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Beauty | 'Face by 3'

For any beauty newbies, I would always point in the direction of RT brushes. They have everyone covered, are great quality, and the price is just right. But the options are vast, so I put myself to the test to see if I could master a whole face of makeup with one set. 3 brushes, for everything from base to last place - even forgoing my fingers.
Some of you may have already heard me sing my praises of the RT Duo Fibre Brush Collection in yesterdays review. Well today I'm ringing true on my promise to show it's capabilities, and prove that an entire makeup routine, can be mastered, with the use of a little ingenuity and that very set.

Welcome to my bed. Bit forward I know, but we've been going steady for over a year now, & I'm willing to share.
That fresh face? Comes free with the bed. Don't worry, it improves as the post goes along.
^ Cue Home shopping channel test shot.
> I've found the easiest way to remove the brushes from the foam without damaging the bristles - since the handy brush roll isn't included in this set, *sigh* - is to bend one side, whilst holding the handles with the other. Like an easel?
Back to the face paint..

> To help my 'Duuo Fibre Face Brush' along, I dotted my foundation directly onto my face in a way Lichtenstein would be proud of. You may see 4 photos here, but blending the whole face + seconds on problem areas, was over in a flash. I was surprised how un-streaky it looked after the initial blend, but coverage was un-doubtably lighter.
I am someone who prefers a thinner base, whilst bulking up with concealer - both to let my skin breathe, and keep it looking like skin - so this brush effect really suits me.
> Surprised with how opaque my trusty collection concealer stayed on those undereye bags - brightening and concealing, the lightweight bristles meant whatever the pressure, the product stuck around. It also didn't appear like too much, which can be the advantage of using a brush over fingers - to remove excess. These attributes could be an issue for a thinner consistency product - with the bristle sparsity resulting in streaks - but what we're working with, I felt no need to try a different technique/brush.
> If you couldn't tell from my Dellboy style expression ^, the 'Duo Fibre Eye' rocked my socks off. It increases the speed of my lengthy concealer routine ten fold, yet resulting in the same effect. My everyday routine is to 'pin point' conceal, because red and sporadic are the personality of my blemishes - you can't choose your family -, but it is tedious to get it looking both soft/blended & like the spot was never there in the first place. This brush, gives the appearance of a light airbrush, without the multiple steps. En pointe.
The downside to the blending wonderbrush, is it's a last-pick-of-the-football-team fail, at actually applying the product to targeted areas. This meant I had to use the douffet within that same collection concealer, which is far from hygienic. You win some, you loose some.
> Powder application is where I struggled. For dry skinned/preferred lighter application of powder girls this brush would be a dream, but as you'll see by the end of the post, and probably before that, my T-zone already shows shiny, even before I've finished my makeup!
It felt like a luxurious light massage to use, but product application just wasn't quite heavy enough - and you can't pack shadow on these brushes, you simply kick up dust. This is step where my beloved EcoTools kabuki can never be replaced.

I can't say I noticed a difference in the overall appearance of my base from my usual routine and brushes, to this set. I used all 3, & if anything, it sped up the process I find the least fun - go team!

> Bronzer was another story - the lack of packing product meant it was impossible to overdo. Perfect bronzer shape that means even me at my palest, can pull some warmth off.
Getting the product out of the pan was the problem - though I blame the dry texture of Barry M Dazzle Me; don't worry, I'm still on the replacement bronzer hunt.
So yes, this step did take a while, since the brush has such little texture to pick up the product, but the overall application was dreamy. Had me dreaming of times back in Poole.
'A true multitasker – duo-fiber bristles work with cream, liquid or powder for an unbelievably air-brushed finish' - let's put that to the test.

> Powder blush proved a breeze - the MUA blush is a lot softer than Dazzle Me, so I had no problem picking up, tapping off, and applying. The smaller shape allows for more precision, which me and my naturally pink cheeks appreciate. Convinced I'll appreciate the naturally flushed look ma mumma gave me at some point in my lifetime, though for now, it's being covered up and I get to pick the shade.
> Cream Highlighter, courtesy of No.7, and applied liberally. proved smooth and easy to manipulate simply by twisting the bush (HA, *brush) - this results in no smears, patches, or the glitter spreading to far.
I do feel the need to set this, which is where the MUA 'Shade 1 Pearl' came in handy. More of a dabbing motion, than a swish, made sure the cream underneath stayed exactly where the 'Duo Fibre Contour' put it.
> I personally lean against contour itself, day to day, but in past attempts with this very brush, I have had mixed feelings. I find I have to dip and apply over and over, and I'm someone who likes it natural. To blend harsh lines of the contour, now that's where you're found it's forte. That finishing touch for edges and lines alike, anywhere on the face, moves that face from 'I like her makeup' to 'Is she even wearing makeup?'.

