Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Review | No7 'Stay Perfect/Precise' Eyeliner

The star of my 'I Robot' Halloween look, this liner proves it's multi-tasking properties as my lipstick. But today is my review of how it holds up in the day job, on the lids.
No7, aka Boots own brand - the name seems to have changed from 'Stay Perfect' to 'Stay Precise' between the purchases. I own/share 2, with my mum, hence the blue hues - one navy (SEA), another turquoise (MERMAID) - bonus points for the colour names. I attempted ombre, to show off both colours I own; obviously, I can't vouch for the others. Metallic, but sets to a sheen - not atall glossy. Brush applicater; hairs bind well together, resulting in one smooth line. Smooth application, opaque first time; I'm pretty acquainted with shape, so the tub of cotton buds were left untouched.
Fairly thick texture; wand can gloop up a bit, which is something to note in how this drys out. At £7.50 for 3ml, this is great value for money - with those regular £3 off No7 makeup vouchers, these come in at £4.50 a tube which is completely worth it. I've found nothing comparable in terms of quality and cream like liquid consitancy in the highstreet; actually works out cheaper prices than some - looking at you maybelline and L'Oreal.

No touchups throughout the reviewing photos
Freshly Applied - Once it sets, it aint budging
 + 1 Hour (when my makeup tends to look the best) / + 4
+10+ / Post Face Wash
..Eventually Crumbs off with excessive force or high grade makeup remover.

This looks exactly the same, 1 hour, 10 hours, after the initial set. No smears, no flakes, no cakes, this line stays as feline and freshly flicked as that very morning. It really does stay perfect.
On the flip side, it's a nightmare to remove - especially if you mess up on initial application. Rarely, but worth mentioning, it has 'cracked' a few times (bare in mind I've worn this A LOT), but I've experienced no fall out from it?
But this is a +++Positive review. It held up in the heat, and pitter patter of rain - be it a dip in the sea, or the full time mermaid life, this product has your liner game sorted. It's reliable, and useful; also great for a splash of colour, though there are a mirage of others to pick from. Stays true to tone and intensity - that turquoise was peeking through my lashline even the next day. All in all, a seriously good product for a liner lover like me.
Best liner I've ever encountered. Black, Brown, Gold?
You're in my future line up. Pardon the pun.
> Light is stressful, but I wanted to keep the post flash free.
> Apologies for my major gap in reviews - these posts are the most labour intensive, and I want to make sure I've thoroughly inspected a product, and know ALL the goods and bads before I am AmBlog approve a review. 

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  1. I think the blue eyeliner looks really great. I'll have to try it out!


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