Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Wardrobe | My Camel

My Camel Coat quest is over.
That well loved 60's classic has followed us into the 21st century, and reserved a spot in my wardrobe. 2 spots actually, and i'm leaving you to decide on whether I made the right decision on which one to keep.
Comparison Key - Camel Coat 1, Camel Coat 2

Double breasted, longline, rich camel coloured coat. *Starry eyed emoji*. It has an eerie/uncanny resemblance to the RiverIsland take on the trend, that was the one of my dreams - but only dreams contain £110 coats. Calf length, hip pockets, and structured/not shoulder padded construction. Back split for ease of movement, it's impossible to not feel like an cloaked, evil Disney character swooshing round in this. 

Throw back, and you'll remember the excitement of me finding an affordable take on the longer, collared, loose fit camel coats, over at USC. Deep V Lapels, only 2 buttoned closure, with slit pockets. The arms are on the longside, despite this being size small - could be down to the slight cocoon/slouch like shape. Knee length, more menouverable, but not quite as statement.

This had not one tag on it - no snipped label, or washing instructions - but with regret, I'm guessing the dry clean only stamped it's seal of approval here. The lack of label could suggest tailor made? eh a girl can dream. I'm sensetive to wool, cashmere falls in that bracket, but I feel not even a tickle in this coat. You know it's been washed and worn multiple times, but it resembles the plush material of old time bears. You know the ones you loved so much the button nose started to tarnish, but the fur still has the same fuzzy feeling that it always did. Warmer tone, a more caramel type of camel colour - but without being sludgy. The lining is swish, and the frame sits comfortably on the nape of my neck, contours, and curves of my body. Feel so chic.

Points to USC on it's 'Machine Washable' properties, so desirable, though the label did press warnings of its delicate nature. The colour is also more of a biscuit beige, which to be honest I prefer, but everyone argues it isn't so flattering on my paler skin tone; up close, you can see the verious coloured threads of white, grey, pink, yellow and even blue - which is a theory also used in makeup, to neutralise the colour. Bravo. The overwelming difference is it feels like cardboard. It's not snuggly, it's not soft, and it looks it! The buttons and lining give it an air of sophistication, but in comparison to the other, the elegance is outdone. Feel so cheap.

Price favours the thrifter. & this classic is courtesy of the charity shop, for £7.99!
A coat for £8. A QUALITY coat for <£10. A Quality Coat, with an eerie resemblance to the highstreet one that tempted me for less than 1/12 of that price. baffles. me. 
Annoyingly it's the same price as dry cleaning, but even with regular washes this comes in at a fraction of shop bought price. Without tags, so I can't point you in a shop direction, but similair options are scattered all over the internet-shopping-sphere.
The fruits of a solo thrift trip, I ended up calling Suzi to check I wasn't being silly in buying it - since I bought the USC wannabe - but you can't match this quality. The find's gold mine = Red Cross, Wilmslow; found sandwiched between 2 MORE CAMEL coats, this happened to be my favourite. Glad I stayed faithful to my charity shop mentality.
Camel coats are like diamonds of the charity rough - If you're patient enough, they sparkle.

No doubt, this is good value too - USC seem to be in the throws of a constant sale, with this 50% off at £30 - which meant an automatic click to my basket and consequent impromptu blog post. Include shipping, flat rate of £3.99 - which in this day and age of free shipping, bugs me a little - there is still no denying it is a cheaper option than most.
Buyer has to fork out for return shipping too - draaag. 

Think it's worth mentioning, I would rarely button these coats, bar for the purposes of this review
Irony? The Look, Comfort, and Quality all favour the cheaper of the 2.
This is some kind of anomaly, and anomalies are what Charity Shops are famed for - one of a kind, unexpected items, and at impossible prices to match elsewhere.  Value for money is undoubtedly better with Camel Coat 1, both price, and for what you get for that price. It was also love at first sight, so be ready to see many a blog post blazoned by this vintage gem. A staple bound to make the rounds in my 20's, 30's, & more, galore - as long as I don't decide the Michelin man life is for me.

It must of been a sign that I decided against taking Camel 2 up north; new and still with tags, despite paying shipping twice, my choice on which to return was simple.  Now USC me, now you don't,
Bet your glad I steered clear of the camel puns, or it would have been a bumpy ride. K I'm done.

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