Eyes & Lips
> Cream Eyeshadow/Base is something I always do with my fingers - the brush didn't quite reach those standards. I dipped the brush - surprised that I picked up a perfect amount of product - but it never looked even. Origins drys fast and solid, so there was no messing with it past a certain point - but altered application did nothing to alter the power of the product, and the streaky-ness is only visible super close. Which I suppose you could be seeing now - oh Hi.

> To set my whole eye area (base & bags) I used the 'contour' again, with a pressing motion - It set them, without giving the appearance of powder, and I applaud that.
>So transition shade is a thing, and it's revelutionised my eye makeup routine - impossible to get a seamless gradient without now. Thinking outside the box, I coloured up Mr Contour since precise application is not the key here, and it was a quick sweep, simple and effective.

That's like, 5 hits? Dance mat professional standards for brush numero 2.
> Now to the tricky bit, the eyes. This is where order of application is crucial. I would suggest going light to dark, matte to shimmery, and wiping the brush on the back of your hand between shades - it is possible people!
I went for crease first. The outer-corners, using dabbing motions to originally apply the product, then soft sweeps to blend. Repeat until desired opaqueness and colour precision are achieved - may take a little longer than usual.
> After EACH step, I go back to the bigger blender, LIGHTLY, to act as a - I believe vital - extra eye brush, dusted clean. Be creative, take advantage of the multitasking qualities.
> Luckily I was using shadows that pack a punch. No7's 'So Simple Eye Duo'. Cream - brow bone and innercorner highlight - the taupe, acting as centre stage (lid). Echo this on the lower lash line, when you're using each shadow inturn. To create a believable ombre, I found the best technique was to dab each over the subsequent colour, rather than go in with your brush and wind screen wiper motions - that's when it gets messy, and you look at other brushes longingly.

Yes you have a point, I went for a neutral, soft, smokey eye look - but I have every faith you could go bolder - especially with those fingers you grew yourself, to add as a packing on substitute. And you have 8 of those, with the option to instantly wash them; what equipment.
> Why not make a matte lip, glossy? Because I think lip brush is a step too far.
For one, it looks the complete opposite to what you need, and possess' none of the attributes to perfect that pout. Though a recent bad case of bitten lip, has left me looking like I got injections - I'll find a silver lining to everything - even they couldn't proportion to fit this brush within the lines.
Overall the lips turned out, like I wanted them too; but that's down to the 'lip smack and shimmy' to smooth out those streaks, and feeling lax on the lip line. I'm not saying it can't be done, just don't expect it can be done.
So tadahh, the new and Duo Fibre improved Amber.

> I think it's important to mention that if you are using 1 set of brushes, consider the order you make up your face. Start light, and base - which is something I needed to scedule, as I'm someone who dots here there and all over my face when doing my makeup.  This way, you'll end up with less product contamination, and easier transitions between how clean your makeup turns out. Risk of overlap in product - Foundation on your eyes, shimmer on your lips etc.

Tools to make-m-eup
> No shadow came across Lady gaga bold, though flash is dimming the effect slightly - but it looked just as appealing as any eye I've made before, swapping and chopping between brushes of different shapes and sizes. Wouldn't you agree? Just depends what effect you're trying to achieve.
> I found using 1 eye/small brush the hardest aspect, so for any newbies out there, my suggestion for brush number four would be one in that family.
> Liner, brows, and pin point painting are out of bounds with the set - something to bare in mind.
> Packing on colour, is not what these brushes would do for you, but they aren't marketed as that, and for natural/seemless makeup, these do the job. And they do it well.
> They need less frequent washing, and don't get so clogged up with product, so if that becomes an issue for you and your skin with other types of brushes, this collection may be a solution.
> Say you were stuck somewhere without your usual beauty bag, or came across this blog post completely new to makeup and Farrell free - this holy trinity of brushes would solve your dilema.

Amazing that those 2 words 'limited edition' status can do to us beauty lovers/humans. We get the hunger, the fever, that there is one chance to get it! They got me.
Thank goodness these brushes seem to have stuck around, because as far as impulse just-cos-it's-limited purchases go, this was a great success.
> For questions involving value for money, quality control, and general deets on the brushes as a whole, I'll ever so airhostess esc point you towards yesterday's review. Exits situated, herehere. & here. Disclaimer, they're all the same link.

Heads up, seems many RT brushes on Amazon are currently on sale! So hop to if they're on your shopping/christmas list -
Bargain brushes all round,

> All photos bar the first and last, are cropped but unedited.
> MAJOR screw up. I scheduled yesterday's post, but as dad proof read it, I completely forgot to publish it! Hence, that post, may just have springed out of the blue to your blogroll - hope it's a welcome edition. 
(Scowls were the soundtrack to my Saturday night - Felt like I'd done my homework, but forgotten to take it to school. Memories I'm happy to forget. Biggest blog fail to date.)
Wondered why I plugged, 4, yes 4 links, to this very post? Well now I've answered that question. 


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