Saturday, 4 October 2014

Thrift Finds | August 2014

Inkeeping with the 'better late than never' theme this week, today I bring you my August thrift finds,
of which there is a shit tonne.

Split into Holiday and Home - most within my very own Oasis, the charity shops.

Floral skirt.
You may be familiar with this Topshop print floating around a few years ago. Dress, crop top, and skirt in a beautiful antique style grey floral colourings. Back then everyone was wearing it, and I was tempted, but by the time I'd decided - yes, I was willing to spend some money, it was gone.
But what do you know, 2 years later, it was in the charity shop! Size 14, and although shrunken from the original, still a bit big. £4.50, I snapped it up. For evening or daytime, you can pull this off.

Abercrombie dress.
I had vowed to never buy, something for myself, purely because of the brand. If I like something, It'll be because it looks nice/fits, not because it cost so much or so and so was wearing it. Obviously, peer pressure and general trend watching can play a part on that. This is true of this crochet dress. Simple skater style, with adjustable straps, and elasticated back so it fits to how the food intake has gone that day. Little bit on the short side, but not enough so that if I bend over it's an awkward moment for everybody. It is Abercrombie and Fitch, and although I really disagree with what the CEO said, I liked it - and it was a minscule £2.99. I think they missed the mark on that price, it's a staple.

Brown Chelsea Boots.
I gave up on the brown boot hunt earlier this year, 'I'll wait till next season' ; well, here's next season! & without looking, I found a very suitable boot. This is a cheat, as mum bought me these, but they are definitely worth a mention. Leather, a must. Slightly shorter in stature to my current Clarks version. Scholl, which mum assures me is a great make - with a super comfy insole cushion to fend off shin splints. I'm sure you'll see them mid blog many times; thanks to mum and TKMAXX. Till my ASH jalousse dreams come true, they'll more than do.

August was also the month of the Bargain Bras
& over the summer we stoked up on the charirty shops finest 'Blokes Branded Tees'. Worthy of their own post, here.


Zara Long Sleeved Top.
I actually own this same top in black. Also courtesy of a charity shop, but someone had obviously done a DIY on the hem as it's much shorter. I still love it. This body double is long sleeved, low back - long enough to wear with leggings, in a beige cream. A marriage between t-shirt and a very fine knit, it's soft stretchy and comfy. A medium, I may ribbon tie the back so it sits better on my neckline - it'll be great as a stand alone top, or as a thermal replacement on the really cold days. £2.50.

Black Kimono
When we were in Poole, their charity shops were well stocked with a pound rail. This size 20 sheershirt was in that area. Undo the buttons, and this transforms in to a perfectly flowy kimono cardigan. Long sleeved, which is hard to find - black, with purple and blue pansy print. Slight waterfall vibe in the front, I was stoked with this find.

Newlook Kaleidoscope Dress
This was an emergency purchase one windy day by the sea. My clothes were more than unsuitable to sustain my modesty, so we made an unscheduled stop at 'Salvation Army' (who knew we had those in the UK, to see if there was something inexpensive to change into. This Newlook dress, still with tags, was on the half price rail. Unfortunately, its a bit snug on my lower body proprations, but I loved the mixed co-ord looks, despite it being a one piece. It does lead to a bit of a baggy middle, so one day I might snip it in 2; but for now, it's a, nice, modest, pretty, shift dress. Thankyou for letting me switch in the back, after I paid ofc; £4, wouldn't have paid the original £8.

NB shorts
First idea to solve the indecency problem - shorts-under-dress. They are mens, so rather more space for the front rather than the bum. Feeling quite uneasy to know that I qualify as a Large European man, but with thunder thighs you win some and you loose some. New balanace is a brand that has blown up due to the trainer trend, and I think you can rely on it's sportwear quality. £2,99 (seems to be this thrift finds theme), I decided to go ahead and buy these aswell as the dress, since I've loved/overused my orange pair, that are becoming increasingly useful. Absolute nightmare to photograph without awkward contrast - we tried our best.

Topshop Moto, is deserving of it's own post.
An absolute dream. I am in LOVE this coat. I do.Bought on our retreat from 2 hours of traffic madness, God was obv telling us it was right to go home. Watch this space.

Smashbox Always Sharp Liner
On that same Poole trip, I couldn't not stop by Boots - to escape the rain ofc. Clearance section housed this Smashbox, twist up brown eyeliner. I know what you will say, highend makeup in a clearance can only mean one thing - return. Well I can always sharpen the top, and germs won't be a worry - it's also my decision to take the risk. I have high hopes for this, since I was so impressed by the similair offering from stila, and how much better it is to other cheaper eyeliners. £4.
MUA Eyeshadows
I'm on a mission to collect all Amber approved MUA singles. They are great quality, pigmented (especially the pearl ) and cheapest on the market at a pound a pop. Comparable to highend, I've added 2 more to the clan.

Novelty Cupcake Candles
These candle sets were from a closing down hobbycraft sale. Cute for any upcoming 21sts, when pilling a bunch of candles/showing your age, isn't your thing. A more mascualine and feminine option, these would work for occasions other than birthdays. £1 each.

Seems we've blown the candle out of summer (smooth & poetic huh)
Till next year

Why did I cut my feet out? Embaressed of my footwear, *cough* Crocs *cough*.


  1. I love that abercrombie dress! So pretty! Victoria xx

    1. Ah thanks! Shame it's tucked away till next summer


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