Sunday, 26 October 2014

Thrift Finds | BOOTSALE

Peaspottage Bootsale. Not even that early on Sunday. 100s of cars full. Pennies/£6.40. Holy mother of bargainess hauls.

~ Last buy comes first (logic), cos it's the least seasonal. I managed to buy this H&M summer dress for 50p, filling a white dress hole I had at the start of the summer - a nono to any girl in my mind. It was getting to the dregs part of the tour, still bags of boots full, but prices were getting lower and lower. Broderie bodice, sweetheart neckline, skater dress. Cream, with zip fastening and thin adjustable straps. Cotton, double lining, and pockets! It's a little cutsie/young, but I still rocked it during that September summer we were experiencing - why was I complaining about that again? *shivers*
~ This seller, was pissed off. Of waking early. Of sorting everything to sell. Of driving there. Of selling next to nothing. Of making no money. His haul consisted of, yes brands, but very, worn. Bobbly. Stretched. Colour drained - I'm only talking the clothes here. So I think he was happy to get this Topshop long sleeved midi dress of his hands for 50p. Cool. Maybe rethink your attitude when trying to sell your 'not so good value' wears next time?
Think I'll be wearing this with a big knit jumper and denim jacket, a skirt disguise if you like. Beautiful burnt burgundy - a little thin in texture, but not atall seethru. Maybe a night out-outfit on the not so shiny tiles sometime? If I find the right underwear - Apologies for that VPL, that's something no-one needs to see.

I went with a handful of pennies from my trusty Coca cola can money box,( who else? ) my splurge was £2. Two. Pounds. Too any off-this-islanders, that's like, $3.20. That's less than a coffee? A worthy sacrifice for this still-on-the-highstreet beauty. Even more so since I don't like coffee.
~ The doppelganger to my 18th birthday LBD - this high necked bodycon 'ZENA' mini dress, originally from MOTEL. I ummed and ahhd, seeing as I had it already! Walked past, and one 'don't be ridiculous Amber' had me turning right round.
My justification? I thought I could always DIY one into a top/skirt - or remove the beads from the original (which had been the plan all along) - so although they're the same dress, they're different. The newbie has more of a grape shape bead design (possibly a default of the cross pattern), which is much more aesthetically pleasing. Also a S rather than a M - but these things are all kinds of stretchy; the material that holds you in, *schllllp*. And although I wasn't feeling brave enough that day, I know I will someday soon, to pull it off. Physically pulling it off is a struggle though - definitely do makeup and hair last with this kind of dress.
Much more my kind of thing. I'm so jazzed, it retails for £36! Exclusive - this was the day's most expensive purchase. In as good a nick as my own - still rich black, despite wear and washing, I'm just having issues with lighting and my camera.

Checked shirts
Could apply to become a part time lumberjack with the collection I'm racking up.
~ A nonchalant pile of men shirts is proof to not bypass any possible leads. I've never seen an orange check before, which pleases me no end. With tones of white, burgundy, and navy, it's surprisingly versatile. But you know I'll be shielding it from anything but jeans. Originally UNIQLO, which is quite a punch to the paycheck new, but I got it for 20p. XXL, too big for a tee-ternative, but as an overshirt it rocks. Brushed cotton; aka, better with every wash and wear.
~ Only fail of the trip is this NEXT shirt. I should have tried it on, but I saw the 10 and thought that'll be fine. Turns out it's a kidz 10, so this is far from fitting, with only myself to blame - onto a slimmer sister you go.

Bootsales and Charity shops are great places for plaid shirts, as they: generally improve with age, are everywhere - in any shape or colour, and never go out of style.

~ Who knew leopard print glasses could be so chic? Sepia lenses. Brown frames - something I'm missing in my current collection. Lightweight, plastic, in that aviator style I so love - although could do with a clean. In the grand scheme of my other boot sale purchases, I thought these were a tad overpriced. But the guy was cute. *hangs head in shame*.
50p with added blushes.

~ American apparel 50/50 t-shirt / that raglan I was seriously considering forking out £24 pounds for new. This top wasn't in the best of shape, thrown into one of those 'anything 50p' cardboard boxes - but with a wash and a vanish, this sprung out brand new. Small wouldn't be my size preference, but I love the cobalt blue, and this was a 'paid a penny, saved a note deal'.
~ I bought this Batman tee in mind for my brother, but ended up keeping it for myself - it's a bit of a sore subject for us. Quite obviously worn and faded, I was actually more tempted.
Be it budget student Halloween costume, or slouchy with jeans tee. Worthy of 50p? I agree.

The 'no-longer with me'
When the 'WOAH. That's a lot of 'boots full of bargains' shock passed, we started timidly roaming, not quite rummaging.
~ A NEXT blazer (there was a lot of next around. and GAP). Navy merged with cobalt blue, thin unstructed blazer - this feels as comfortable as a cardigan would. Rach borrowed it for her work experience, being all grownup and business like, so here's her superior modeling skillz to show it off for you. Machine washable, music to my thrifty ears. £1.
~ This toddler pumpkin dressup caught my eye imediately. We didn't go out looking for Joe, though heads up - bootssales are great places for those kind of bits at low low prices, particularly as they grow out of them after a few blinks. They're big on Halloween, here's to your do next weekend, and I thought even if he didn't want the top - the hat is one that can be in his vast hat collection for years to come. Throw on a orange tee, attacked with a sharpie, and you've got yourself a dressup any student would be proud of. Few more years till that though.
Cheapy material, but in good condition - 20p, and these kind of things can get to silly prices in shops. Ya welcome.

Sunday's 5am-12pm (Spring to early autumn season)
- much more respectable hours than some. 100s of stalls. Entrance fee of £2 to 50p, depending on what time you arrive.(Consider it a parking charge; with all the pounds you'll be saving, that is £2 well worth spending). With it being bigger, the prices really are rock bottom, to be competitive - I couldn't barter at those prices!
Obviously, I stuck with the clothes. But there were bits of bobs of many discription - baby, to bikes, to electricticals, and edibles, there was something for everyone. They also set up food stalls, and a bouncy castle, for anyone looking to ditch a relative or 2 whilst you wander. Lovingly ditch ofc.
AmBlog Recommends - link to their facebook page.

In situ
^ Isn't that, fist clecnhingly cute (QI reference). & thanks for making me look 50's BA appropriate Pete ^

I hadn't been to a bootsale in years, and forget what bloody good value they are. Yes, you loose a portion of your weeekend, but you could furnish your house or fill 3 wardrobes with the sheer volume of stalls to saunter. Plus it's the kind of outing I'm happy to use my weekend on. 
Maybe you can't reach this particular one, but look into the idea of spending a few Sunday hours down a local? I'll take that 1-red-skittle bet it's worth the earlier start.

 'When wants are this cheap, who minds the needs?'
Well I managed both - let's' hope this gold mine is the first of many.

~ Just want to say an extra thankyou to anyone who left sweet comments recently. Sorry that it's taken me this long to reply, and thankyou as ever for the warm fuzzy feelings you give me by enjoying AmBlog.
~ still dealing with a thrift finds back log. It's a hard knock life.
~ hallelujah for that extra hour. 1.56am and still babbling.
~ 100% really. £6.40.


  1. I love carboot sales! Looks like you get some really good bargains! Really love the motel dress! :)
    Rachel |VintageDeer

    1. Here here! Was my lucky day - I mean, 2 pounds!? *pass over the money and don't ask questions*

  2. Car boot sales are my favourite and you found some super bargains! Victoria

    1. Snap!
      Shame they've all shut up their boots till next year


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