Saturday, 29 November 2014

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The first option to ring in Loosely's 21st year.
Did I hear a Champagne? & those heels? Ooo-er. Struggled a little just standing and smiling for a photo or 2.

You guessed it, I kept the Camel Coat, courtesy of the charity shop - glad we agree on taste. & kerchiiing, £30 refund!
Not just a Fairytale Villain, this coat can do both private investigator or 60's broker chic. I even quite like the popped collar? It's simply chic, and co-ordinates with absolutely everything. A cumberbiatch's dream - I'm probably more of a Doctor Watson than Sherlock Holmes though, but a girl can dream.

Unfortunately my white shirt had a fling with a blue sock in the washing machine. Vanish will hopefully make that, vanish, but for now it's a little dreary.
3/4 sleeve, the ever so flattering wrap style. Chiffon job, hidden button protects my modesty, fixed by yours truly - good job too. Loved it so much, I have 2, in differing sizes.  My go to smart shirt. Today's is the size 8, love the novelty of not having to tuck it in, works well for showing off the skirt.

& booty. Yeap, content - it's OK to be self serving once in a while, though I think this photo taking made my dad a little uncomfortable.
Zara Basic Pencil skirt, fits like a clove but does crease when you sit down - stand all night and you look preened, dance, and you may aswell not bother with the iron in first place. No denying this is one smart outfit, but a chunky knit, tights and boots? I am learning.
Now this is a pattern I could get used to. Reminds me of party bags and the cheapy kaleidoscope/telescope thing you shake, and the beads inside dazzle you with the patterns they create. Bet now they're full of Instagram likes and Itunes songs.

The highlight highheel of the summer - strappy sandals - add a little colour to this dreary day. Cherry-Red-Coral, you could argue it's not up to withstanding the winter. I argue, why not? Any shade of shoes would co-ordinate with the skirt, in all it's multicoloured glory, but sometimes 'Nude' or 'Black', is a bit samey. £15 worth of summer sale.

I've been experimenting with no heat, and a lot of buns, and have come to the decision I'm happy with my hair. It has no particular style or bounce, but it's easy to tie back, tumbles down my back in a near mermaid like fashion - and the natural loose drape makes it easy to style. Or not in my case - it's the lowest of the low maintenance.


Camel Coat - Charity Shop
White Shirt - M&Co
Skirt - Zara, via Charity Shop
Heels - Unbranded
Earrings - Gift
Necklace - Accessorize

Something new? I have earrings in. Part of my immune dis-regulation has meant my piercing's never heeled - been 10 years. I'm trying an opposite approach; instead of leaving them to close up, I'm attempting getting them to heel with gold earrings in. There is some method in my madness.

Looks cute against the honey hair too? & matches my 'A' burnished gold chocker necklace - dollhouse cute - courtesy of spoiling Suzi & Accessorize. That shop so damn pretty.
Copper makeup to tie in the autumnal vibe, and warmth of my camel coat - never underestimate a good makeup day, and pre party pamper can have on your mood. Let's hope today is one of those days

29th November has a star in the diary. Rach's 21st.
You are all kinds of awesome, a gem, and best friend a gal could ask for. I will keep the sop & stories to ourselves, but, a toast of cheap cava
'here's to grey hair and finding neverland'

^ Slippin / Trying to shoot that dragons breath - when your breath in cold air looks like smoke' - but end up looking like I'm eagerly awaiting a cake or something ^.
Merry and sherryless, only under the influence of lack of heel practice - the signs aren't good. Apparently the partying doesn't start till 11, and I may have passed the point of heels anyway. Hoping to have presentable OOTD photos, whatever I end up wearing; they just may end up upside down, with a giggling pal or 2.

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  1. I am totally in love with your coat! Perfect essential for winter!!


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