Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Take Note | Glamour mag ft. Nails inc

Guess who's back? Back again?
Glamour mag's December issue, and it's full of fabulous freebies yet again. Like last year, there are 4 Nails inc, full sized nail polishes to pick from. Ofcourse I bought all 4 - each of the colours were so, tempting. & the shop was newly stocked, so I feel no guilt.
Unless they have 5 options, the illustration of the 4 colours on the plastic packaging is for one, very misleading; there's no pearly pink, but a grey - beware it's a bit murky. The other 3 are similair depths, so make sure you have good light if/when you're picking your shade. I'm a red nails any day of the week girl. so these 2 reds options have my vote - one slightly deeper than your Hollywood classics, the other a rich burgundy, that can look black in certain lights - I can't pick one. They all apply richly as you would expect; each Nail swatch is by 2 layers, and only the grey could do with a third, though it's not essential. They feel smooth, and ever so glossy, even without a top coat - though that has left them vulnerable to slight chips of wear on my thumbs.

Despite that minor flaw, I cannot understand how they let them go for £2!? Saving a total of £9 per polish.. and Yes, I have watched the program that suggests discount stores, and magazine freebies, aren't made to the quality standard of those full price - but, I've tried these and LOVED them before, and they contine to eclispse the quality of their nail polish counterparts. &, if I ever was in the market for a highend nailpolish, Nails inc is where I would turn.
So why not take the current promotion as a 'why-ever not?'; I spotted plenty of Novembers issues still in the shops, so you've got bags of time to sort your winter naildrobe out. You also bag a 20% off voucher for H&M (valid 3rd Nov-5th Dec 2014), with each - The magazine itself is a bonus.
Speaking of which, anyone for a free glamour mag? I have 3 going spare. *free gift not included*

Many Happy Mani Returns


  1. Like the beigey one best, might have to get my hands on it xx

    1. Least fav, you can have mine if you like Snuze?

  2. Heyy I nonimated you to do the Liebster Blog Award tag :)
    Here's the link with the rules and the questions:
    Let me know when you've done it! x



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