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Review | Real Techniques 'Duo Fibre Collection'

The star of a birthday wishlist a while back, this 'Limited Edition Brush' set seems to have overstayed it's timeline, and become permanent - so as a cheers to that decision, here are my thoughts on it's making up abilities.

Product Description
'Real Techniques(RT) Duo Fibre, Limited Edition Set', consists of 3 brushes, cased in white - a 'Face', 'Contour' & 'Eye' - possible 'full-face, one-brush-set' contender, a theory I'll be sharing tomorrow. With the cruelty free notion all RT brushes posess, I dig the look - conventional duo fibre set up, but with longer bristles than their stippling brush - the 2 smaller don't vary much in size to their other eye and contour brushes, with 'Face' being half that of there giant powder offering. In the long run, white handles are simply impractical - it's picking between the white and black Iphone circa 2010 all over again - when yes, the white is prettier, but the black more practical with the excess makeup muck. Only talking makeup brushes here.
Either way they're durable, and colour aside, the aluminium and rubber mix makes them easy to hold and a make for a more luxe feel. I've also had brush heads fall off with other brands, with little chance of this happening here, since the majority of the brush is the mechanism holding the bristles together. I don't understand the novelty of standing brushes up, I personally don't house them in a line on my shelf waiting to be picked, so that these struggle with this doesn't bother me.

The unique nature of Samantha Chapmans take on this type of brush, in that it has the density and strength to blend, though the varying bristle length means it does so, ever so soft and lightly. Due to the 'compactness' being only 3/4 of the brush head, they have a tendency to create streaks in makeup - but even going over my face twice to smooth that out, took half the normal time of my face routine. They're very forgiving in terms of product - you can apply as little, or as much makeup as you want, whilst creating a similair natural appearance - great for beginners who haven't yet decided how much they want to be putting on, or for any whose eyeshadow blending technique is still in the beginning stages.

For £21.99 (now £23.99), it is less value for money than what I'm used to with the brand. 3 brushes, make this near-on £8 per brush - which for the price of one, matches that for various full sets on the highstreet - such as Ecotools. The sisters do seem to be broadening there selection, and whilst I still find them better value for money, I wouldn't call this product inexpensive. You also don't receive a complimentary brush holder - which though some people throw it away, the users/others, included me.

Quality Standard
High. There is a reason I stick to RT, and feel no need to branch out to the Selfridges Beauty Realms for my brush needs. What was life before this line of brushes?
I've experienced no shedding, and I've washed these time and time again, and they seem to come back stronger - It's like boots, they've got better with age. Insanely soft, they almost feel like feathers swishing your skin - but not in a tickly way - hence the happy chappy you see above.
The face brush is just that, perfect size for face. Powder, bronzer, Facial? Like the eye, a great multitask-er; in both blending and applying eyeshadow, and doubles up as a great pin point concealing buffer. Though they can do both, I would hail these brushes as the blenders, rather than the initial appliers, or you're always going to end up with more of a medium coverage (especially in terms of face products); 'lightweight application' (so do bare that in mind) - but they make up for that in their A grade blurring of the edges, or as that 'finishing touch' - just as the website says.

Certainly says something, when 100% of reviews I've come across, would recommend this product. I too concur that it's a product worthy of professional MUA secrets, and subsequent quality stamp. Thanks Real Techniques, for the chance for anyone to create the same effect, at an everyday alec price. MAC 187, 159 & 286? So long.

Still skeptical?
Same time, same place - tomorrow - and I'll prove you wrong.
Feeling sassy today.
> One thing, I was always taught it was Fibre - have I been wronged all along, or are we all now swaying to the american side? Not. cool.

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