Lasting Perfection Concealer' shade 1 fair. Rimmel 'Stay Matte Powder' in 'Peach Glow'. Ever faithful Origins 'Creamshadow' to prime my eyes, framed by brows that were tamed by Rimmel 'Brow Pencil' 004 Black Brown.

The eyes follow the foolproof method of lightest to darkest shade gradient. I'm a converted believer, that actually, that barely visible on your skin/transition colour, does the world of good to the EOTD outcome.
Inner corner and outer corner shading, courtesy No7 'Matt Maroon', to give the appearance of rounder eyes; the iridescent pop of purple, hazed by warmer soft burgundies and deep maroons, all courtesy of Wet'n'Wilds wonder 'Petal Pusher' Palette - the sister to the infamous 'Comfort Zone'.
Not just Ogres have layers. The rhythm of pressing product on with my fingers, softly shading with a brush, and blending with a bare brush - repeating till satisfied - meant I got the intensity I desired, whilst still within some order. Layers and blending, making sure to have one bare brush, made the result all that more seamless.
By reference, Elsa's lower lashline is simply dark, for which I called upon the deepest Aubergine - running out of purply/red names here - linking to the outerV on my lid. A eyemakeup remover soaked cotton pad made light work on anything blended too far, the skintoned eyeliner taking out any hint of red or eyeshadow dropout, from my waterline. No sign of liner flick on my muse, though I did give some well needed Omph with false lashes. Even with Revitalash, I would struggle to emulate a Disney character flutter.
Since she champions the Pale skin look, I went for cool toned face products, that would merge most naturally with an Ice Queen complexion. NYX 'Taupe blush' as Bronzer/Contour hybrid, though this is personal preference rather than emulating the photo; MUA blush in 'Cupcake' doubles as a cheek and eye crease transition shade. For the flush of pink most Frozen characters seem to have, bar Olaf, a personal favourite in MAC's 'Pink Cult'. A Matte - jawline, underye and outwards, forehead, nose, and chin - highlight, gave the appearance of even paler, and flawless skin without the animation perks.
Pout was an easy choice, a Rosey tone, 'Classic Rose' from No7 to be precise. You could interpret the colour more pink, more purple, glossy, but 'English Rose' is the tried and tested formula I went for.
As much as I liked the overall makeup effect, this is a dressup, and I wanted to step it up a notch.
Cue second helping of Highligher, glittery MUA 'Undress your Skin' and complimentary face art. Whenever Rose (my inspiration) see's a snowflake, she hails 'that's like frozen', so I etched a baroque/Elsa's-magic's-pattern-esc design in Opal, to parts of my face.
Medium of choice, a paste of water and L'Oreal 'Infailible eyeshadow', shade 'marshmellow', painted with the smallest of my 3 nail art brushes, #000. Not the easiest dry to wet formula to work with, but the multi-dimensional/duo-chrome/irredescence really shines through when you move your head. Erthral. At points, I attempted snowflakes out of glitterliner, that ended up more like blobs - could do with a little practise.
 Before / After

To bring out the Elsa in everyone, without her editing, sorted.

Maybe I only resemble a distant cousin, or super fan of Elsa - but hey, I'm in good company.

Now all I need is a kick ass dress, and for this year to be a white Christmas. 
Too late for Halloween, but in the words of one wise woman - let it go.

> We're at the stage in life where the majority of sayings lead to singing. I'm for that.
> Not jealous of Elsa's ability to switch makeup looks by magic, this was lots of fun to do.
> Many of my photos turned out, out of focus, but hopefully it added to the allure of clicking this post. 
> I will also point in the direction of Kandee Johnson, who Mail Online prompted me to just yesturday - from the photo I can tell her Elsa tutorial is spot on, coloured contacts and everything - for how-to by video, and someone else's take, click here. I predict a Kandee marathon so we can get better aquainted.
> All photos are my own, uneffected bar cropping, accept animation shots which are via Google.

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