Thursday, 2 October 2014

Wishlist | 'This Manchester'

I'm off to visit my godson and co, loving nickname I promise, today! (wish me luck in London rush hour)
Aswell as many other activities, shopping may be on the cards, so I've whipped up a little wishlist of things that have been on my mind.

A camel/ beige coat. Something I've been google/ebay/searching for for a while. But I can't spend alot, and I've become rather picky. Luckily, I've found one pre trip, so fingers crossed it makes it here on time. It did, woooo. More info here.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess. CCO was mentioned and beauty butterflies started flying. My top choice would be bronzer, as my recently shattered crumbs don't make for an easy blend. There's are massive, and I hadn't swatched them in previous visits. But if the Estee Lauder shoe fits, like with the pink satin blush, this discounted beauty will hopefully be coming home with me

White tees, for which I am always in need of.

Not jeans trousers, I own one pair of non jeans or leggings trousers. I think that should change; my circulation needs a switch up every once in a while - but where to look?

Phone case. The 'indestructable' current case, has finally bitten the dust. It may not be pretty, and I may be mocked, but who is the only one to have not broken there phone? Exactly. Already ordered a new one, but things are getting silly - I made a clothes parcel to protect it last night. Makes me nervous.

Wagamumma, because it is my favourite restaurant, and they are the ones who introduced me in the first place. Forever indebted.

Ice cream farm. Because it's a farm, with major access to Icecream. Need I say more?

Primarily the trip is for spending time with some of my favourite people.
But, since Mum's op, bar a boot sale on the 2nd, we haven't been shopping at all - so I'm not surprised a list has formed. There are also charity shops just itching to be roamed, and a quality girl time to be had, so watch this space for hauls to come.

~ fingers crossed I'll have my posts sorted and sceduled by then, but do makesure you check my instagram for deets of the trip
~ I intend to add more links when I have more time
~ Happy late night shopping thursday!