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Thrift Finds | October 2014

Nearly up to date with these, my favourite feature, monthly thrift finds.
The only shopping at home, have been foodwise, and regular trips to Currys PC World - you know that time when everything breaks at once? - but, my trip to Manchester left me some pennies lighter, so this Sunday is the day to share my wears.

Beauty Bits
Consist of gifts, and samples Suzi sent home with meWhat service.
> From the AmBlog approved prime time, to a dollhouse cute Prada perfume that sweetly scented my entire suitcase, these minis are already scattered in bags and being loved. Who remembers phone charms? Terry Mugler does.
> The Models own nail polishes are all ones she bought in a £20 for 5/6 special, but that were too light for her. Happy to try them out! I also bought a new Periwinkle shade to replace my gloppy Primark one - I chose 'blueberry' from Collection, and it shows really true to colour, and fits the bright pastel blue bill perfectly. £1.99. Another MUA single shadow to add to the collection, that impressed even a Chanel eyeshadow collecter like Suzi, in 'Copper' - happy they have switched to names rather than numbers, #bloggerproblems. £1.

> This was an impulse buy. Boots has consecutively bought out an offer a week on a designer perfume leading up to Christmas. Just so happened this Viva la Juicy gift set was flavour of my Manchesster week - one the bloggersphere and friends alike had been tempting me to. At £29.50 for a 30ml bottle and 10ml handbag sized sprayboth eau de perfum, already make this a steal - given that the 30ml alone stands at £34.50. A complimentary body cream makes for a quick extra step to layer and seal the fragrence - something I'll do on a more special occasion -, and a descent sized makeup bag are worthwhile extras. I could live without the gimicky nail accessories, but who's complaining?
Perfumes are expensive, and I haven't bought one in a few years, so this was my treat. Turns out my younger brother has been designated this as my christmas present, so I get it free! Just have to wait for the tinsel.
Sorry it's now only avaliable at £60, but really you only have yourself not following my insta to blame.
*disclaimer - I didn't literally steal this product*


So I couldn't be that close, and not visit the legend that is the Trafford Centre. Must admit, I was a little underwelmed, I pictured shops of Westfield Stratford proportions, but Bluewater puts it to shame. I am big on the 'we can buy this on the way back' novelty, having to pass the shops again to get to the car saved us a bag workout. But it was just lush to have a ladies day, to wonder and ponder as my wise mum would say.
> Only one thing tickled my fancy, this peplum top from H&M. First time I saw it, the size meant I simply walked on by, but by the second visit (when Suzi bought what she wanted to) it was the only thing that had interested me, so I decided to try it on.
Yes, it is an XL, but with a simple overlap and sew of the seams (side and straps), this will make a perfect cream cami for me. Crepe and comfortable material, I love the loose look pemplums ZARA & alike were stocking, but was never able to find a me sized one. Now, all other shops only offer tight and cropped, so I made the decision that I'd have to work my magic on one to make it what I wanted; this is that one, and it was £4 in the sale. Barg.

Good thing because no one would have believed me If I said I came home from there empty handed.

> You know the saying, you wait an age for a bus, and then three come along at once? That analogy comes courtesy of my hunt for a camel coat. 'The chosen' - swoon - was a choice of 3.
I have a camel coat comparisson post coming up, so I won't divulge too much. But will leave you with - CashmereCancer Research£7.99. Intreged?

> I saw the Tommy Hilfiger label and I swung. Swung to the side of trying it on just because, because of that very reason. & I hang my head in shame. But the advantage of it? I found a loose fitting pair of high quality jeans, for a fraction of the price. They are sturdy pure denim, with no hint of stretch, but they just feel heavenly soft? Not stiff like levis, and regid like my mom jeans. A classic wash, they have no bells or whistles, bar a leather stamped belt loop and old timey stiching - which I much confess, I love. I bought these with the intention of DIY'n them into my first pair of non high rise denim shorts, but as appropriate weather is quite a way off, I've simply been rolling the cuffs and calling it boyfriend. Boyfriend fit.
I'm always hesitant to distress denim, as they'res no going back, but I may change my mind on that by next spring. Cos I'm allowed to. A US8, I believe that makes them a UK12 (corrections welcome) - they fit loosely, but not baggy. A really comfy, staple, and worthy of original expensive price, alternative to skinny jeans - a comfort zone I'm aspiring to branch out of in terms of my wardrobe. £6.99 thrift price.

> Speaking of that comfort zone, I caved. Yes I have 2 Pairs practically indentical to this. Guilty. But I live in them - one pair are pretty warn I'm on the verge of throwing them; so now I have a spare. A fail safe trinity, no matter if 1 is mid wash and 1 is lost.
With more stretch than the Primark super stars, I do better with the breathing, and the colour really is rich - especially for something second hand. New Look originally, these take the place of the smart pair. £4.49 - making my spend in Cancer Research a round note.

> I've nicknamed these my dud.  Khaki, cargo style loose trousers, with the twist of being pure silk; in great condition, they caught my eye immediately.  Dud because my bod just doesn't fit. Unfortunately, Oxfam didn't have a dressing cubicle, so first trip I skipped them, but 'nothing haunts you more than the things you didn't buy', so I had to take the risk.
I vary in sizes, particually because of my varying preference, but at a Warehouse '10', I was surprised at how tight they are. I can get them on - button, zip fly and everything - but that's about it, and that doesn't fit. My thighs are just too thick, and no-one likes to look like you shrunk the clothes in the wash. Couldn't return, so just trying to decide whether I appreciate them more than Cookies - jury's still out on that one.

conc. A camel coat, designer threads, and a back up to my second skin jeans, all for £20?
No, that standing ovation isn't necessary.
> 10 days away from yet another northern expidition; actually hoping it'll be that much colder, I'll be taking my camel in anticipation.
> Happy Sunday. We bought a Tele and drank out of snowmen - how about you?
> I've had to re-publish both my posts recently, as my phone format dosen't seem to be sending my feed to followers - please let me know if you have the same problem, or know how to fix it? For now I'll be sure to publish from the computer
> On the minuscule chance my dentist reads this - sorry for not being chatty - something I never thought I'd say about a dental appointment. & thanks for looking after me and the knashers so well.

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